Project: Stealth (Unity 4x)

Unity 4 only. Create a fully functioning level of a third person stealth game, learn about player characters, enemies, game logic & management systems.

Difficulty: intermediate


Date: 2 Jun 2015

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Chapter 1: Game Setup & Alarm Logic

101. Stealth: Project Overview

102. Game Setup and Lighting

103. Alarm Lights

104. Tag Management

105. Screen Fader

106. Game Controller

107. CCTV Cameras

108. Laser Grids

Chapter 2: Player

201. Player Setup

202. Player Animator Controller

203. HashIDs

204. Player Movement

205. Player Health

Chapter 3: Interactions

301. Camera Movement

302. The Key

303. Single Doors

304. Double Doors

305. The Lift

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