Unity Windows Store add-on brings new platforms to all Unity developers

Any Unity developer now has the opportunity to get their games on the Windows Store and Windows Phone 8 platforms with the new Unity Windows Store publishing add-on.

All free and Unity Pro users get Windows Store publishing at no extra cost

The Unity Windows Store add-on is included in both the free version of Unity and as a Pro add-on in Unity Pro. So any Unity developer can port their 2D and 3D content to Windows Store and Windows Phone 8 for free.

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One add-on, two publishing platforms

Through Windows Store, you can distribute your content to PCs running Windows 8 and tablets running the Windows RT operating system. You can use the Windows Phone Store to publish content for phones running the Windows Phone 8 operating system. Using one add-on enables you to create and publish content for a world of Microsoft users, on PCs, tablets and mobile phones.

With our new Windows Store add-on, Unity continues to make it easier and more accessible for more developers to bring their games to millions of new players.

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Porting with Unity? It's a snap.

Grab the latest technical resources from our porting page to learn how to bring your Unity games and apps to Windows Store and Windows Phone with total ease and efficiency.

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