The People Behind Unity

Unity is a rapidly growing company with more than 550 employees from 32 different nations, working in 27 locations. We look like an easy-going bunch in the picture, right? Don’t be fooled: we are a raucous, rapidly growing group of passionate, driven, creative, smart, droll, earnest and ebullient believers.

Open Positions

Akouvi Ahoomey

Account Executive, EMEA, Brighton

Akouvi Ahoomey has joined the Unity team in Brighton after working 4 years in motion capture and 3D industry. She moved from Paris where she was working in internet security software and telecoms. When she isn't working she enjoys reading, outside activities, art and networking.

Aleks Dubinsky

Technical Writer, Copenhagen

Aleks has been interested in making games since the age of 12, and joined the game industry after a Masters in Computer Science from the Ohio State University. He has also always had a passion for writing and making complex concepts easy to understand, a skill which he was able to put to use by tutoring and lecturing computer science and math courses. He had been a developer on the Hitman Absolution project for 5 years, before joining Unity to contribute to their documentation and internationalization efforts. His coding-related interests include: code quality and refactoring, test-driven development, usability and workflow improvements. His other interests include history, anthropology, psychology, and travel.

Alex McCredie

Account Executive, Brighton

Alex brings a wealth of experience built up in enterprise level IT sales & marketing. His passion and enthusiasm for the gaming industry supports a lethal drive to get Unity into the hands of developers around the world. Whilst embracing the role as a proud new dad and family man, Alex enjoys playing chess, bass guitar and attempting to master the art of the ninja.

Alex Thibodeau

Software Developer, Boston

Alex has been in the business of puzzling out solutions to problems for most of his life, though professionally he's only been at it since 2010. He started at a very young age playing as many video games as humanly possible and eventually graduated to compiling his first program towards the end of middle school. Alex graduated with a degree in Computer Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology and has never been more excited to show up to work every day! He was part of the Darkwind Media acquisition where he was working on porting Unity onto devices. When Alex isn't having fun at work he's typically either immersed in a video game, playing hockey, or enjoying the outdoors... while golfing.

Alexander Grigorenko

Software Test Engineer, Odessa

Alex always loved games. Since he was a child and since his first 8-bit console. The dream of his life always was to be involved in gaming software development. That is why he picked an “applied mathematics” faculty of Odessa National University (Ukraine) and had 3 years on it, eventually switching to “computer systems and networks” and receiving bachelor degree. Prior to Unity, Alex gained experience in software testing in couple of software development companies, working as quality assurance engineer. Free time Alex likes to spend in GYM, with friends, watching and readying sci-fi and fantasy shows, movies and books and of course, playing games.

Alexander L. Brooke

Finance Director, Americas, Seattle

Alex brings 13 years of experience in finance and accounting from public accounting and private industry. He has significant background in revenue recognition and compliance strategy, design, and implementation. He holds a BA in Accounting from Western Washington University. When not at work he enjoys spending time with his family and cooking.

Alexey Abramychev

Software Engineer, Québec

Cooked in Russia, living in beautiful Vancouver, Alex have been working in Game industry since 2006. He came from network programming and backend development and found that network in the game is a most interesting area of work. When he is not programming he likes rock climbing, ski and scotch.

Alexey Orlov

Software Developer, Lithuania

After getting his hands dirty at writing technology for pc/ps3/psp games, he joined unity mobile team to make it even more OSAM. After getting his hands dirty with ios/android, hates both with passion. Concentrates on low-level stuff and optimizations. And slacking off. Finds the source of driver bugs faster than manufacturer driver team (true story). Enjoys spinning cubes.

Allen Foo

Country Manager, China, Shanghai

Allen Foo joins Unity as the China Country Manager. Allan has worked in the IT industry for 17 years, in various management positions at leading IT organizations across Asia Pacific and China. He has a proven track record in formulating and executing successful sales and marketing strategies. His varied management portfolio includes reversing negative-growth results for companies to deliver sustainable growth over multiple years, to driving integration for companies involved in corporate acquisition exercises. Allen holds a Bachelor degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore. When not working, he enjoys reading, travelling, golfing and watching a good game of soccer.

Anders Peter Kierbye Johansen

HR Manager, EMEA, Copenhagen

Anders is the HR Manager for EMEA and comes from Maersk Line at which he had responsibility for all HQ Commercial HR. He has been an HR professional even prior to attending University and graduated in 2003 with a degree in Business Psychology from The University of Aarhus. Having built extensive HR experience as generalist, specialist and as strategic partner, Anders is now taking responsibility for the EMEA region. Outside work, Anders is a passionate golfer and enjoys spending time with his girlfriend on the course and in Coffee shops, feeling the pulse of the city of Copenhagen.

Andreas Hansen

Web Developer, Copenhagen

Andreas has spent half his life researching Internet technologies and design. Starting out building site for the original Mosaic web browser using first generation Html. Now, two decades later, Andreas has produced and participated in production of numerous heavy traffic web portals and e-commerce solutions for both private companies and government institutions across Europe. The many years of practical experience as an expert web developer has given him a unique perspective on cross-browser irregularities, design pitfalls, user interactivity and behavior.

Andrew Innes

Console R&D Support Manager, Tokyo

Andrew is old school. He was forced to learn programming when his father (also Andrew) bought him a ZX81 instead of a games console when he was 11. He rapidly became addicted to it, in part because he was raised in the mountains of Scotland where there isn't much else to do. He joined DMA Design in 1994 and was lucky enough to be sent to Nintendo's Japanese HQ for a couple of weeks. During this trip he fell in love with Japan and cultivated the ambition of living there one day. He finally achieved this goal in 2013 when he moved to Tokyo to join Unity as Console R&D Support Manager. He spent most of the intervening years working for Rare, writing games for various Nintendo consoles. After which he spent a couple of years in California working on a PSP engine and tools, then back to Scotland where he worked on an MMOG for PC before finally switching to Mobile games development for iOS and Android. He is married with a girl and two wee boys. His eldest son is also called Andrew; following the appropriate naming convention.

Andrew Tang

Product Manager, Shanghai

Bringing over 17 years of experience in enterprise CRM and mobile technologies, Andrew focuses on the technical implementation of Unity Games China’s business. Prior to receiving his degree in MIS from California State University Long Beach, Andrew served as a M1A1 Abrams tank driver under the 1st Infantry Division (Big Red One), a principal full strength fighting formation of the VII Corps (U.S.) in Operation Desert Storm.

Andrey Shvets

Software Development Engineer in Test, Odessa

After his home planet was destroyed, Andrey's spaceship crashes on planet Earth near Ukranian city called Odessa. For four years he studies mathematical witchcraft in Richelieu lyceum and then enrolls on applied mathematics faculty in Odessa National University. Armed with magical math skills, degree in computer science and cheesecake recipe Andrey starts his career in IT. He had experience working both as QA Engineer and as developer when in age of 25 he joined Unity team to become both in the same time. And now Anrdey is CSharping his way through all obstacles to help Unity engine to become even better product than it is now and bring smiles on faces of all unity developers, gamers, cute girls, small children and even some animals that have appropriate facial muscles. Andrey has a thing for quantum physics (because it is fun, duh) and he is pretty sure that cats are up to something. Despite many rumors, Andrey isn’t Batman.

Andrius Keidonas

Software Developer, Vilnius

From an early age he was exposed to large amounts of computer games, which made his job choice pretty obvious. But he started programming 'seriously' only in university, which gave access to large amounts of interesting knowledge. Few years later he got himself a job in the gaming industry - a small local company, which no one had heard about. This was the turning point in his life - now the knowledge became useful in everyday scenarios and learning process accelerated. Some years later he reached the ceiling of what he could learn there and had to move on. This is where Unity came into play! On his spare time he enjoys graphics programming, sci-fi and of course… YES - video games!

Andrius Kuznecovas

Hand Held Quality Assurance Engineer, Vilnius

Andrius started developing games at the age of 16. Before that he had 4 years experience using 3dsmax. Now when he is hired at the best company ever he is very happy to be very close to the game industry. In his spare time, Andrius still likes programming games and tools for games. Also he loves playing the guitar, doing some creative stuff and spending time with his soulmate.

Andy Brammall

European Sales Director, Brighton

Andy has spent the past 9 years selling games technology at Havok, Kynogon and Autodesk. Prior to that he spent 12 years in motion capture until he realised that wearing Lycra and fluorescent ping pong balls just didn't suit him anymore. Based in the UK he deals with business development in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. With a passion for games that goes back over 30 years - he met his wife playing Asteroids - Andy has the dream job. When not playing or talking about games (don't get him started about Limbo) Andy enjoys cooking and could watch sport for England.

Andy Stark

Technical Writer, Brighton

Andy was forged in the cold of England's grimmest holiday resort, Blackpool, and would not have survived the ordeal without the resourcefulness of a Swiss Army knife and the tenacity of a Jack Russell terrier. Now, the self-styled Swiss Army Jack Russell is turning his experience in tech support and programming to the documentation of Unity.

Andy Touch

Product Evangelist, Brighton

Since adding physics to a cube and watching it bounce, Andy has been hooked on experimenting with Unity and showing off what it can do; to new users and the current community He loves to create interactive 3D art demos with the game engine and also enjoys taking part in game jams & hack days. Prior to joining Unity, he taught game design and development to higher education students

Antony Douglas

Vice President EMEA, Brighton

Antony is Vice President EMEA working from the Unity Brighton offices and is responsible for the commercial growth of Unity in what has traditionally been known as the 'PAL' territories. Antony has spent over ten years in mobile gaming combining senior commercial and production roles most recently at Square Enix Europe where he launched Deus Ex: The Fall, an award winning title built on Unity technology. He has spent 30 years accumulating scars and stories on and off the rugby field and now suffers the indignity of having all three of his young children beat him at video games.

Aras Pranckevičius

Graphics Programmer, Kaunas

Aras works on making pixels prettier and faster. When not doing that, he's just causing trouble. Aras has been awarded by Microsoft as a Most Valuable Professional in the area of DirectX and has published articles in the <i>ShaderX</i> book series.

Artiom Koselev

QA Engineer, Vilnius

After hundreds of hours spent in a virtual world of computer games and graduating the high school Artiom has left his home country and enrolled to a Computer Science programme in Denmark. After graduating there he came back to Lithuania to join Unity team. In Denmark he was working on a 3D-printer platform - a merge between software, hardware and electronics, where he was designing, developing and implementing a 3D user interface. Artiom's passion is playing - either computer games or musical instruments.

Arturo Nunez

Evangelist, San Francisco

Arturo Núñez is a game developer from Mexico City. Before joining Unity, he was working at the independent game studio Phyne making mobile games...with Unity. He want’s to share his passion and knowledge with every game developer in the Latin America region and help them create successful businesses and amazing games. Arturo is a big fan of soccer, tacos and movies.

Aurimas Cernius

Software developer, Vilnius

Aurimas is software engineer, passionate about his work and also spends quite a lot of his free time on it. He has a wide interrest in this field and tries not to limit himself to one particular field. He preffers strategy games and puzzles, that require sharp logic. Can be found playing chess online.

Aurore Dimopoulos

Community Manager, Brighton

An avid gamer from a young age, Aurore joined the Unity team as graduate after studying Computer Games Development at two London Universities. From programming to design and 3D, she has experience in many aspects of game development and has used many game engines including Unity. This led her to be part of a team at the Dare to be Digital competition in 2009 for a chance to win a BAFTA. When not studying or gaming she created and contributed to a gaming news and review site, but when studies took over she began freelancing and presenting videos for an independent gaming site.

Beau Folsom

Content Developer, Seattle

On long Alaskan Winter nights, between nail-biting session of Ultima, Autoduel and Bilestoad, an eleven year old boy taught himself to program in Apple Basic on the Apple II+. Under the Aurora Borealis, a lifelong passion for electronic gaming was forged. Beau was also a budding artist, and was fascinated with the idea of merging art and computers. His journey truly crystallized, while studying art in Seattle when he landed a job as a tester for a local game company. A short time later with an Art degree in hand and a firm foot in the industry door he was offered an artist position with Squaresoft. Beau's passion and incredible imagination allowed him to thrive and grow quickly in the games industry. Now two decades later, he is a seasoned veteran with a huge list of credits to his name, spanning over 10 platforms and multiple disciplines. Beau now enjoys plying his craft toward creating exciting real-time visuals to showcase the amazing abilities of the Unity engine.

Beeling Chua

Solutions Director, Shanghai

Beeling joined Unity as Operations Director and is part of Unity’s startup in Singapore. She brings with her 14 years of software experience and 3 years of working in the public sector that includes industry development work for the games sector in Singapore. She has sales and marketing experience and has worked in China for 10 years before she returned to Singapore. In her leisure, she enjoys travelling, yoga, badminton and bowling.

Ben Pitt

Unity Consultant, Brighton

Ben has been designing and developing games since the 1980s. Bringing over a decade of commercial development experience of 3D games, simulations and installations, coupled with a passion for teaching, sharing knowledge and solving problems, he now acts as a Unity consultant helping others make the best of Unity's extraordinary technology. Ben loves exploring castles, music, cafés, lego, beaches, boardgames and science with his partner and two children.

Ben Stoneman

Support Specialist, Brighton

Ben has been a student of game design for 3 years. During this time he has won multiple game jams and lead small student teams in his spare time. Game development is the core part of Ben's life and in his spare time he works on his skills in areas such as: Programming, Pixel Art, 3D Modelling and Problem Solving.

Bjørn Göttler

Database Specialist, Copenhagen

Bjørn went to ITU Copenhagen to study software development. He started his career as a government official in the danish commerce- and companies agency. In addition, he just obtanied a nice looking orange belt in shotokan karate and enjoys skiing, sailing and beering in his sparetime

Brad Robel-Forrest

Lead Software Engineer, Seattle

From the moment he received a Western Washington University computer science degree, Brad has been part of the Seattle startup scene. For more than 16 years he has helped small companies build network security appliances, online web services, and peer-to-peer backup systems. Outside of work Brad enjoys motorcycling, sailing, hiking, snowshoeing, and, recently, brewing beer.

Brett Bibby

VP Engineering , Copenhagen

Brett is currently heading up R&D at Unity, overseeing both product and services strategy and development. Brett has had the privilege and joy of making games for more than 30 years, primarily designing and programming games and the underlying game engines. He's a native Californian born and raised in Fair Oaks on the outskirts of Sacramento. After graduating from California State University at Sacramento, he spent 20 years in Asia living in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. In 1998 he founded and built GameBrains with his wife Jean, a well known studio in Kuala Lumpur that has shipped over 25 games for consoles, desktop and iOS platforms.

Brian Hu

Product Manager, Shanghai

Brian is a veteran interactive media designer, with a specialization in educational and learning content development. Previously, he directed a multimedia edutainment project for Oxford University Press and won China’s Major Cultural Project Award. Brian has a Computer Engineering and Economics degree from Carnegie Mellon University, he is also a Dive Master SCUBA diver. In his spare time, Brian teaches interactive content development at Shanghai Normal University, guiding students to plan, design and make multi-platforms games.

Caitlyn Meeks

Manager, Unity Asset Store, San Francisco

Caitlyn heads the Unity Asset Store from our San Francisco headquarters, managing the store's operations, developing new opportunities and business development. A native to the San Francisco Bay Area, Caitlyn is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Cruz where she studied Computer Science and Fine Art. Since then, she has been instrumental at a number of technology / entertainment companies in technical, creative and business capacities, including SCO, Fractal Design Corporation, Metacreations, Interval Research Corporation's Purple Moon, PC Gamer Magazine, Casino Datasystems and of course, Unity Technologies, where she has worn nearly every hat imaginable as the company grew from just 12 folks in a house in Copenhagen. Her passions include Unity, 3D graphics, character design, developing virtual worlds and electronic music.

Carl Callewaert

Unity Evangelist, Québec

With 10 years production and evangelism experiences in game industry Carl likes to share his experiences with the Unity community. Prior to Unity Carl worked in the motion capture industry for AAA studio, game development, game education at Gaming at Animation Institute of Fredericton and was a contract worker for Autodesk Education.

Cathy Yates

Office Assistant, Brighton

Cathy has been with Unity since June 2011, and looks after the Brighton office in the UK. Her main goal is to keep the UK team and their visitors happy, well fed and watered. With a background of admin and office management since her Art Student years, three of which within the games industry, she keeps things running smoothly so the team can do their jobs with little to no worries. Originally from a rather boring town in the middle of England, she moved to Brighton about 5 years ago and very much enjoys living by the seaside, socialising with friends, painting, writing and watching far too many movies.

Cecilie Mosfeldt

Software Test Engineer, Copenhagen

Cecilie was born and raised in the danish countryside but in 2008 moved to Copenhagen to study Medialogy. She finished her bachelor's degree in the summer of 2011 and knew from the beginning she wanted to work with software and technology in the game industry. Initially introduced to Unity through her studies, she found that this software allowed people to make their ideas come to life and more than anything this process is something she wants to support through her work at Unity in the QA department.

Chris Migleo

General Manager, Vidoe Games Americas, San Francisco

Chris Migleo brings more than 25 years of experience at various high tech companies throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. He has held Sr. Sales management positions at BEA Systems, Actuate Corporation and most recently at NetLine Corporation where he was Director, Inside Sales and Sales Operations. As an individual contributor, Chris held Inside Sales positions at Valid Logic, Cadence Design Systems and BEA systems. Prior to a sales career, Chris managed repair centers for Altos Computer Systems and Valid Logic. He also worked in an engineering lab for BASF surrounded by lots of tech goodies.

Chris Pope

Technical Account Specialist, Brighton

Educated in Game Development, Chris joined Unity at the end of 2009 as a Tester gaining valuable experience of the Unity Game Engine. Chris now assists the Inside Sales Team with technical product inquiries from customers all over the world, with added tasks such as attending many trade shows, evangelising Unity and interfacing with the community. Other things Chris does includes 3d artist, game development, design, blogging, football fan, FIFA, photography and travelling.

Claus Petersen

QA Lead, Copenhagen

Claus spent five years at Deadline Games overseeing QA for AAA-games for consoles, handheld and PC. Out in the real world he also worked as Tester and Test Manager on defence 'Command & Control' communications products. Claus is passionate about the craft of software testing, process improvement and always doing things a little bit better today than yesterday. As a proud father of three boys, spare time is sparse and precious. When time permits, he enjoys movies, story-driven action games, football (European kind) and organising his extensive Magic the Gathering collection.

Dan Adams

PR Manager, San Francisco

Dan attended the University of California at Davis and, upon graduating in 1998, immediately disregarded his education and began a career in video game criticism at There he bludgeoned his way into the position of Editor in Chief of the PC channel until he left in 2008 to travel with his amazingly beautiful, brilliant and talented wife. He brings an understanding of editorial needs and an unholy breadth of gaming experience to boot. He has played, and continues to play, more games than is strictly healthy.

Daniel Bratcher

Copywriter, Copenhagen

Daniel grew up in England but moved to Denmark aged 22. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Oxford and a master’s from the IT University of Copenhagen. Before he joined Unity, Daniel worked as a freelancer writing copy for anyone who would pay him and some who never got round to it. He really loves his job and couldn’t ask for better colleagues. In such spare time as he has, Daniel likes listening to anything on the Ninja Tune label and re-reading William Golding novels.

Daniel Brauer

Editor Programmer, Copenhagen

Daniel started making games with Silverback Productions in 2007 in his home town of Halifax, Canada. After eight years of using Unity to publish a variety of titles, he joined the editor team in 2015. Daniel has a passion for user interface design, and a low tolerance for repetitive workflows. He enjoys swimming, bicycling, eating outside, dancing tango and making video games.

Daniel Tan

Corporate Development Manager, Singapore

Daniel joins Unity Technologies after 3.5 years at iGlobe Partners analysing investment opportunities and supporting the growth of exciting technology companies. He is infected by passionate, purposeful and creative people who don’t take themselves too seriously. Daniel spent time studying in Australia where he grew to love Aussie rules football, kangaroo steak and the Outback. In his spare time he works with youth, social enterprises and community organisations on programs and organisational issues.

Dave Takahashi

Web Developer, Seattle

Prior to joining Unity, Dave has worked as a developer and software engineer in mobile gaming and most recently in the insurance industry. In a previous career, he worked as a professional cellist in the Los Angeles recording industry, performing on a number of game and movie trailer soundtracks. Dave finds modern video games to be a perfect union of art and technology and is excited to be working on tools to help tell new stories and create new worlds.

David Helgason

EVP Communication and Strategy and co-founder, Brighton

David leads Unity Technologies in its mission to democratize game development through the best technology, the best tools, the best community, and the best business practices. Every day he restlessly leads the global company by focusing on the basics, and channeling how they can lead to global domination and much happiness.

David Llewelyn

Technical Artist, Brighton

With an extensive knowledge of 3D technologies nurtured in the contexts of both AAA game development and offline CGI production environments, David comes to Unity as an experienced artist with a wide range of interests. Having accrued an Honours degree in Graphic Design in Bristol, and now living in Brighton, David vehemently denies any claims towards his possessing hipster credentials. Passionate about travelling and music, in his spare time David sates his wanderlust traversing the globe – a moustachioed troubadour in search of quixotic fulfilment.

David Rogers

Software Engineer, Boston

Dave's parents knew he would pursue a career in computers in second grade but he didn't realize his passion until his sophomore year at Bethel College. He has been working in the games industry in QA, build and software engineering for 15 years. Dave is joining the platforms team at Unity having come from Darkwind Media. When not working he enjoys spending time with his wife and dog, going out to the lake, homebrewing beer, contributing to open source projects and watching awful sci-fi movies.

Dennis DeRyke

Software Development Engineer in Test, San Francisco

Dennis has over a decade of professional experience in feature film, flight simulation, games, scientific visualization, and CAD. As a developer, tester, and end-user of graphics software, he brings a broad perspective to his role at Unity. In addition to computer games, Dennis likes art, nature, and outdoor activities.

Dmitriy Mindra

Software Development Engineer in Test, Odessa

Dmitriy is a passionate programmer who’s been working in software development industry for almost a decade. Before joining Unity he has worked for Microsoft, Lohika, EPAM. Once Dmitriy tried to be a manager, but writing code is what really makes him happy. In Dmitriy’s own words: “Programming is my hobby, my profession, my calling, my art. It is the world without boundaries, without physical limitations. It is the world where only your imagination is the limit.” His spare time belongs to his beautiful wife Mariya and their sons Yaroslav and Alexey.

Dmitry Onishchenko

Software Development Engineer in Test, Toolsmiths team, Odessa

Before joining Unity Dmitry spent 6 years as a developer and team leader on Mercury/HP LoadRunner solution for performance testing. His primary tools were for a long time C/C++ and Windows API but he was also noticed in BREW game development during 2003 - 2005. Embedded game development where fighting for performance was day-to-day work and creating/supporting of the performance testing solution led him to the world of low level optimization and live debugging on a customer’s environment. But one day a deity of pure programming tempted his mindset and he decided to start looking for new opportunities and knowledge. The search led him to Unity and from that day he tries to do his best in creation tools and frameworks for other developers and his days filled up with happiness and new knowledge gaining. Beloved wife and baby-boy Daniel take almost all Dmitry’s spare time. Still he manages to find sometimes an hour to play tennis. Also he likes very much to travel with his family.

Dominykas Kiauleikis

QA Student Worker, Vilnius

Since his childhood Dominykas was always interested in how stuff works. From breaking his electronic toys with a hammer, to figuring out which is the best strategy to perform in computer games, he grew up to be a person who is always trying to see more than it meets the eye. With his passion for computer science, music and cooking, Dominykas dreams of making games which will make the world a better place to live in.

Elena Savinova

Software Development Engineer in Test, Odessa

Elena is a person who hates bugs … both real and virtual ones. Her motto is: 'A good bug - is a dead bug'.After getting Master's Degree in Mechanics and Computer Science in the University of Odessa, Elena joined one of HP projects. Starting as a QA, she switched to automation where she found a vast field of action. These days Elena is working at Unity QA group making sure no bugs allowed. Being passionate about puzzles and challenges, she is always eager to try and learn something new.

Elliot F Solomon

Vice President Business Development, Seattle

Elliot is the Vice President of Business Development for Unity Technologies and is responsible for engaging and growing strategic partners for the company. Prior to Unity, he was Vice President Business Development for Omek Interactive, an Intel funded startup focused on motion control middleware for providing Kinect-like experiences on non Microsoft platforms. As Director Business Development for Disney Interactive Media Group, Elliot led business development activities for Disney’s virtual world business. Prior to Disney, he was General Manager Business Development for RealGames, the online games division of RealNetworks. Elliot has an MBA from Pepperdine, currently lives in San Francisco and has just complete his mid-life crisis where recently acquired a motorcycle and learned to play guitar.

Elvis Alistar

Test Engineer, Copenhagen

Elvis was born in Romania. After getting his Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, he moved to Denmark where he earned a Masters Degree in Games. He has a passion for programming and games and thinks that Unity is the best game engine in the world. He also enjoys playing board games, travelling, singing and spending time with his family.

Eric Hwang

Lead Partner Support Engineer, Seoul

Eric is the Lead Partner Support Engineer at the Unity Korea office and supports major Korean partners in one of the leading countries for Unity. He graduated from MIT with a degree in computer science and has since been in the IT industry for 10+ years. He has been involved in various fields including game development, publishing, educational software, and research. Eric is an avid gamer, movie-goer, and fan of the NBA. His dream is to publish a novel and/or movie.

Erik Hemming

Android Mechanic, Stockholm

With a background in game development for the last 10 years Erik specializes in coding game consoles and embedded devices, and is currently focusing on getting Unity onto Android powered handhelds. There used to be a time when Erik was devoted to the demo scene, making demos mostly for the Amiga platform. Nowadays he's usually busy SCUBA diving or sailing, but still finds the time to code some demo routines now and then..

Erik Juhl

Director of Development, Copenhagen

Erik is from the US and based in the Copenhagen office. He began his long path of game development when he was in the fourth grade, writing his first game in basic on an old timex computer hooked to the family tv. More recently he has been involved with the technology behind a few games from Electronic Arts, Midway and WB Games. Erik has worked at just about every level of engineering on both the individual contributor and leadership paths, now mainly interested in the art of engineering leadership. When not working on games professionally, he spends his time teaching his two sons game development and various sports.

Erland Körner

Technical Artist, Stockholm

Erland brings 2 decades of broad experience from various art responsibilities with AAA games and tools development. Previously he spent 10 years at DICE/EA where he worked on Battlefield and Mirrors edge, among other titles.

Francis Lauzon Duranceau

Field Engineer , Québec

Francis joined Unity just in time for GDC2014. He started his career as an embedded Software Engineer in the field of automotive and robotics. Later on, he moved toward gaming industry with stops at Electronic Arts, Autodesk and as a freelance developer. Now, he's going to unlock new achievements as a Field Engineer by helping other game developers. When not coding, Francis is still coding, he enjoys robotics, AI, drones, photography and as a Canadian : snow sports.

Frank Jonsson

Database Specialist, Copenhagen

Frank is born in Denmark with a father from Iceland and a mother from Poland. He started his IT career on Mac (Motorolla) and made the shift to Windows in 1990. Frank is an AIX, Sun and Linux System Manager and an Oracle Certified Professional and have worked with Application Servers like Oracle, Websphere and JBoss EAP. In addition, he has done administrative programming and been tester on Java Y2K software scanner, just as he has done programming in SQL, PL/SQL, Perl, CGI and shell. He has also worked with HTMLDB/APEX for inhouse MIS Systems, and is a certified PRINCE2 Project Manager. Frank lives with his wife and daughter in Birkerød and spends his spare time hunting and fishing. Bonus info: Frank has traveled around the US and knows the pros and cons of the GreyHound busses.

Graham Dunnett

Director for Testing, Support and Documentation, Brighton

Graham runs the team helping customers and making sure that Unity works as expected. He has worked in the games middleware industry for 12 years. He has a PhD in 3D graphics hardware, and taught himself 6502 assembler on an Acorn Atom when he was 12 years old. When not testing Unity or helping customers Graham loves photography and being a new dad.

Gukhwan Ji

Product Evangelist, Seoul

Gukhwan worked as an artist before he joined Unity. He has worked on Motion graphics, 3D animation and also in many different areas. Presently, he is teaching Unity mainly to artists and designers and has also published a book geared towards how Unity can benefit its users on a higher level. He's making various sample projects and performs game making workshops for many people.

Harry Ch'ng

Finance Director, Singapore

Harry graduated with an Accountancy degree and is a qualified CA and CFA. He started out in audit with Arthur Andersen before moving on to various commercial finance roles. His tour of duty ranged from leading a global treasury team with a german MNC, to head of finance for an entrepreneurial FMCG company and subsequently being the finance lead on the company’s sale and divestment. Harry combines his core finance and accounting background with his tax and treasury experience, partnering businesses to good effect. In his free time, Harry enjoys a good game of tennis and supporting his favourite Liverpool Football Club.

Hiroki Omae

Product Evangelist, Tokyo

Hiroki is based in Japan and works for the various good of the Unity Community.Prior to joining Unity he spent 5 years at FROM SOFTWARE to lead internal engine development, and then became an indie developer to make his own games. He loves to think about how to develop games better as much as developing games. He also enjoys bicycles, snowboarding and canyoning when he is away from computers. He is also a big game jam enthusiast.

Hugh Longworth

Technical Writer, Brighton

Hugh joined the team in Brighton to work as a technical writer. He brings experience from working at EA games and has a number of published books on railways. Hugh is driven by two different motives - a perfectionist's attention to detail, combined with a desire to work with people. So much of his career has see-sawed between programming jobs and people jobs (such as a pastor and evangelist). Eventually he discovered how to combine both in writing; communicating detailed information in ways that are interesting and creative. One of his books has been variously described as 'the geekiest book I've ever seen 'and' the book I have been waiting for years for... the steam railway enthusiast's bible'. Hugh's happiest when he is at home with his wife and daughter.

Ian Dunlap

Asset Store Specialist, San Francisco

Ian Dunlap was born and raised in central California but ventured to San Francisco to peruse a degree in Game Development. After obtaining his degree and working for a few indie studios as a programmer, he is now a member of the Unity Asset Store Team. While spending most of his time vetting the amazing content submitted to the Asset Store, Ian also enjoys developing his own games, assembling air guitars (he takes commissions but is extremely backlogged), and writing personal bios in his spare time.

Ilya Komendantov

Software Test Engineer, Odessa

Ilya loves creativity and his life's credo is "If you play by the rules, you always lose". After completing postgraduate studies in Information Security in the University of Odessa, he spent 6 years for "fighting " with the bugs in Business Technology Optimization applications. In his spare time Ilya enjoys computer games, beach volleyball and mystic development.

Ilya Turshatov

Software Development Engineer in Test, Odessa

He wrote his first programme at the age of 10 with his father. It was a story about a little fictional character who had to survive in a digital world. Since thaen he likes programming. Today Ilya has a master degree in computer science. He has decided to live in Odessa because of the sea - he likes windsurfing and enjoys kiting as well. But his main passion is playing the guitar and singing while on a hike in mountains. In his free time he also likes to play computer games and board games. Ilya's motto is "a difficult task is an interesting task.

Isabelle Jacquinot

Campaign Manager, Copenhagen

Isabelle brings her expertise in marketing strategy, customer experience, community relations, branding and event management from leading companies such as LEGO and Disney. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and reading.

Jack K. Paine

Developer Relations Engineer, Brighton

Despite earning a degree in Cybernetics, Jack discovered his true calling was video games. He joins Unity with many years and many titles worth of games programming experience. Jack is born and bred in Brighton, and has recently discovered the joys of fatherhood. When he has free time that doesn't involve playing or making video games, he enjoys playing bass, cooking and the occasional whisky.

James Bouckley

Software Developer, Brighton

James joined Unity in early 2012 as a Support Intern and has since become the Learning Team Programmer. He has a degree in maths and theoretical physics and regularly gets asked crazy questions about the nature of the universe. When he's not working he enjoys martial arts, playing games and watching films.

Jan Marguc

Senior Software Developer, Copenhagen

Jan has been fascinated by music and electronic circuits that can generate sounds for as long as he remembers, so it was obvious for him right from the first encounter with computers that these mathes were built exactly for this purpose. Starting out in the 1996 demoscene mainly doing graphics code his interests and skills more and more converged towards audio synthesis and processing which led to electronics engineering studies at the Technical University of Denmark with a focus on programming, computer graphics and signal processing. After graduating he worked at TC Works in Hamburg, Germany, and TC Electronic in Aarhus, Denmark, where he maintained a wide range of professional hardware-accelerated audio plugins on various platforms. Before joining Unity, he worked as audio programmer at IO Interactive on the audio system of the in-house engine Glacier2 that powers Hitman Absolution. In his spare time Jan plays the keyboards in various bands -- and of course uses a computer on the stage to generate all sounds.

Jay Santos

Field Engineer, São Paulo

Back in 1983, Jay's dad sealed his fate by buying a ZX81 and an Atari 2600. Since then, he graduated in Computer Sciences, worked five years professionally (and countless hours as a hobby) in mobile development, two years in mobile firmware QA and five years in technical pre-sales throughout Latin America for a top network security company. He's been using Unity to develop iOS/Android games since 2010 and expects to share his passion for Unity with lots of people in the continent

Jean-Christophe Cimetiere

Marketing Director Americas, Seattle

Jean-Christophe aka “JC” runs Unity’s Marketing Americas team getting Unity out in front of the development community. JC wrote his first lines of code years ago on his father's Apple IIe, trying to build a game and never left the developer world since then. He started his career in Paris (France) as a developer, working on LOB apps with various client-server 4GL & languages and later started the consulting branch of his company in Boston, advising clients on their app platforms and architecture. He joined Microsoft in 2003 as the Visual Studio marketing manager in France and moved to Redmond in 2007, focusing since then on developer outreach, spending the last few years fostering the developer partner ecosystem in the mobile space for Windows Phone & Windows.

Jed Ritchey

General Counsel, San Francisco

Jed is a veteran startup attorney, having served in senior legal positions with Zynga, NextWave Wireless and Jed was born and raised in Palo Alto, California. He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Davis and his law degree from Santa Clara University. Jed enjoys spending time with his family and mountain biking and skiing in the Lake Tahoe area.

Jesper Mortensen

Graphics Developer, Copenhagen

Jesper spent roughly 10 years in academia in the UK researching graphics, VR and in particular global illumination culminating in a PhD on the subject. He switched to industry in 2007 when he joined Geomerics working on real-time radiosity for AAA titles such as 'Battlefield 3' and 'Need for Speed: The Run'. One of his goals is to bring beautiful lighting to games and there is scope for that at Unity.

Jessica Qian

Reseller Channel Manager, Shanghai

Jessica joins Unity as Reseller Channel Manager based in Shanghai, China. She has worked in software industry for more than 10 years. Before joining Unity, she was Microsoft account manager with proven record in sales and channel management. Jessica holds a bachelor degree of E.E. She enjoys yoga and traveling in her spare time, and she is your typical Pisces character.

Jessika Jackson

Office Manager, San Francisco

Jessika graduated from Smith College with a degree in science and subsequently began a decade-long career which blended biology, social work, administration, and program management. Jessika now works as the Office Manager in the San Francisco office. When not at work, Jessika enjoys baking, taking pictures, and exploring nature.

Jinho Mang

Field Engineer, Seoul

Before joining Unity, Jinho has worked as a game developer for almost ten years and developed games for various platforms in Korean game companies. He has interest in efficient game development and indie game development. In his free time He enjoys reading, hiking and playing the guitar.

Joachim Ante

CTO and co-founder, Copenhagen

Joachim was the creator of Unity's core and still leads the development effort. In his spare time, Joe enjoys horseback riding, acrobatics, diving from bridges, and driving big cars.

Joana Kodyte

Account Executive, Vilnius

Joana has been working in sales and business development since 2005 and joined Unity Inside Sales Family as an Account Executive in 2013 to dream big together and share Unity's story around CEE region. Apart of work she enjoys travelling, skiing, playing billiards and is fully in love with floristic, landscape and interior design.

JoAnna Matthisen

Executive Assistant, Seattle

JoAnna joined the Unity Technologies team in June of 2010 as executive assistant to the entire Business Development team. She is based out of the Seattle, WA office in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. In her leisure time JoAnna enjoys boating, dog shows and spending time with her family.

Jocelyn Cai

Business Analyst, Singapore

Jocelyn graduated from University of Michigan, where she spent her final year in Santiago, Chile exploring the southernmost parts of the world. Despite speaking Spanish, she was first cast into an account management role for Singapore’s electronics and precision engineering companies before finally spending a large part of her previous career running business development in Latin America at International Enterprise Singapore. Jocelyn was based in Singapore driving overseas opportunities varying from education, intelligent transport to offshore platforms, before being catapulted to Mexico City for three years. Her most immediate past life involved attracting global commodities houses to base their trading operations in Singapore. She enjoys good food, music and traveling.

Joe Robins

Product Evangelist, Copenhagen

Joe jumped across the sea to join Unity in Denmark, His education focused on 3D art and Game Design at the University of Teesside. Some time after that, Joe landed a job using Unity where he became an active member of the community and worked on various projects, from jet ski games with purple water to a building familiarisation tool for Greater Manchester Police HQ.

Johaness Reuben

Product Evangelist, Malaysia

Johaness "Joh" Reuben has been in game development for more than 15 years. The Technical Art Director for GameBrains, one of Malaysia’s premiere game development companies having shipped numerous titles on multiple platforms. He has also been involved in game art training, lecturing and consulting for some of Malaysia’s prominant game development universities. His expertise is in digital art production techniques, processes and methodologies for multiple gaming platforms and media and is dedicated to the pursuit of interactive and technical processes of game development and art.

John Fallon

Developer Relations Engineer, Brighton

John is from Galway, Ireland and joined Unity fresh out of college after successfully completing his M.Sc degree in Computer Science (Interactive Entertainment Technology) at Trinity College, Dublin. His role as a Developer Relations Engineer utilises his software development and problem solving skills in order to maintain client satisfaction of the Unity engine. In his free time, John enjoys playing videogames, listening to music, watching movies and tv shows and reading fantasy/sci-fi books. John also enjoys outdoor watersport activities including surfing and wakeboarding and also loves travelling and exploring new places.

John Goodale

General Manager Asia, Idaho

John Goodale is our Asia General Manager, and is responsible for all of Unity's business throughout Japan, China, Korea and Southeast Asia. John has been in the games industry for nearly 20 years and has held several leadership positions at Sega and Activision. He has held roles as Executive Producer, Product Marketing Manager, Licensing Director, Marketing VP, and Business Unit Manager. He has consulted for the likes of TimeWarner, Fujitsu, NEC and others. He has lived and worked in Japan and is bilingual English-Japanese. John has a home and a family in Boise, Idaho, including six children, but he spends 200+ days a year leading our Asia business units and meeting with our rapidly expanding community in Asia. John is thrilled to work with the best Asia team in the industry!

Jonas Drewsen

Developer , Copenhagen

Jonas enjoys working with all kinds of software development areas solving interesting problems. In his spare time he contributes to the D programming language, does some animating/modeling in blender or keeps in shape with some BodyCombat.

Jonas Echterhoff

Programmer, Berlin

Jonas has taught himself programming on a Mac II when he was 11 years old, and has created several successful Mac shareware games in the past, financing his life as a CS university student. He has been working on various parts of the Unity engine ever since the original release of version 1.0, and is now working full time as a core engine developer.

Jonathan Chambers

Software Developer, Pittsburgh

Jonathan joined Unity after 8 years in the computer aided engineering industry at ANSYS, Inc. A long time Mono Project contributor, Jonathan focuses on making development with Unity robust and efficient. He files his spare time with family, renovating old houses, and biking.

Josh Naylor

Developer Relations Engineer, Brighton

Josh Naylor, Developer Relations Engineer, British, Brighton. A man of the North, Josh joined Unity after graduating from Hull University with a Computer Science and Game Development degree. Since watching Grandmas boy at the age of 14, Josh knew that he wanted to be involved with game development. Situated on the support team, Josh deals with developer relations through different mediums such as the forums and answers pages. Josh spends his weekends playing football with his son and working on his own small game projects.

Josh Naylor

Evangelist, Brighton

Joining Unity as a graduate in Computer Science, Josh’s love for Unity led him down the path of getting a job telling everyone how awesome it is. He spends his days helping our users in EMEA, showcasing new features, delivering training and writing tech blogs. By night he develops his own 2d games. #madewithunity of course.

Juha Kiili

Editor Developer, Turku

Juha has always been obsessed with how things work. That's probably why he taught himself programming at a very young age. Some of his many hobbies include music production, marathon running and game development, all of which he takes way too seriously. After creating the well-known 2D extensions RageSpline and RagePixel, he was happy to join the ranks of Unity Copenhagen. Currently Juha leads a simple life in the Finnish countryside with his beautiful wife, two dogs and a cat.

Juho Oravainen

Software Developer, Finland

It was gaming that brought Juho into computers at very early age and it didn't take too long for him to start learning how to make his own games. After years of hobby programming, university studies and almost a decade at software consultation business, he has finally entered the heart of games technology with graphics as his main focus. After working hours you can find him spending time with his wife and three children, jamming with various musical instruments or practicing Japanese fencing arts.

Jukka Arvo

Graphics Programmer, Finland

Jukka works on improving graphics, both visual and performance wise. Before joining Unity, he has architected GPUs at Qualcomm, AMD, ATI and Bitboys. Jukka has also worked in academia and holds a Ph.D from computer graphics.

Julie Eickhof

Regional Sales Manager, San Francisco

Julie is no spring noob to tech. Before joining Unity, she pitched in at big organizations like CNET/CBSi and small mobile startups like Loopt, and her experience ranges from the creative side of content management to the data-driven side of operations. (She's even driven double-decker buses.) A native San Franciscan, Julie earned a BA in Linguistics at UC Davis, then undertook graduate studies in the US and Europe through Miami Ad School's copywriting portfolio program. In her spare time, this wordnerd enjoys weekends at the beach, finding new roads on her Suzuki SV650, macgyvering things around the house, and wrangling the development of a motorcycle app.

Julie Yap

Business Intelligence Specialist, Singapore

Bringing 14 years of experience in business intelligence and data management, Julie joins the Singapore office to provide relevant, timely and insightful information for the management. Prior to joining Unity, she has worked in finance start-up, consultancy and media companies focusing on analytics and data management. Julie enjoys travelling, hiking and listening to a wide variety of music.

Julius Miknevičius

QA Student Worker, Vilnius

Ever since the childhood Julius has dreamed of working in the video games related industry. He has joined Unity while he was studying for his bachelor degree. In his free time Julius enjoys playing video games or coding some stuff for his personal needs.

Julius Trinkunas

Software Developer, Vilnius

His career as programmer started in early years, when he got access to then quite popular ZX Spectrum computer. First, it was just fun and games, but after figuring out, that it could be used for far more interesting things, he got really interested in computers. Since his childhood, he had a really curious personality and had a huge interest in disassembling, building and figuring out how things worked, so programming was drawing him in naturally. Soon he took programming classes and started writing programs on his own. Later came Computer Science studies in university and first job as web site developer. But since the late university years, discovered passion for game development landed him a job in the largest game development company in Lithuania. On his spare time he became an active participant in local game development community helping moderating forums, maintaining wiki site, organizing occasional game jam events and so on. And finally, after trying a business of his own his path led to Unity, with a single purpose - to help empower other game developers like himself.

Justinas Vygintas Daugmaudis

Software Developer, Vilnius

After having spent the last 10 years immersed in stochastic calculus and differential equations, Justinas came to Unity to help in the fight against the hordes of quirky browsers that try to trick the Unity web plugin and player. In his spare time, when he is not involved in some NGO initiative, he likes to sharpen his wit and logic in a good game of chess.

Kamio Chambless

Asset Store Specialist, San Francisco

Kamio joined Unity in January 2012, where she works as an Asset Store Specialist on the awesome Asset Store team. She studied fine arts at Kansas City Art Institute, later branching out into photography, graphics and web design. She loves working with such fun, creative and driven people, and doing her part to democratize game development! Additionally, Kamio is a proud native northern Californian, into cartoons, weird movies and video games.

Karsten Nielsen

Systems Administrator, Copenhagen

Karsten holds a BSc in Business Administration and Computer Science and has worked as a Linux systems administrator at different hosting companies for 6 years. Before joining Unity Karsten has worked as an IT Security consultant. Karsten is passionate about creating secure IT infrastructures that just works. In his spare time Karsten enjoys 3D archery, bow hunting, running and going to the gym.

Kaspar Daugaard

Graphics Programmer, Copenhagen

Kaspar is a Danish graphics programmer who spent over a decade working professionally in games. He has returned to his native Denmark from England, where he worked on Fable and its sequels, and saw the team grow from a handful of coders into a large development house run by Microsoft. Here at Unity, Kaspar is glad to be back in Indie game development, and to be able to help people make bigger and more successful titles.

Kasper Amstrup Andersen

SDET Lead, Copenhagen

Kasper likes breaking software and figuring out how to fix it again. He has 4 years of experience from the gaming industry, shipping games such as Total Overdose and Watchmen while employed at Deadline Games. Before joining Unity he worked as a test consultant on basically everything related to software testing, automation, and test process improvement.

Kazimieras Semaska

QA Student Worker, Vilnius

When Kazimieras was only 12 years old, he got his first computer and became interested in video games. Since then he knew that his future will be somehow related with gaming industry and being a part of an awesome company. For the moment Kazimieras is trying to achieve his bachelor's degree in IT and really enjoys working at Unity Technologies.

Keijiro Takahashi

Product Evangelist, Japan

Keijiro works with the fast-growing market for Unity as an Evangelist. He has a lot of experience in the Japanese console game development and is now trying to spread Unity to it's community.

Kelvin Lo

Product Evangelist, China

Kelvin has spent over 10 years working as a game producer in Taiwan. He is an enthusiastic gamer himself and has an extensive multimedia industry network. Kelvin is a passionate Unity advocate and wants to share his experience and knowledge, to continue to learn new things and to help anyone who wants to make great games using Unity.

Kevin Robertson

Director of Business Development, San Francisco

Kevin arrived at Unity with broad spectrum of experience ranging from QA Lead positions at EA, to running sales for Noesis Interactive. He played water polo at UC Davis and was team captain in 2001. A waterman at heart, Kevin lives with his wife and 2 children on the beach near Santa Cruz, CA. His family, surfing, water polo, music, and video games are his passions.

Kim Steen Riber

Senior Software Developer, Copenhagen

Kim has several years of experience in the gaming industry, working for 6 years at Deadline Games as senior platform developer doing rendering, core and console development and also being in charge of performance and optimizations. Kim has been part of several AAA titles including Total Overdose, Chili Con Carnage and Watchmen. The latest engine related work was with Playdead working on LIMBO.

Kimberly Bailey

Executive Assistant to the CEO, San Francisco

Kimberly joined Unity in November of 2009 and brings over 15 years of experience supporting high-level executives. She supports our CEO, David Helgason and manages the San Francisco office.

Kirsten Grønborg

UX Researcher, Copenhagen

Kirsten is a 3D afficionado. She is an Architect from the Royal Academy of the Fine Arts, Copenhagen, where she spent half the time trying to explain why her projects were not quite ready yet because of computer crashes, and the other half trying to convince the professors that 3D was also a way to present projects. Kirsten has worked with architectural visualisation, interior architecture and corporate visual identity. For the past 10 years, she has been teaching UX, 3D, User Centered Design and Agile Development. Kirsten is married and has three children, and enjoys travelling, horse-back riding, singing and watching documentaries.

Kjartan Ólafsson

Project Manager - Online Marketing, Copenhagen

Before joining Unity, Kjartan managed digital marketing strategies for LEGO, which more often than not happened to include Unity-based games for browsers and mobile devices. He is highly passionate about agile project management and digital marketing, and can often be found buried in post-it notes or staring intently at web traffic data. Kjartan holds a M.Sc. degree in Media Technology and Games from the IT-University of Copenhagen. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and friends, cycling, travelling, and nurturing his lifelong obsessions with games, electronic music, sci-fi/horror movies and shiny gadgets.

Kristján B. Hálfdánarson

Web designer, Copenhagen

Kristjan has been working with digital design for little more than a decade mainly photo editing and user interface design. For the past few years he has been spending more and more time working with web solutions and user experience. When he's not at 500% zoom in Photoshop or playing with CSS code, you'll find him with his family looking for new adventures to participate in.

Kuba Cupisz

Graphics Programmer, Copenhagen

Started his masters degree in Poland by going to Denmark. Stayed there. Was taking graphics courses until they run out. Graduated DADIU 3 times. Gets pure pleasure from figuring out stuff. Some people say he has a twisted way of seeing the world, but that's just how the pentaprism in his camera works. Confusing people as to who is the older of The Cupisz Brothers.

Lars Molgaard Nielsen

IT Support Technician, Copenhagen

Lars joined Unity in the spring of 2011, coming from the IT department of the University of Copenhagen with experience in IT management and support. He has a Computer Science degree and has dabbled with graphical design. If left unsupervised, Lars is prone to playing computer-, roleplaying- and board games.

Lars Runov

VP Marketing, Copenhagen

Lars brings a 16 years of business experience with primary focus on digital platforms, Marketing, Business operations and Business development. He has driven a long range of business change processes in large organisations with the purpose of strengthening digital business performance and has managed large online marketing and sales organisations. Lars has strong experience within most aspects of sales and marketing.Lars holds an MBA of International Business Management from CBS, Copenhagen and a M.A. in Development Economics from University of Kent, UK. In his spare time Lars enjoys spending time with family and friends, running, playing and watching soccer and reading books.

Lárus Ólafsson

Network Programmer, Copenhagen

Lárus specializes in multiplayer networking, encompassing everything from NAT punchthrough to MMO scalability. He finished his Master's Thesis implementing and describing Unity's multiplayer components.

Lasse Makholm

Back-End Developer, Copenhagen

A Unix person to the core, Lasse loves typing cryptic commands in terminal windows. After a misspent youth rollerskating and coding assembler on the Amiga, he stumbled onto a job making development tools for Nokia. A decade later, he jumped at the chance to write code for Unity. When he's not hacking on the Asset Store, Lasse spends a lot of time trying to figure out how to apply a text-based, sarcastic Unix philosophy to family life with a wife and two daughters.

Leon Liu

Sales Directore, China

Jun or Leon as he is called join Unity China as the Channel sales director in May 2012.He has 12+ years of experience working in ICT (IT+Communication) industry. At Unity he looks after the channel account services and works on the relevant sale business in China. Prior to joining Unity, he worked for IDC for nearly three years where he was a senior account manager and looked after some leading MNC clients. Leon holds a bachelor degree of Electric Automation from Harbin Institute of Technology. He likes playing badminton and basketball. Leon is a father of 2.5 year old boy and his favorite time is to take his son out to the park on the weekends together with his wife.

Leonardo Carneiro

Front-End Developer, Copenhagen

Leo started his career as a designer and during the past 7 years transitioned between backend development, front-end develpment and interactive media. Now he enjoys the Unity life, working on different exciting projects along with briliant people. When not hacking away, he will be listening to music, 'playing' guitar, gaming, hanging around, or any combination of those.

Levi Bard

Developer, Copenhagen

Levi has been fascinated by software development since, as a child, he discovered he could edit the source code of a BASIC game for the Commodore PET. When not sitting in front of a computer, Levi can be found indulging his recently-acquired obsession, offroad unicycling.

Liang Zhao

Software Developer, Copenhagen

Liang has been interested in game development ever since he learned Pascal. As an undergraduate student, he enjoyed making games like Tetris with Turbo Pascal, 2D snooker with Turbo C and 3D snooker with DX8.1. After getting his Master degree in Computer Graphics, Liang held several graphics and game related positions: 3D graphics engineer in Autodesk, game engine engineer in Shanda Games and performance analysis engineer for Mali GPU in ARM. For fun, he enjoys travelling with bike, either in mountainous areas or around islands.

Liming Zhang

Field Engineer, Shanghai

Liming started his career in 2006 as a game engine developer. Four years later he joined Autodesk and participated in developing a unified graphics engine. Before joining Unity, he was a game developer and made a FPS game using Unreal Engine until Unity became his favorite game engine. Now he works as Field Engineer and helping other developers who is using Unity.

Loreta Balciunaite

Office Coordinator, Vilnius

Loreta is based in LT and she holds a degree in Mathematics and Informatics. The last few years, she has worked as group leader in telemarketing company. She is very effective and always contributes with her positive attitude. At Unity she uses her work experience to ensure a high quality in her work. She loves modern dance, travel, tennis and skiing.

Lucas Meijer

Technical Director, Amsterdam

The last ten years before joining Unity, Lucas was a freelance game programmer, making sure the tech behind many game productions was in good shape, and artists had a smooth workflow into their game engine. He worked on titles for Lego, Paramount, Cartoon Network, Lego, Adobe and many others. When relaxing, he's usually playing Ultimate Frisbee, or thinking about sushi. Or both.

Mads Kiilerich

Build & Infrastructure Developer, Copenhagen

Mads likes software development - especially in the Unix and Open Source way. He works in the Build Engineering team, mainly with version control. In the Open Source world he is currently mainly involved in Mercurial development and in Fedora. In previous positions he has been creating "serious" software for managing enterprise resources, documents and security. Now he enjoys working in an industry and in a company where awesome people use awesome technology to entertain users and make them happy ... ending up with awesome software that has many other uses. When not hacking software he enjoys jazz, playing ultimate frisbee, and perhaps riding his motorcycle.

Mads Nyholm

Editor Programmer, Copenhagen

Prior to Unity Mads has been working as a tool and game programmer. He has 8 years of experience in the gaming industry, latest as lead game programmer on Watchmen and before that on the strategy/RPG games Gangland and Escape from Paradise City. Latest he has developed a GI lightmapper tool called Lyslab.

Maggie Hong

Customer Insights Manager EMEA, Copenhagen

Maggie is the Customer Insights Manager for EMEA. She has 4 years’ experience in business analytics and 3 years in auditing. Maggie holds a master degree in Marketing and a bachelor degree in International Finance. She has worked in different countries in Asia, Middle East and Europe. Outside work Maggie enjoys yoga, jogging, reading books and Asian food.

Makoto Itoh

Field Engineer, Tokyo

Makoto was born in Japan and got his first computer when he was 10 - a MSX. Since 1998 he has developed games in a Japanese game development company, including some driving games. He love efficiency improvement of routine using continuous integration and unit testing. In fact he loves anything that has to do with improvements. In addition, Makoto is good at swimming, enjoys bowling and loves to spend time with his wife and his daughter

Mantas Puida

Mono Developer, Vilnius

Mantas currently tames monkeys (Spanish: Mono) to live in peace with platforms like the iPhone, but he can write code for almost everything that shows signs of intelligence. Usually one can recognize Mantas as the guy carrying the big camera, and on rare occasions even taking pictures with it.

Marco Alvarado

Developer Relations Engineer, Colombia

Since the age of 15, Marco has developed a great passion for games that has driven him to write libraries and tools in various programming languages. With a background in Electronics Engineering, he loves inventing, designing and building devices. Several companies in Latin America, USA and Europe, have required him to solve their needs of 3D, multimedia and networking technologies. One of his latest projects was building a multiplatform engine, when he found Unity and realized it has all the great things he dreamed to integrate. Currently he has the privilege of supporting other developers to unleash the power of Unity, and researches game mechanics assisted modeling and implementation in his spare time.

Marco Trivellato

Field Engineer, Brighton

Marco is a veteran in the game industry with a strong background in computer science and a passion for programming and video games. He worked for many years in Italy, Canada and now England. In his time in Vancouver he worked for Electronic Arts and Next Level Games as systems and rendering software engineer on triple-A titles like FIFA, Fight Night 3 and Captain America, spending most of his time on game engines, focusing on their performance and architecture. Then he decided to move on and joined Unity for a new career challenge. He now works in UK as Field Engineer helping other game developers to make great games!

Marcus Lim

Asia Corporate Counsel, Singapore

Marcus has years of experience working in the technology / interactive entertainment industry, having previously held the role of Senior Attorney, Asia at Electronic Arts. Before his stint at EA, Marcus was in-house legal counsel at another US multinational company, the payment industry leader, Visa. Marcus was born in Singapore, and obtained his law degree from the National University of Singapore. On weekends, he can be found glued to the television, watching and supporting his favourite football team, Manchester United. He also occasionally indulges his passion for travel, food and cars.

Maria Marcano

Software Develoer, Copenhagen

Maria started programming in high school and then continued computer engineering in university. She worked some years with various types of applications and building a software development company, while also enjoying some of the Caribbean beaches in her home country. She then moved to work for Nearsoft, one of the most democratic workplaces (WorldBlue list) and top 10 Great Place to work in Mexico. In there she helped companies in Silicon Valley in the adoption of agile practices, developed applications, automated builds, deployments and tests. She’s now working with the continuous integration platform used to develop the Unity software. She enjoys writing technical blog posts, life, traveling, family and friends. She lives in Copenhagen with her husband and son.

Marina Oester

Office Coordinator, Copenhagen

Marina joined Unity as an Office Coordinator in January 2011. She is based in the Copenhagen office in Denmark. Her wish is to keep her colleagues' everyday life smooth and happy, so they can spend their time doing what they are best at. Marina has a former career in casinos and other jobs as an Office Coordinator. When not working, she gets her energy from spending time with friends, family and networking.

Mark Harkness

Technical Support Engineer, Brighton

From the frozen north, Mark came south in the bleak winter of 2010 seeking refuge from the blizzards. We still aren't sure how he got into the office, and it is still under investigation, but we are glad to have him on board providing support both internally and externally for all our users. Mark is an avid gamer and musician and spends a most of his spare time pursuing both of these interests.

Mark Schoennagel

Evangelist, San Francisco

Mark Schoennagel comes to Unity as an avid gamer with a strong technical background in 3D Animation for both film and games. For nearly 20 years Mark had been the lead evangelist for Softimage 3D, enjoying a front-row seat during the renaissance of the 3D industry. From witnessing the humble beginnings of the first ray-traced spheres and cubes all the way through to today’s modern blockbuster films and AAA game titles, Schoennagel has seen it all! When not pushing the limits of 3D, Mark enjoys Formula 1 racing, photography and most of all, driving his personally restored vintage Volkswagen 21 Window Bus around Redondo Beach California where he resides.

Martin B Nielsen

Systems Administrator, Copenhagen

Martin started out his computing career with a C64 and was first drawn in by the games. Eventually he found the joys of programming which led to a BSc in Computer Science. He was working as a software developer when he discovered linux and found a new passion; networking, servers & system administration. After that Martin worked as a systems administrator for different hosting companies combining his skills from software development with system administration. When not working Martin enjoys time with his family, biking, reading and just learning new things.

Martin Eberhardt

Web Developer, Copenhagen

Martin has been working with web development since his start in public school and at the age of 10, HTML was his second native language. In his teens the interest of web development moved from less frontend development to more backend development where he followed the road of PHP a few years, until he finally found his “home” with Ruby on Rails. Technology and media, especially on and in the web, has always been his foremost passion which he could combine through his education as multimedia integrator in Roskilde, where he also lives happily. When not creating new exciting features in the backend of Unity’s Online Store or other web projects, he’s enjoying friends, family, food and tinkering with electronics.

Martin Gjaldbæk

Software Developer, Copenhagen

Martin is passionate about making kick-ass products. He holds a master's degree in software engineering, and he combines this technical background with a keen eye for usability and business. He previously developed an award-winning sports app for iOS with millions of users, but recently switched industries to join the Unity editor team. Among his many interests are travelling, playing guitar and singing. He's known as the guy that has an opinion (and very likely a random piece of trivia) on just about any topic you can think of.

Martin Stjernholk Vium

Web Developer, Copenhagen

Martin has several years of experience as a lead developer in the affiliate marketing business, scaling and maintaining high trafficinternet solutions. He enjoys the finer things in life, such as clean code and gravy. Martin spends his spare time following open source, playing games and watching reality television.

Mary-Lynn Lim

Executive Assistant to the CFO/ COO, Singapore

Mary-Lynn brings extensive experience from large, international companies. She started her career in Marketing and subsequently spent the last eight years supporting senior level executives. Prior to joining Unity, Mary-Lynn was the Senior Executive Secretary to the CFO for Siemens Audiology group. In her new assignment, she supports our CFO/ COO, Henrik Nielsen. During her leisure time, (other than spending time with her husband), Mary-Lynn practises Pilates, and she adores cooking, reading, traveling and painting.

Matt Fini

Key Account Manager, San Francisco

Matt brings a mixed bag of experience to Unity's business development team as Key Account Manager. His main role is to cultivate existing client relationships and (hopefully) catch any support issues before they arise so the developers can focus on the fun stuff. Originally from New Jersey, he looks forward to growing within the industry he loves the most. When Matt isn't working, he's either playing games, practicing the piano, or learning to become a better cook

Melvyn May

Software Developer, Copenhagen

Melvyn May started programming when he was around 10 years old using a Commodore PET and quickly moved on to using home computers like the ZX-Spectrum, Commodore 64 and Vic 20. He joined Unity from GarageGames as the original developer of the Torque 2D game engine product. Prior to that he worked for a UK company developing 3D X-Ray inspection/visualization software for the industrial, medical and security sectors where he led a team of developers working on low-level embedded systems for automation but mainly higher-level system design and implementation for 3D visualization for tomographic medical/industrial systems as well as stereographic security products. When he's not busy programming or with his family you'll find him out mountain biking, a true obsession for him!

Michael Krarup Nielsen

Senior Systems Integrator, Copenhagen

Starting his professional career as a not overly successful garage programmer, Michael then had a brief encounter with satellite image archiving and retrieval and later a not-so-brief with the online oil and gas pipeline monitoring business. Then he became a engineering tools guy in the mobile phones industry, developing and supporting a variety of tools and systems. Michael joined Unity to work with integration and replication of data between the different support systems.

Mike Foley

Chief Financial Officer, San Francisco

Prior to joining Unity, Mike was SVP, Head of Strategy and Corporate Development at Electronic Arts where he worked with C-level executives on strategy and oversaw EA’s M&A transactions. Mike has also held senior roles at Microsoft, Sovereign Capital and Ernst & Young. Mike has an MBA from Harvard, a Natural Science degree from Cambridge University and is a qualified Chartered Accountant. Hailing from Scotland, Mike lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife Carolyn.

Mikko Strandborg,

Graphics Programmer, Finland

Mikko started programming with ZX Spectrum at the age of 8, and has been fascinated with games and graphics programming ever since. He has spent the majority of his professional career in mobile 3D graphics-related areas, specializing in GPU performance optimization and OS platform abstraction.

Mircea Marghidanu

Senior XBOX360/PS3 SW Developer, San Francisco

Mircea Marghidanu has been (ab)using CPU/GPU architectures since his youth, and is now porting Unity onto XBOX360 and PS3. He came to Unity from IO Interactive where he spent 6 years making anti-heros shine on PS2/PS3 and PC (Hitman 3,4 and Kane & Lynch : Dead Men). In his spare time (while he's compiling), Mircea likes to play the guitar. <strong>Favorite quote:</strong> <em>If you can't make it good, make it big! If you can't make it big, make it shiny!</em>

Morrissey Williams

Account Executive, Brighton

Morrissey comes from a background of hospitality management and telecoms. He has always had a passion for gaming since the age of 2, and his first love will always be the original Super Mario. Morrissey has a drive to succeed and has now put all his efforts into bringing Unity to even more developers around the globe. In his spare time he enjoys playing the drums, skating, graphic design, drinking expensive rum and searching the internet for new and exciting technology.

Na'Tosha Bard

Build & Infrastructure Developer, Copenhagen

Na'Tosha was born and raised in the U.S. and received her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Texas Tech University. After collecting a wide range of experience in everything from multi-platform desktop application development to embedded Linux development and many things in between, she is now working at Unity on the internal tools and systems used to manage and build the Unity software. She lives in Copenhagen with her husband (and fellow Unity developer) Levi, and their two cats Ruby and Perl. When not programming, she spends most of her time training for long-distance running races, unicycling, or watching way more movies than she should.

Navin Kumar Chaudhary

Oracle Database Specialist, Copenhagen

Navin grew up in Nepal, studied and professionally expertized in India. During total 12+ years of experiences in IT, Navin has got an excellent problem solving skills and swiftly identifies the root of data operation & logical problems; and he develops an effective solution. Navin, at Unity, is responsible for providing solutions related to Oracle database development including Oracle Apex. Apart from work, he likes to be with his family at all his spare times.

Nevin Eronde

Software Test Engineer, Copenhagen

Nevin comes to Unity from a background as a freelance audio designer producing audio for various games and platforms. What she brings to Unity is her experience and knowledge of games development from a Unity user perspective and QA testing at NDS Denmark that developed demos for future interactive TV applications. In her spare time she likes to do sound hacking and teach teenage girls to make computer game

Ngozi Watts

Vice President, Worldwide Gambling, San Francisco

Ngozi brings a breadth of experience in Engineering, Law, Finance and Business Development from companies like Duracell, Abbott Labs and WMS Gaming. Ngozi is fond of saying that he use to do “drug deals” as an Abbott attorney and then moved to licensing technology for “gambling deals” for video slot machines. At his core, Ngozi loves the “art of the deal!” In his spare time, he coaches his kids' sports teams, teaches negotiations at the Univ. of Chicago, loves indie/foreign films and pursues all things LATIN… taught himself Spanish, loves Salsa & immerses himself yearly in the language and culture. Ngozi is based in Chicago and covers the Eastern US.

Nicola Evans

Campaign Manager, Copenhagen

Nicola forms part of Unity's marketing team in the Copenhagen office and brings with her a wealth of experience gained in direct marketing and e-commerce. Before moving to Copenhagen in late October 2012, Nicola lived in London for several years. She originally hails from Essex in the south east of England and is half English and half Filipino. Despite her professional background in marketing, Nicola is a classically trained musician and holds a Bachelor in music from Goldsmiths College, London. She plays violin, piano and flute, but does not 'do' singing. Other than this, Nicola also enjoys cooking, cycling and traveling.

Nobuyuki Kobayashi

Community Evangelist, Tokyo

Nobuyuki Kobayashi was born at Tokyo, Japan and grown up there. At the university, Nobu majored in economics and got the master of econometrics in the proof study of the economy of Japan. In his course of study, he got his computer skills. As a video-game designer, Nobu has 15-years career, and designed and developed many video games. Especially Nobu loves designing for adventure games which have multi-story-paths and endings. His games have many attractive characters and thanks to his 3D techniques and experience in Japanese Animation studios, many adventure game fans in Japan love his games. Nobu joined UTJ as a Community Evangelist, and his mission is to support and encourage the Japanese Unity communities and so to spread the philosophy and workflow of Unity over those communities. Nobu wants to help for many developers and future developers to become glad through Unity and its communities!

Oleg Pridiuk

Technical Evangelist, Eastern Europe, Vilnius

Oleg has been breaking mobiles in Unity since Unity iPhone 1.0.1 and grew up to a default goto person for everything mobile. He is using his technical skills along with an irresistible charm and charisma to advocate Easter Europe of Unity and vice versa.

Olly Nicholson

Technical Artist, Brighton

Olly comes preinstalled with 12 years experience in the games industry after loading a degree in Interactive Arts at the Met in Manchester. With a number of AAA titles including Split-Second and the MotoGP series in his domain, he developed a broad skill set, put to use most successfully as Technical Artist with Disney's Black Rock Studios. With a over a terabyte of memory in industry standard and internal art tools, for both production and training, Olly brings his data, pretty pixels and problem solving algorithms to the support team based in Brighton. With a penchant for analogue pursuits in architecture, photography and basketball, Olly likes to spend as much of his spare time as electrostatic conditions allow, on the silicon beach.

Oscar Pett

Support administrator, Brighton

Oscar came from the south west of England to Brighton in 2009 to pursue a career in a creative environment. He joined Unity3d in September of 2013 as a role in the administrative department. In his spare time he enjoys composing music and playing music in his band.

Paul Tham

Lead Developer, Singapore

Paul joined Unity from LucasArts and Ubisoft before that. Paul enjoys working on code. According to Paul, spending time with his compilers is therapeutic. He also likes to play tennis and other racquet sports but not contact sports. Some say the office WiFi works only while he is standing next to you, touching your shoulder and he doesn't read code but the code reads him. All we know is, he works while wearing yellow tinted glasses with his leg up on the trash can.

Pernille Hansen

Offie Assistant, Copenhagen

Pernille joined Unity as an Office Coordinator in September 2012. She takes care of various decaying tasks in and around the Danish office in Copenhagen. Her main tasks is to help everyone with everything, including getting her colleagues' everyday life to be as smooth as possible.With a background in shipping, logistics, office and administrative challenges she takes the day with efficiency and a smile. When not working, she gets her energy from spending time with her family, a good laugh with friends, house and working in the garden.

Pete Moss

Field Engineer, Seattle

Pete Moss joined Unity in Seattle as a Field Engineer in the Simulation/Visualization division. With several degrees in music and tech art, his background isn't that of a normal engineer. He has intense interests in simulation, human computer interaction, digital signal processing, computer vision, and physics. Pete believes in long beards and fast motorcycles. And he is still sad he never had the chance to be an astronaut.

Peter Kuhn

Senior Software Developer, Boston

Peter became fascinated by computers and programming at a very young age and has always been interested in how games work. He studied Software Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology before working at EA and Activision on games such as James Bond, Transformers and Guitar Hero. Peter comes to Unity through an acquisition of Darkwind Media's runtime porting team where he ported Unity to several new platforms for Union. Peter has a passion for all areas of game tech and a pragmatic mindset for writing software and problem solving. Although programming is always on his mind, Pete also enjoys mountain biking, bowling, and frisbee golfing.

Peter Schmitz

Business Analyst , Copenhagen

Peter (compiled in 1975) is originally from the south of Holland, where people are like hobbits; they love good food and drinks. The majority of his IT career, he worked with or close to data, as a database administrator and business intelligence developer. Being a gamer most of his life, he jumped at the opportunity of joining Unity as a Business Analyst. In his spare time, Peter enjoys spending time with his family, sipping a nice glass of Scottish Whisky, eating good food (preferably Italian), reading books, enjoying comedy, fishing, martial arts and playing games.

Philip Cosgrave

Software Engineer, Toronto

Philip first found his passion for tools working at Silicon Knights. From there he worked his way through the gaming industry focusing on what key tech games require. After launching a couple games utilizing Unity for companies like Gameloft, opportunities arose where he could apply that knowledge to make Asset Store packages. Shortly after he started working for Unity full time. In his spare time he enjoys carpentry, and relaxing while playing video games with his wife.

Pierre Paul Giroux

Software Developer, Québec

Pierre-Paul is a software developer at Unity Canada. He is currently working on animation tools and runtime that will revolutionize the way that games are made. In 2009, Pierre-Paul founded Mecanim, a small company that would develop advanced animation technology that drew interest from many high profile industry players. Unity acquired Mecanim in 2011. Pierre-Paul also worked at Behaviour Interactive, where he worked on the central technology team, and at Autodesk, where he was part of the FBX team then the HumanIK team. In his other life, Pierre-Paul pretends still to be young and plays music in an Indie rock band.

Randy Spong

Field Engineer, San Francisco

Randy brings a decade of deep and varied experience in video game development to the Unity developer relations team. After shipping several massively multiplayer titles at Turbine Games, Randy found that selling and supporting game engine middleware allowed him to combine his passion for code with his long-repressed social skills. Randy spends his spare time cooking and mountain biking to burn off all those delicious calories.

Rasmus Møller Selsmark

QA Lead, Berlin

Starting programming on a ZX81 as eight years old, Rasmus has always had a passion for technology and a fascination of the possibilities using computers. Now several years later, he’s still equally passionate about computers and the fact that he can work daily with his favorite hobby. Rasmus professional career within software development has been focused on developing and delivering standard software, and since 2002 with a strong focus on quality assurance, being QA and QA Lead in various Danish companies. His spare time is spent on being chairman at his children’s school and taking a mountain bike ride when time permits.

Rebekah Tay

Office Manager, Singapore

Rebekah joined the Unity Singapore office as the Office Manager and assists Henrik Neilsen at the same time. She is passionate about doing her best and hopes that her contribution can help the Singapore Office to operate smoothly. Rebekah also enjoys reading, shopping, and traveling.

Renaldas Zioma

iPhone Developer, Stockholm

Renaldas' passion is getting code screaming fast on interesting devices, such as the PSP, the PS3, and now the iPhone. His previous job was coding on Battlefield in Stockholm, and he's now relocated to Copenhagen.

Ricardo Arango

Team Lead for Premium Support and Testing, Brighton

Ricardo was born in Colombia and received his bachelor's degree in Computers and Video Games in England. Following that he received a second bachelor's degree in Computer Science in Colombia and finally a master's degree in Denmark. He brings his academic background, his passion for computers, programming, games and his problems solving skills to work with the testers and developers to make Unity the best engine possible. He also enjoys playing the guitar, traveling, living abroad and of course, playing games.

Rich Skorski

Software Developer, Boston

Rich Skorski has wanted to make video games since realizing I was a decent program. He made a couple games for school projects back in high school, went to Full Sail to jump start his game development expertise, and has been a professional software developer making games since 2005. The technology behind games has always been what pulled him in. When he sit down to code, he thinks about the hardware and how to make the data flow through it super quick. Sometimes he prefer pretending that he is Batman while investigating crash dumps. Outside of work, he raises the horns to Iron Maiden with his daughter and wife, rocks to the Ramones with his daughter (his wife doesn't like them), and plays adventure games with his wife (his daughter can't play them yet).

Richard Sykes

Software Engineer - Xbox 360, Brighton

With over a decade of professional console games programming from Crazy Taxi to Chime. Richard joins Unity as a troubleshooter and advisor, specialised in console and iOS development. In his spare time he loves spending time with his family, learning and all things Japanese.

Rickard Andersson

Client Side Web Developer, Copenhagen

Rickard was born in southern Sweden and is now living in Copenhagen with his girlfriend and son. Rickard has a bachelor degree in multimedia design and has a lot of experience designing and developing websites. He joined Unity 2011 after some years in the consulting business. Rickard loves sports, and golf in particular.

Robert Cupisz

Graphics Programmer, Copenhagen

Robert's passion for computer graphics and games has driven his entire education. You can most likely find him juggling triangles, lights and rays, while he's striving to make Unity graphics even yummier for all those eye-candy lovers out there. Hoping no one doubts he's the older of The Cupisz Brothers.

Robert Lanciault

Software Developer, Québec

Robert Lanciault studied software engineering at Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal. In 1994, while completing is bachelor’s degree, Robert met Kaydara’s founders and started to work on the animation technology that would become a core part of Motion Builder. Kaydara’s acquisition by Alias in 2004 and then by Autodesk in 2006, made Robert moved toward game industry developing HumanIK middleware. In 2009, Robert decided that it was time to realize the growing ideas he had in mind and founded Mecanim. Unity acquired Mecanim two years later. At Unity, Robert pursues is quest in democratizing 3D Character Animation for Gaming Industry.

Robert Oates

Field Engineer, San Francisco

Robert has worked as an engineer, an engineering lead, and a technical director on over a dozen shipped titles across computer, console, web, and mobile. In his role as a field engineer, Robert provides world-class engineering support to Unity's clients and partners in the "serious games" market.

Rod Lopez

Software Developer, Stockholm

Rod is passionate (being a Spaniard, go figure) about elegant design and the possibilities of technology. He has been leading and hands-on in teams that do hard technology but with constant focus on high level vision. His mantra is that there is good talent around to solve problems, but it is key to figure out which problems to solve. During the last fifteen years or so he has been involved in quite a few large video-game productions, including Severance/Blade of Darkness, Battlefield Vietnam, Battlefield 2, FarCry 2, Shaun White Snowboarding and the new Prince Of Persia. In 2009 he took a detour from gaming and joined Immersion Medical as lead of graphic tech for R&D, to use video-game graphic technology to push the bleeding edge of surgical simulation. He joined Unity in 2013, claiming that "It is way too great to be anywhere else!

Roman Glushchenko

Software Test Engineer, Odessa

Roman joined Unity in 2013. He has more then 6 year of experience in different QA roles. He likes quality in everything around him. In his free time he like to play football and skiing. Roman's motto is : "In case you want - you can do everything"

Rune Skovbo Johansen

Creative Programmer, Copenhagen

Rune is passionate about creating solutions that make advanced and cool technology simple to use. He joined Unity in 2009 with a creative and cross-disciplinary approach to software development grounded in a Master's degree in Multimedia & Game Programming. Rune's spare time is spent on indie games and board games, raising awareness of environmental issues, and tinkering with procedural generation.

Ruslan Grigoryev

Software Test Engineer, Vilnius

Ruslan was born at the crossroad of the three borders - Russia, Byelorussia and Latvia. He spent his happy childhood and youth in the USSR. Then he graduated with MS in computer science in Saint-Petersburg Transport University. As a normal way of tester samurai he has started and continued in several game dev. companies, such as ToolsMedia, LG Electronics, Creat Studios, Reaxion, etc. Also he participated in testing of web-application, high-loaded adv. clusters and even in startup of proactive software security system. All this time Ruslan was never indifferent to the mobile platforms. He has joined Unity to use all his expirience and all passion to help make Unity world-leading and cutting edge mobile tech. Along with that Ruslan loves to dig into anthropology, enjoys traveling and playing on bass guitar.

Rustum Scammell

Product Evangelist, Malaysia

Rustum Scammell has been making games for more than 10 years. He owns Craft Colony, a game production & consulting company. Rus is a games technology generalist and takes a holistic approach to game development. He has been developing in Unity since 2009. Previously, he was Technical Art Director at Big Bad Robots and Senior 3D Artist at GameBrains. He lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and is a Product Evangelist at Unity.

Ryan Hintze

Senior Key Account Manager, Seattle

Ryan has over ten years of business development and account management experience, and has spent the last 5 years working in game production, distribution, and managing relationships with hundreds of developers, publishers, and distributors. In 2012 Ryan moved from New York City to Seattle to work more closely with the game development community. Working in the games industry has been the realisation of his childhood dream and when not at work he's usually playing games or working to help small developers get their projects realised. Other passions include travel, history, sports, nature, and being a news junkie.

Ryane Burke

Account Manager, San Francisco

Ryane joined Unity in 2012 as the administrative extraordinaire for the Business Development and Sales Team. She holds a BS in Accounting and previously worked in financial services. Originally from San Diego, she made the move to San Francisco and loves living and working in the city. In her leisure time she enjoys adventures, cooking, running, watching movies and sharing some laughs with friends.

Sakari Pitkänen

Software Developer in Test, Finland

Prior to joining Unity Sakari has worked on developing mobile graphics hardware and worked with scientists doing particle physics. He's driven to squeeze the last bit of performance out of any hardware. Sakari has been a gamer since C64 times. Some of his time is now also spent on reading and travelling.

Sanjay Mistry

Regional Sales Director, San Francisco

After spending most of his life in the unpredictable climate of the UK, Sanjay and his family relocated to Santa Monica in 2013. Sanjay has held several global leadership positions at the following companies, Silicon Graphics, Alias Wavefront, Softimage, Autodesk, Electronic Arts and Shotgun Software. Sanjay is one the founding members of the BAFTA Video Games Committee and a BAFTA elected member for over 7 years and has presented at many industry events. Sanjay has won a number of industry awards for technology and games he has been involved with. Outside of work Sanjay spends all is free time with his family mostly on the beach building sand castles, learning to surf, cycling, running and practicing Yoga.

Sara K. Wallman

Regional Sales Manager, San Francisco

Sara joined the Unity team early in 2013 as an Account Executive in Inside Sales. After majoring in Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin she moved to the bay area in 2005. She comes to Unity with 10+ years of sales experience and as an avid gamer all her life is excited to bring her knowledge into the gaming industry. When not at the park with her two miniature Dachshunds, she is usually engrossed in a book (or two) and seeing what kind of trouble she can get into.

Scott Flynn

Lead Developer, Boston

Scott started programming when he was 14 and has been hooked ever since. As a co-founder of Darkwind Media in 2007, Scott co-developed a game engine called Luster 3D while consulting for the development of several other game engines and various mobile game titles. After three years of working with Unity as a consultant Scott joined the team fulltime in 2013. When not working, Scott spends his time with his family relaxing, playing strategy games or random programming projects.

Sergio Gomez

Developer Relations Engineer, Colombia

Sergio, has been working in advergaming and simulation industries since 2008. He knows Unity since its 2.5 Version. Since then, He has used Unity in every project in his job and has learned to make the most of the tool. He joined Unity as a Developer Relations Engineer and now he is helping developers build the most wonderful games using Unity. In his spare time he enjoys playing table tennis and spending time with his family.

Shanti Zachariah

Copywriter, Copenhagen

Shanti is from Canada but has lived in Denmark since 2000. She has a BA in Journalism from Ryerson University in Toronto. Since moving to Denmark she has worked as a marketing and communications writer in software and medical engineering companies, with a few years off to have her babies. At Unity, she currently writes copy for the Web, customer email campaigns, and newsletters. In her spare time, she enjoys sleeping and eating.

Silvia Rasheva

Producer, Copenhagen

Silvia brings to the Stockholm-based Demo team her 7 years of experience producing 3D animation and vfx for tv commercials. Her responsibility is the production of our demos, through which we explore, demonstrate and enhance Unity's potential for creating great visual content. She is interested in storytelling in all its forms - verbal, visual or interactive, traditional or modern. In her playlist you'll find folklore from all over Europe, medieval ballads, and the occasional death metal masterpiece.

Silviu Ionescu

QA Student Worker, Copenhagen

Silviu was born in Bucharest Romania and always been passionate about video games. After spending 2 years working in the QA department at Electronic Arts Romania, he moved to Copenhagen to study Multimedia Design. He's been with Unity for more than 1 year now and he thinks Unity is a great engine that allows people to do wonderful things with it and he's happy to show his support in the QA department. His passions include gaming, gadgets, music, playing guitar and swimming.

Sonny Myette

Software Developer, Québec

Sonny Myette studied computer science at Universite de Skerbrooke. In 2001, Sonny was hired by Kaydara and started to work on the character animation technology in Motion Builder. Kaydara’s acquisition by Alias in 2004 and then by Autodesk in 2006, made Sonny moved toward game industry developing HumanIK middleware. In 2009, Sonny decided that it was time to realize the growing ideas he had in mind and founded Mecanim with Robert Lanciault and Pierre-paul Giroux. Unity acquired Mecanim two years later. At Unity, Sonny pursues is quest in democratizing 3D Character Animation for Gaming Industry.

Steen Lund

Software Developer, Copenhagen

Steen has been fond of games ever since his got his first C64 and started programming demos when he got his first Amiga 500. During he studies at DTU he worked at a small company writing games for TV and children. After DTU he joined Deadline Games where he worked on the Watchmen games. Before joining Unity he worked on the XBox360 port of LIMBO.

Steffen Toksvig

VP of Strategic Technology, Copenhagen

Steffen has extensive experience in games and application development as well as in management on different levels. He has worked 6 years for the AAA developer IO Interactive as a Tools Developer, Lead Programmer, CTO and member of the board of directors. During this period, he worked on the Hitman series, Kane & Lynch and Freedom Fighters.

Stephanie Chen

Business Development Manager, Shanghai

Stephanie joined Unity from Ubisoft China where she was responsible for the development of its B2B sales and marketing strategies. Prior to Ubisoft, Stephanie was a Field Team Manager with The9 Limited where she was responsible for managing a team of 200 people covering over 100 cities across China in the promotion and sale of the company’s online games including World of Warcraft and Guild Wars. Stephanie has a 3 years old son and she enjoys traveling with her family.

Susan Andersen

Sales administrator, San Francisco

Susan joined Unity in July 2012 as Executive Administrator for the Asia team. She previously worked for a VAR, selling primarily to the Federal Government. Originally from Sierra Madre, CA, she now calls beautiful Eagle, ID home. In her free time, Susan enjoys spending time with her family, boating, running and heading to San Francisco for every 9er game she can!

Tatsuhiko Yamamura

Field Engineer, Tokyo

Tatsuhiko is a Field Engineer. He grew up in Kanagawa, and moved to Tokyo in April of 2008.He has a background in Business Development in the IT & Engineering Fields. he made some app of iPhone/Android with unity a year ago. he write blog about unity daily. his blog help many developer of unity in japan. He love "Game Jam", he join in many Jams. In off time, he maybe see a movie of Anime or play video game.

Tautvydas Žilys

Windows Phone 8 Developer, , Kaunas

Tautvydas became fascinated by computers when he was 5 years old and this fascination never went away: from hardware to games and programming – it’s his lifetime passion. He had always dreamed of working in game industry, and with Unity, his dream came true. On his leisure time, Tautvydas enjoys reading and playing story-driven games.

Tec Liu

Field Engineer, Shanghai

Tec has rich experiences in computer graphics and online game industry in China. After receiving his Ph.D. degree in computer graphics in 2004, he has worked for several firms in relative fields: he was once involved in the full design cycle of a DirectX10.0-compatible GPU as a 3D graphics architect in S3 Graphics; he was also involved in the design and implementation of a unified 3D graphics engine for most Autodesk flagship products(3DS Max, Maya, Inventor, Revit, etc) as a software development manager; his recent working experience includes design of game engines and technical supervision on MMO and mobile game projects for Shanda Games.

Thomas Klindt

Online Marketing Director, Copenhagen

Thomas has managed and driven large commercial websites for more than a decade, with key focus on usability and customer experience. Before joining Unity in 2012, he spent 5 years in the online gambling industry.Thomas holds a Master of Science in Business Administration and Computer Science. He lives north of Copenhagen with his family, where he wrestles for the iPad with his son and daughter. Thomas enjoys cycling and is obsessed with coffee roasting and bread baking.

Thomas Kristiansen

Senior Software Developer, Copenhagen

Thomas is an experienced developer on Unix based servers. In the past he has been the technical lead and architect of both high profile marketing websites and heavy in-house development applications. As a developer the primary expertise is Perl programming and databases, and prefers - if possible - to work with open source software. Being a life long avid gamer, what better place to be and still be able to do what he does best.

Thomas Petersen

QA Manager, Copenhagen

Thomas used 13 years being a developer, tester and manager on development teams making enterprise software products. Starting as a developer and architect,he finally realized that testing is where the best and most creative people are having most fun and impact, and has since spent his time building QA teams and tools for many products. His spare time is filled with 3 sons, FPS and RPG games and trying to understand the world economy.

Tim Cooper

Software Developer, Copenhagen

Tim grew up in Australia and is now living and working in Copenhagen. He started playing games at a young age and one day he decided to figure out how they were made so he started programming. He has worked in the world of game development for a few years on titles such as Bioshock, Bioshock2, and XCOM. In his spare time Tim enjoys playing interesting and innovative games, weightlifting, and listening to punk music.

Todd Hooper

VP Online Services, Seattle

Todd leads Unity’s new Online Services team, and is a twenty year veteran of high tech startups, including Apple Computer and WatchGuard Technologies. Since relocating to the US in 1998 he has founded three companies in gaming, media and enterprise, as well as serving as an advisor to multiple startups. Todd was first bitten by the entrepreneur bug in high school when he developed video games for the Commodore VIC-20.

Tomas Dirvanauskas

Wii Programmer, Vilnius

Tomas started programming at the age of 7 when he got his first computer – a good old Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Later he realized this is what he wanted to do in life and he got his first job in game development after graduating from school. He's currently exploring the magic of Unity Wii.

Tomas Jakubauskas

Xbox Wizard, Vilnius

Tomas joins Unity from Codemasters where he has worked on Operation Flashpoint. He is a jack-of-all-trades programmer and now has a new purpose: port Unity to Xbox360 and make it better. When Tomas is not busy making games (or tech), he is probably playing them.

Tomek Paszek

SDET/Toolsmith, Copenhagen

Tomek grew up in Szczecin in western Poland. He made his way through Poznań where he graduated in Computer Science, straight to Copenhagen. After spending some time working on business solutions software he took a wise choice to join the best company in the world to create the smartest software. In Unity he's responsible for hacking testing tools and automation frameworks. Tomek enjoys rooftops, biking, yerba mate, video games and his work.

Tony Garcia

Chief Revenue Officer, Seattle

Tony Garcia is a seasoned 26 year industry veteran having held senior positions for such companies as Electronic Arts, LucasFilm Games, and Microsoft. In 1991, Tony founded the games division at Microsoft and grew it over a period of six years to establish the company as a major player in the videogame space. In 1998 Tony was the General Manager for Electronic Arts Seattle where he oversaw the development of such leading franchises as Need for Speed, FIFA Soccer, and Motor City Online. Tony has also been responsible for a string of successful startups and won a diverse set of industry awards for many of the products that he has been involved with.

Torben Jeppesen

Database Specialist, Copenhagen

Torben wrote his first computer program in 1973 - a checkers player able to think ahead 3 draws. Later, he got involved wirh Commodore 64 and wrote a pascal compiler. Since 1987 he has worked with Oracle databases, and sometimes the size, sometimes the complex functionality has been the challenge. At Unity Technologies, the functionality is the challenge. Torben is responsible for tying the store, marketing, and financial systems databases together, providing the right information at the right time.

Valdemar Bučilko

Wii Hero, Vilnius

Valdemar works on Unity's Nintendo Wii runtime. His background is in game development, and the European demoscene.

Valentin Simonov

Field Engineer, Copenhagen

Valentin Simonov has got 15 years of web and game development behind him. He made his first steps with Flash 2 and gradually moved to Unity over the years. Before joining Unity Technologies Valentin spent 4 years applying the technology to interactive installations and digital art where he developed necessary skills and pragmatic approach to fixing critical issues. He spoke at numerous events (including 4 Unite conferences), translated a book about Unity to Russian, teaches students and supports open source projects. Since joining the Unity team, the search of solutions for complicated technical issues and sharing information about multiple advantages of the engine have become his main duties.

Vesselin Efremov

Software Developer, Stockholm

Bringing ten years of art direction experience, Vess joins to drive an exciting new project in the Stockholm demo team. He started his CG journey with the Apple II drawing and animation programs (some of which he clumsily wrote himself in BASIC), and after several years in web and graphic design he joined the game industry in 2001 to work on a 2D strategy game. Very passionate about games, films and cooking. Don't get him started on Star Control II, StarCraft, 80s-90s adventure games, Microprose strategies, Shadow of the Colossus and Portal. Might still be able to play some basketball.

Vibe Herlitschek

HR Director , Seattle

Vibe brings extensive experience from large, international companies transforming the strategy into relevant and motivating HR activities as well as providing advice within all aspects of HR. In supplement to the business experience Vibe holds a HR diploma and she is a certified executive coach. Her passion is people and development on organizational, manager and employee level. When not working she gets energy from spending time with her family, outdoor activities, a good laugh with friends & reading a large number of books

Vicky Zhang

Executive Assistant, Shanghai

Vicky joins Unity as Executive Assistant based in Shanghai, China. She has worked in online game industry for more than 5 years. Before joining Unity, she was Executive Assistant in Electronic Arts. Vicky holds a master degree of public administration. She enjoys reading, traveling, spend time with family and friends in her spare time.

Vilmantas Balasevičius

Development Manager, Vilnius

Vilmantas is based in Lithuania and started his programming adventure with the Sinclair ZX Spectrum in early teenage years. Later on, he worked as a C++ programmer on Windows/Solaris/Linux platforms with real time industrial robotics/web application server/game development projects. For the last six years, Vilmantas has worked as a development manager. His passion is making complex things simple in software development. On his free time Vilmantas enjoys spending his time with a family, traveling and solving mathematical problems early in the morning.

Vincent Zhang

Software developer, Shanghai

Vincent joined Unity in Nov of 2012. Before joining Unity, Vincent worked in ARM where he was working on the first generation D3D driver for ARM's GPU, mostly focusing on tools and application performance tuning. Before that he worked in Autodesk for developing the graphics engine. He also spent one year in WLC(Windows Live China) for web application development after he got his master degree of computer science. He likes playing soccer, snooker etc in his spare time. And now his favorite thing is playing with his son after work every day.

Vitaly Veligursky

Student Worker, Odessa

Vitaly was born and raised in small town in Ukraine but in 2005 moved to Odessa for studding. After getting Master's Degree in Computer Science and Internet Programming in the Odessa State Environmental University, Vitaly joined to small IT company and growed there from manual QA to Lead QA and then Automation QA and Junior iOs developer at the same time. Then he moved to small game studio where was making games for iOs and Android. Since that time he love game developing and technology in the game industry. These days Vitaly is working at Unity QA group handling customer's bug reports and making sure no bugs allowed. He is always eager to try and learn something new and has a passion for programming and games.

Vlatko Duvnjak

Platform Engineer, San Francisco

Originally from Croatia, living and working in Germany, Austria and now beautiful Bay Area, Vlatko worked for startups and large corporations in the last 12 years. He joined gaming industry in 2011, and worked as a backend game developer for RockYou and Kabam. Aside of his passion for games, Vlatko enjoys web development, working mostly in Ruby on Rails. As a part of ex Playnomics team, he is helping to build platform for segmentation and prediction of users behavior inside Unity. Aside of work, he plays soccer, basketball and spends time with his little daughter.

Wayne Johnson

Audio Programmer, Copenhagen

Wayne has been passionate about game development since his early teen years where he began writing assembly games and other hacks for his Texas Instruments calculator. Growing up in Australia, Wayne has worked on everything from machine simulation software to audio middleware development and now works in the Copenhagen office in the audio team.He brings years of experience developing the FMOD audio engine and works to make Unity sound as good as it looks.For fun he enjoys exploring underground caves and underwater environments, generally at the same time.

Wendy Tan

Human Resources Director Asia, Singapore

Wendy has 15 years of HR experience working in large, international companies mainly in the pharmaceutical, energy and logistics industries. Before Unity, Wendy was the APAC HR Manager for the Power & Water sector in a US multinational company, GE. Wendy has a degree from the National University of Singapore and holds a HR Graduate Diploma. She is passionate about people development, training and has a strong interest in profiling. During her spare time, (other than being with her husband and her little girl), Wendy enjoys having friends over at her home for meals, desserts and drinks. Wendy is a movie buff and loves travelling!

Weronika Weglinska

Developer, Berlin

Weronika has always been passionate about programming and mathematics. After few years working as a developer in Nokia, she decided to pursue her dream to be part of game industry, joining Asset Store team. She couldn't choose the better place to be. In her free time she is reading a lot, playing games, traveling and photographing everything that surrounds her.

Wil Yang

Korea, Country Manager, Seoul

Wil's professional background is focused on internet industry research, finance and sales. Prior to joining Unity, he was a financial consultant for PwC and specialized in M&A, financing, business development, sales, termination and setting up new entities in the Asia region. Wil is familiar with most legal and financial procedures and has a keen interest in consumer internet trends and gaming. Wil lives in Seoul, Korea with his wife and three children.

Will Goldstone

Content Manager, Brighton

Will is a specialist in teach interactive disciplines and has been toying with Unity since version 1, and has written two books on the topic. Will loves all things pixellated and polygonal and creates the video and educational content you see on our site. In his spare time he is attached to a guitar or frisbee.

Xiao Ling Yao

Software Developer, Shanghai

Xiao Ling started his programmer life since his 15. After graduated from the university, he joined Ubisoft Shanghai as an engine programmer and stayed there for 5 years before he joined Unity in 2012. During this time, he had gained programming experience with projects on nearly all the gaming platforms including desktops, home consoles and mobiles. After work, he "practices" a little bit more on making games with his friends. And he enjoys animes, (fictional) movies and games.

Xin Zhang

Developer Relations Engineer, Shanghai

Xin has strong academic background in computer graphics and received his Ph.D degree in 2011. His research field was perception-based rendering and digital geometry. Prior to joining Unity, he was a senior engineer in Shanda Games and participated in several 3D mobile games using Unity3D. In his spare time, Xin loves sports, especially swimming.

Yan Drugalya

Software Development Engineer in Test, Odessa

Yan joined Unity after 10 years of commercial software development. He has a master degree in Computer Science from Odessa Polytechnic University. He has been working as software engineer in HP, before he joined Unity. In his spare time he enjoys reading science fiction and Thai Boxing.

Yasuyuki Kamata

Evangelist, Tokyo

Before Yasuyuki joined Unity, he enjoyed developing social browser games. Meanwhile, he took an active role in the game development community, especially around Unity. He joined Unity in 2013 as a Web Developer. However, he stayed heavily involved in several mobile game development events, like game jams and seminars. Now, he mainly supports mobile game developers, and evangelizes Unity Ads to developers all across Japan.

Yelena Rubinshteyn

Senior Corporate Counsel, San Francisco

Yelena brings over 8 years of experience as a corporate and licensing attorney for both startups and large public companies in the technology industry. Yelena was born in Minsk, Belarus, and is a San Francisco transplant. She received her bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley and her law degree from University of California, Hastings College of the Law. In her spare time, Yelena loves traveling, art, and designing/developing iPhone apps with her husband.

Youngho Lee

Evangelist, Seoul

Youngho has been a game and non-game developer for a while before joining Unity. He is highly interested in education and non-game markets and is passionate about consulting both education and non-game developers. He's been a vocal in a band he created with fellow developers and is very talented.

Zbignev Monkevic

Junior Test Engineer, Vilnius

Zbignev had a great passion for games since childhood and it was his longlife dream to be a part of the game industry. Right now he is studying for his bachelor's degree in Software Engineering. In his spare time he enjoys reading fantasy, gaming and playing basketball.

Zhenping Guo

Technical Account Manager, San Francisco

He joined Unity at beginning of 2011 to provide support to Unity customers in Asia, especially in great China area. Before joining Unity, he was a Senior Software Engineer and Technical Account Manager to help Emergent's customers in Asia. Since finished master of applied science degree, he has been working on 3D software and game engine for 20 years. Prior to joining Emergent Game Technologies he worked on 3D animation tool at SoftImage, Maya at Alias/Wavefront, EI Universe at Electric Image. At RockStar, he joined teams to develop game Spy Hunter 2, Midnight Club 2, Red Dead Revolver, and at Collective, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure, The Da Vinci Code, Dirty Harry.

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