Unity Pro for professional games and interactive development

All the power, polish, control and performance you need

Unity Pro, the high-end version of our development engine, has everything you need to create, ship and sell games with less time, cost and effort.

Major studios and multinationals, government and research organizations use Unity Pro. So do tens of thousands of independent developers and studios. They are building a livelihood around what they love to do: creating their unique games and content to delight audiences on any platform.

Unity Pro for professional games and interactive development

What do I get with Unity Pro?

AAA visual fidelity, special effects and ambience

Deferred rendering; Lightmapping with Global Illumination, light probes and emissive lighting; post-processing effects; audio filters; render-to-texture effects; real-time shadows for all platforms; pathfinding and crowd simulation.


New workflows for total control

Scripting access to the Asset pipeline to pre and post-process incoming assets through C#; Native code plugins support to integrate with middleware libraries or existing C/C++ game code; the Asset Server for simple yet powerful version control server for game assets and scripts.

Awesome animation

Mecanim, Unity’s new animation system. Retarget animations to reduce production time and increase performance; set up state machines and blend trees to craft animations with perfect control, and polish every detail with Pro IK rigs. Learn more about Mecanim.

Superb Performance

The Profiler, to pinpoint performance bottlenecks; Occlusion Culling; LOD support; Build-size stripping to keep application size small for mobile content; Unity’s own optimizer for GLSL shaders. Learn more about Performance.

Subscribe to Unity Pro for $75/month

  • Subscribe to Unity Pro and pay by the month for a minimum of 12 months
  • Prices start at $75/month for Unity Pro
  • New releases during your subscription included at no extra cost
  • Add any Unity Pro add-on to your plan whenever you want at just $75/month per add-on
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Or, try it for free

Download the free version of Unity to get a 30-day trial of Unity Pro. If you have already created a project in the free version of Unity you can import it into your trial version of Unity Pro. After 30 days, all Pro features will be disabled but you can continue to again work on your project in the free version of Unity.

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