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We’ve remained true to our core beliefs of bringing top-quality, massively multiplatform and efficient game engine technology to the masses.

We’re still geared to delivering even better workflows, more optimizations and the features that give you creative freedom to drive your game development to new heights.

So, what’s new? In Unity 5 we give you physically-based shaders, Real-time Global Illumination across high-end mobile, desktop and consoles, awesome audio, a 64-bit editor and much, much more.

Pre-order now, and you will get immediate access to all the awesome tech in Unity 4 plus the Unity 5.0 pre-order beta.

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Unity 5.0 Pre-order FAQ

High-end shaders for all

We bring all the advantages of physically-based shading to Unity users everywhere.

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Physically-based and better

Our new shader is set up to make your materials look good in any lighting environment. One shader provides amazing out-of-the-box visual fidelity across metal, plastics, wood, ceramics, cloth and many more. Use it across 95% of the materials in your game.

Artist-driven shading technology

Artists have been heavily involved in every step of the development of Unity’s physically-based shader. Our team has spent over 18 months hard at work behind the scenes to make sure that the workflows involved in using it are as pared back and intuitive as possible. For that reason alone, we know you’re going to love it.

Cross-platform real-time Global Illumination

With Enlighten-powered real-time GI for high-end mobile and more we’ve broken new ground and raised the quality bar several notches.

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Lighting that dazzles

Animate lights, environment lighting and emissive material properties in real time with our physically-based Global Illumination solution that builds on Geomerics Enlighten technology. Use Global Illumination to light characters and dynamic geometry from your environments for polished results on high-end mobile, desktop and consoles.

Rapid iteration in the editor

No more tweak, bake and repeat. Even when you move static geometry, Global Illumination updates immediately. Powered by Imagination Technologies.

A revolution in game audio

Imagine the game audio system of your dreams, then add some. That’s our vision for audio in Unity 5, and we’ve already brought so much of it to life.

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Truly awesome sound

Our new audio mixing system brings never before seen audio functionality to gaming software. Yet, with simple workflows and processes familiar to audio engineers that are easy for the rest of us to get to grips with, anyone can improve the audio in their game massively, and do so without incurring prohibitive performance overheads.

So many new features

There are so many new features to get your hands on including hierarchies of mixers, snapshots and predefined effects. Plus, you can even expose parameters.


Get one-click WebGL deployment, it's available at no extra cost in Unity 5.

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More multiplatform

Available as an early-access add-on with Unity 5.0, our new build option can take your content to any browser that supports WebGL without requiring a plugin. Benefit from all the familiar Unity workflow and multiplatform advantages when you take your content to the web.

64-bit Unity editor

If you use Unity to make large-scale projects, you’ll benefit from our new 64-bit editor.

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More memory now

With 64-bit editing you’ll find that Unity handles demanding tasks much more efficiently, saving you time.

Mobile cross-promotion made easy

With Unity Ads, you get dependable mobile cross promotion that’s incredibly easy to get started with and is natively integrated into the Unity editor.

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Quick, simple, dependable

Did you know that there are billions of Unity installs on mobile devices? As of Unity 5, you’ll have the option of leveraging Unity installs by building targeted mobile cross promotion campaigns. You can even do it without leaving the editor interface. Cross promote your own titles or trade ads with other developers to boost retention and acquire players.

Wait, there's more

  • 2D Physics effectors
  • PhysX 3.3
  • New job queue
  • Level streaming
  • SpeedTree support
  • New Mecanim features
  • Plugin inspector
  • Navmesh updates
  • Incremental Asset Bundles

Get Unity Pro your way

New Unity Pro customers can get Unity 4 Pro right now and Unity 5 Pro at launch by subscribing for just $75 a month or purchasing perpetual licenses for $1500.

Low monthly payments Yours to keep

Plus, existing Unity 3 Pro users and Unity 4 Pro users qualify for deals and discounts. Learn what you could save.

Unity 4 features to get going with right now

Intuitive 2D tools

Designed to make your life easier, Unity’s 2D solution features amazingly efficient workflows. Get a simple game up and running in no time or use advanced features to create sophisticated 2.5D content.

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Feature-rich and easy

Save time with automatic sprite splicing, iterate rapidly with our animation window, get a dedicated 2D physics system with rigidbodies, joints and customizable colliders and mix 2D and 3D with ease.

The animation solution

Retarget your 3D animations with ease, save on memory and reduce build size. Plus, animate in 2D with our dopesheet animation window.

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Advanced tech

Designed from the ground up to allow you to do more, Unity’s animation system has all the tools you need to animate everything from sprites to blend shapes and light intensity. What’s more, with AnimationEvents, you can call any script function you want to from inside the animation playback.

Hardcore memory profiling

Dig deep into your build to identify performance bottlenecks with total precision.

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Save time, have fun

Hunting for the bottlenecks that are hurting game performance probably isn’t the aspect of game development you enjoy most. With Unity’s Memory Profiler, you can get to the root of the problem fast, and get on with building great games.