In this area we provide two paths to learning Unity. One is a set of linear Projects, where you step through creating an example game, the other is a set of lessons and assignments sorted by Topic.


2D (14)

From Sprites to 2D components, this Topic specifically contains content for 2D game development.

Animation (11)

Learn about creating & playing back animations for all manner of objects.

Architecture (1)

Discover how to structure projects in Unity, both in hierarchical and scripting terms.

Asset Store (2)

Tutorials by and about your favourite Asset Store extensions and content.

Audio (1)

Discover the details of sources, listeners, clips and more.

Editor (15)

Get to grips with the panels, tabs and views of Unity then learn how to extend and customise it.

Graphics (10)

Find out all about the rendering pipeline, and how Unity’s components give you visual control.

Live Training Archive (37)

An archive of our live training sessions, for more information and a schedule of upcoming sessions, visit the live training area.

Marketing and PR (2)

Ways to build, promote and inform your audience.

Navigation (5)

Find out about Unity's 'Nav Mesh' pathfinding system.

Physics (12)

Create some mechanical mayhem as you learn about Unity’s physics options.

Platform Specific (4)

Browse here for details on working with individual platforms.

Scripting (49)

Learn about programming from scratch, then progress to create detailed code for your projects.