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Taking game development to the next level

Unity Technologies values the immense contributions made by educators and educational institutions to driving the future of game development. You teach, support, and mentor learners so they can realize their ambitions. We do all we can to support you.

For students

Get free and heavily discounted Unity licenses

Students using Unity outside the classroom can use Unity Personal Edition to refine their skills and make and publish games. Unity Personal Edition is free and fully-featured.

Get Unity Personal Edition

Discounted Unity Pro licenses are available with proof of academic status for students in North America, UK and Europe through our partner, Studica. For all other countries, please contact your local Unity office for details.

Kickstart your career with Unity Certification

Stand out from the crowd and your skills will be in demand! By becoming a Unity Certified Developer, you get official Unity accreditation and proof that you have the abilities employers are looking for.

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Learn how to make a game with Unity – from the ground up

Looking for a structured learning experience that will take you through the process of making a game with Unity from square one, all the way up to making a working game? Look no further, our Courseware program is just that!

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Free learning resources

Our online learning library is a great place to explore free tutorials, documentation, online trainings, and forums that you can use to expand your Unity knowledge and skills!

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For educators and academic institutions

Get Unity Education licenses

Unity makes heavily-reduced licenses available to post-secondary institutions who want to integrate Unity into their curricula. Plus, we have an exceptionally generous grant program for secondary and pre-secondary institutions!


Get Unity licenses

Secondary and pre-secondary

Apply for a grant

Get help integrating Unity in your curriculum

Our free and hugely popular Educator Toolkit provides you with valuable resources to help you implement interactive application and game development curriculum with Unity and to achieve high quality outcomes in the classroom.

The Educator Toolkit includes our Curricular Framework and Professional Skills Standard documents, both of which map to learning objectives for academic standards such as Common Core, Next-Generation Science Standards, 21st Century Skills, and STEM clusters.

Get the Educator Toolkit

Set your students up for success with the Unity Certification Program

Help your students obtain a credential that validates their skills against a recognized and respected global standard. The program is designed to support a variety of instructional delivery methods and drive students toward measurable learning outcomes.

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Support options for educational institutions

With Unity, student projects can easily become commercial titles. Unity offers competitively-priced tiered support packages to help students who are working on complex, high-quality projects achieve their goals.

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