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Find out where and when the next Unity and Microsoft event is happening near you. We’ll be opening the doors for Unity developers to local meetups, porting labs, and hands on workshops. Drop by to meet your fellow developers and artists, and gain the technical knowledge and tools you need to easily bring your games and apps to the rapidly growing Windows Store and Windows Phone platforms.

What we've been up to

Here are some of the conferences and events that we've been involved with so far.

Unity 5 Roadshow - Orange County in Costa Mesa, United States

February 21, 2015

Unity 5 Roadshow - Portland in Portland, OR, United States

February 7, 2015

Unity 5 Roadshow - Austin in Austin, TX, United States

January 17, 2015

Unity 5 Roadshow - New York in New York, NY, United States

December 13, 2014

Unity 5 Roadshow - Vancouver in Vancouver, BC , Canada

December 9, 2014

Unity 5 Roadshow - San Francisco in San Francisco, CA, United States

December 6, 2014

Unity & Windows Hackathon, Duisburg in Duisburg, Germany

December 5, 2014

Unity & Windows Hackathon, Berlin in Berlin, Germany

November 29, 2014

Unity 5 Roadshow - São Paulo in São Paulo, Brazil

November 25, 2014

Unity & Windows Hackathon, Munich in Munich, Germany

November 22, 2014

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