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What is Unity?

Unity is a development engine for the creation of 2D and 3D games and interactive content.

  • The Editor
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  • The Power

Unity makes multiplatform deployment smooth and efficient

Make your games and interactive content in Unity and then seamlessly deploy to PC, Mac, Linux desktop, the Web (via the Unity Web Player) iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Windows Store, BlackBerry 10, Wii U, Sony PS3 and PS4 and Xbox One.

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Pre-order Unity 5

If you’re a fan of workflows that just make sense, rapid iteration and superior one-click multiplatform deployment, you’re going to love Unity 5. It features advanced shading, Global Illumination for high-end mobile, revolutionary audio technology and so much more. Pre-order now, and you get Unity 5 as soon it’s released and immediate access to Unity 4.

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Unity is the Asset Store

Discover Unity’s trailblazing community-driven marketplace from the Unity Editor or your web browser. The Asset Store offers 10,000+ ready-made free or for purchase production tools and assets that you can drop directly into your project.


Start creating with Unity. Today.

Anyone with the drive, talent and dream can create with Unity. Studios and organizations, of all sizes and from across different industries, are making games, simulation, visualization and training apps, ads, art, and so much more.


Ori and the Blind Forest

By Moon Studios


By Grand Cru

The Forest

By Endnight Games

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

By Asteroid Base


By ZeroLight


By Gareth Noyce


By MixedBag

Hirsh Log Homes



By Team Colorblind

The Bridge

By The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild


Why should I use Unity?

Because you can do it all with Unity: create, deploy, market, and monetize cross-platform games and interactive content. At less cost and with more speed, ease and joy.

And by doing it all with Unity you get a shot at building a livelihood making gorgeous content on your terms.


Today over 2 million people have downloaded Unity and over 500,000 actively develop with it, making it one of the most popular development engines in the world.


An ecosystem for your creative freedom and success


Learn how to use Unity

An ever-expanding program of free tutorials and live training sessions are produced by Unity’s own team of education experts, for beginners and experienced users alike.

Discover the Asset Store

Everything is in the Asset Store: 3D models, environments, animations, audio, editor extensions, scripts, shaders, textures and materials, complete projects, services.


Join the conversation

The Unity community is known by its unique level of generosity. Find a wealth of answers, resources and inspiration via the forums, Unity developer user groups and conferences.

Leverage the Cloud

Unity Cloud will soon offer a suite of services, fully integrated with the Unity engine, for developers to cross-promote their games, monetize and acquire players.


Unity makes creating...



Every workflow in the Unity engine’s Editor is designed to feel intuitive. Step by step the hard work of developing games and interactive content becomes astonishingly efficient.


Tweak, stretch and rearrange the Unity Editor workspace; add new windows for new functionality and accommodate any workflow you and your team require.


Rapidly iterate and edit on your content while playing it, and instantly see the results. Write scripts in JavaScript, C# or Boo with a pared-back, straightforward workflow.


It’s easy to get started with Unity


Get the free version

You can download the high-quality free version of Unity for commercial use as long as your studio’s annual turnover does not exceed USD 100,000. There are no strings attached and no obligation to pay royalties.


Get Unity Pro

Unity Pro brings you the full toolset and rendering power of Unity for polished, professional, high-performing games and interactive content. Buy Unity Pro or subscribe for $75/month for 12 months.

Buy or subscribe

After you download

Start learning how to use Unity with our tutorials and live training.

Start reading our detailed online Documentation.

Go to the Asset Store and start perusing the incredible selection.

See just some of the amazing games and content made with Unity.