What's it like to work at Unity?

It is creative, informal, fun, friendly, international and cosmopolitan. It’s also intellectually challenging, and most of the time there are too many awesome ideas to run with!

At Unity you will get the chance to do some of the best work of your life. We combine creative dynamism with a deep focus on and commitment to quality. We take the time to do our work well. Unity is used for a huge range of tasks, by over a million people. So we build it to last; to be robust, resilient and high-performing.

Come with your great ideas and expect them to be challenged. We like a workplace that practices intellectual Darwinism, in which anyone can have their say, and the best ideas win in a fair fight.

We expect you to shine, but to treat your fellow ninjas with respect and kindness. Many of our colleagues are exceptionally talented, intelligent and focused men and women, yet we move forward as a Community.

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