Unity is all about sharing, but some of us like to share a little more than others.

Our in-house evangelists are a crack team of tireless advocates and educators who make it their mission to connect with the Unity community all over the world, spreading the word and spreading the love. You can find us at trade shows, user group meetings, game jams, customer offices, and even your living room if you ask nicely enough.

Andy Touch


Twitter: @andytouch

Since adding physics to a cube and watching it bounce, Andy has been hooked on experimenting with Unity and showing off what it can do; to new users and the current community He loves to create interactive 3D art demos with the game engine and also enjoys taking part in game jams & hack days. Prior to joining Unity, he taught game design and development to higher education students

Carl Callewaert

The Americas

Twitter: @CarlUnity

Carl’s enthusiasm for gaming builds on 10 years of production and evangelism experience and he loves sharing that enthusiasm with the Unity community. Prior to Unity, Carl worked on AAA and indie games and as a contract worker for Autodesk Education.

Christopher Pope


Twitter: @CreativeChris1

Educated in Game Development, Chris joined Unity in 2009 as a Tester gaining valuable experience of the Unity Game Engine. Chris now assists the EMEA Sales Team with technical product inquiries from customers all over the world, with added tasks such as attending many trade shows, evangelising Unity and interfacing with the community. Chris's other interests include 3D art & design, game development, blogging, football, FIFA, photography, space and travelling.

Gukhwan Ji

South Korea


Gukhwan worked as an artist before he joined Unity. He has worked on Motion graphics, 3D animation and also in many different areas. Presently, he is teaching Unity mainly to artists and designers and has also published a book geared towards how Unity can benefit its users on a higher level. He's making various sample projects and performs game making workshops for many people.

Hiroki Omae

Twitter: @pigeon6

Hiroki is based in Japan and works for the good of the Unity community. Prior to joining Unity, he spent 5 years in the Japanese game industry working primarily on internal engine development before moving on to become an indie developer and make his own games. Hiroki’s passion is improving game development, and when he’s not at his computer he also enjoys cycling, snowboarding and canyoning. Hiroki is a huge game jam enthusiast.

Jay Santos

Latin America

Twitter: @jayunity3d

Jay started using Unity in early 2010. Before that he worked with game and application development for mobile platforms where he used Qualcomm's BREW technology between 2002 and 2007. Jay is the Field Engineer and Evangelist for Latin America. He works with customers, universities and local resellers, as well as holding training sessions, workshops and presentations at events throughout the continent.

Johaness Reuben

South East Asia, Oceana and India


Johaness "Joh" Reuben has been in game development for more than 15 years. The Technical Art Director for GameBrains, one of Malaysia’s premiere game development companies having shipped numerous titles on multiple platforms. He has also been involved in game art training, lecturing and consulting for some of Malaysia’s prominant game development universities. His expertise is in digital art production techniques, processes and methodologies for multiple gaming platforms and media and is dedicated to the pursuit of interactive and technical processes of game development and art.

Joe Robins

Twitter: @Joe_Robins

Joe Robins has been using Unity since before the Windows Editor was released in Unity 2.5. He joined Unity in 2009 back when there were around 25 people at the company and has filled a variety of roles. Currently, Joe is working on the marketing side of the business handling game jams and events and traveling to spread the word about Unity.

Keijiro Takahashi



Keijiro has worked in the Japanese game industry for more than ten years and has extensive experience with console and mobile game development methodologies. He joined Unity in 2012, and currently teach classes, writes books and helps people to make great games with Unity.

Kelvin Lo


Kelvin has spent over 10 years working as a game producer in Taiwan. He is an enthusiastic gamer himself and has an extensive multimedia industry network. Kelvin is a passionate Unity advocate and wants to share his experience and knowledge, to continue to learn new things and to help anyone who wants to make great games using Unity.

Makoto Itoh

Twitter: warapuri

Before he joined Unity and since 1998, Makoto developed games for a Japanese game development company, many of them driving games. He loves devising efficiency improvements to routines that involve continuous integration and unit testing. In fact he just loves making things better generally.

Mark Schoennagel


Mark Schoennagel comes to Unity as an avid gamer with a strong technical background in 3D Animation for both film and games. For nearly 20 years Mark had been the lead evangelist for Softimage 3D, enjoying a front-row seat during the renaissance of the 3D industry. From witnessing the humble beginnings of the first ray-traced spheres and cubes all the way through to today’s modern blockbuster films and AAA game titles, Schoennagel has seen it all! When not pushing the limits of 3D, Mark enjoys Formula 1 racing, photography and most of all, driving his personally restored vintage Volkswagen 21 Window Bus around Redondo Beach California where he resides.

Oscar Clark

Twitter: @Athanateus

Oscar Clark is an Author, Consultant and Evangelist for Everyplay from Unity Technologies. He has been a pioneer in online, mobile and console social games services since 1998. He provided 'vision' for one of the first Online games communities (Wireplay - British Telecom); was global lead for games at Hutchison Whampoa (3UK) which included (perhaps) the first mobile in-App purchase; and was Home Architect for PlayStation®Home. He is a regular columnist on PocketGamer.Biz and Develop-Online as well as being an outspoken speaker at countless games conferences including GDC, Casual Connect, Game Connection and Develop on Games Design, Discovery and Monetisation. He is a Mentor for accelerator GameFounders and has guest lectured on Social Freemium Games Design for several Universities. His first book, "Games As A Service - How Free To Play Design Can Make Better Games" was published by Focal Press and is available on Amazon, Kindle, Kobo and iBooks.

Rus Scammell

Southeast Asia, Oceania & India


Rustum Scammell has been making games for more than 10 years. He owns Craft Colony, a game production & consulting company. He is a games technology generalist and takes a holistic approach to game development. He has been developing in Unity since 2009. Rus is an MSC Malaysia Intellectual Property Creators Challenge (IPCC) winner. In 2012, he released Penyu the Turtle, a top‐down shooter for iOS. He also launched and managed Malaysia’s first online portal for game assets. Previously, he was Technical Art Director at Big Bad Robots and Senior 3D Artist at GameBrains. He lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Xin Zhang


Xin has a strong academic background in computer graphics and received his Ph.D in 2011. His research field was perception-based rendering and digital geometry. Prior to joining Unity, Xin was a senior engineer at Shanda Games and contributed to several 3D mobile games built in Unity. In his spare time, Xin loves sports, especially swimming.

Xiumo Hui


Xiumo has been developing mobile games in China since Unity 1.6. Prior to joining Unity, Xiumo was the lead developer for a Nanjing-based game studio where he was responsible for the launch of 20 game titles, one of which won the Apple App Store Game of the Week in 2010. As an enthusiastic and experienced 2D/3D game developer, Xiumo plays a vital role in evangelizing the Chinese development community while continues to build his technical expertise in all areas of Unity development.

Youngho Lee

South Korea


Youngho has been a game and non-game developer for a while before joining Unity. He is highly interested in education and non-game markets and is passionate about consulting both education and non-game developers. He's been a vocal in a band he created with fellow developers and is very talented.

Zhenping Guo


Since he joined Unity, Zhenping has provided support to Unity customers in Asia, especially in the Greater China Region. He holds a Master of Applied Science degree and has worked in the areas of 3D software design and game engine development for over 20 years. Before joining Unity, he worked as a senior software engineer and technical account manager for Emergent Game Technologies. He has also worked on 3D animation tools at SoftImage, Maya at Alias/Wavefront and I Universe at Electric Image as well as working for game developers on several AAA titles.

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