Tail Drift by Cameron Owen

Grand Prize


Tail Drift by Cameron Owen

Tail Drift is a simple arcade racer in which you maneuver a red plane along a 3D candy-striped tubular track. The track runs below, above, and around floating islands and hot-air balloons that you have to avoid smacking into. It's a bit like Retro Revolution meets Mario Kart.

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AaAaAaa..!for the Awesome

By Owlchemy Labs and Dejobaan Games

Landing yourself in traction was never so much fun. In this game you free fall through a floating cityscape high above the Earth's stratosphere. Gather points by skimming alongside buildings, but, use your parachute to avoid crashing into them.



By Quick Fingers

In this fun and engaging game you are a cyber thief in training. As you move through a moody, endless labyrinth of corridors and offices, you must find information to deactivate alarms, go through locked doors and proceed undetected.



By Bento-Studio

You are a cardboard hero dangling from a rope and gliding above the countryside. Below you are surly looking mortals clad in red bikini bottoms. You must pick them up to make them happy again – and give them new clothes! But watch out for the trees, rooftops and other obstacles that can knock you off your rope.



By Doug Wolanick

Invinciball is a real-time physics based multi player 3D game. Gather points by rolling into a scoring zone or, steal them from other balls by knocking them into the abyss. Just make sure you don't follow your enemy balls off the edge. Choose from three different game modes and difficulty settings.



By Increpare

This engrossing and deceptively simple puzzle game involves placing a marker on the "X" by navigating it around a world made up of interconnected cubes. Each stationary scene, or level, is played in isometric mode, but rotate it and suddenly different 3D configurations become apparent.


Pile of Kittens

By Tyrus Peace

You collect cats into a herd and take them with you as you encounter locked doors and deadly enemies. But wait! You not only herd the cats, you use them as your weapons, throwing them at obstacles and robots as you advance further.


Running Fred

By Dedalord

Poor Fred has to run through a dungeon-like maze filled with a grim reaper's treasure trove of blades and spears. If you don't watch out, Fred gets impaled, decapitated and generally hacked to bits. Expect lots of gore with this third-person platformer that combines natural controls and fast-paced action.


Six Sides of the World

By Emilio José Lopera Joyera

Mario is a little old "space thing" that resembles an antiquated deep diving helmet. In this 3D puzzle maze game, you have to navigate Mario around the different sides of a cube-shaped planet, so that he can find his yummy star treats.


Ski Safari

by Brendan Watts

In Ski Safari, a charming casual game by Brendan Watts, you are a resilient little skier outrunning a deadly avalanche. Survive and gain points by making impressive jumps, collecting coins, and riding on the back of various animals that happen to be also zipping down the mountain! Use penguins to glide further, Yetis for increased toughness, and Eagles to soar to great heights!