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Want simple yet powerful tools that significantly boost retention, engagement and monetization? You want the Unity Analytics open beta. Use it to segment and understand your audience and get actionable insights into your players’ behavior.

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Right now you can integrate our SDK quickly and easily. Plus, early in the 5.x cycle, Unity Analytics will be fully integrated with the Unity engine, meaning there’ll be no SDK to worry about.


Unity Analytics quickly reveals everything you need to know about your game and your players in an easily-understandable format.


More than just charts and graphs, our tools drill down into user segments so you can improve your players’ gaming experience.

Features available during the open beta include:

Data Explorer

Take a deep dive and examine how specific audiences are performing. For example, compare how your iOS users stack up against your Android users, see which groups of users have the highest Day-1 retention and more.

Funnel Analyzer

Funnel Analyzer UPDATED with granular drill downs and an easy-to-read layout. Follow players’ progress through your game, and find out where they’re dropping off.

Metric Monitor

Get up to speed with what’s going on in your game with ease. Metric Monitor gives you the high level view of how many players you have, how long they are playing for, who’s staying and who’s spending. Track all the KPIs you care about in an accessible format.

Custom Data Collection

Your game is unique! Gain even greater insight into your players by capturing monetization statistics, user demographics and custom event information. Find out if your in-app purchase revenue is legitimate or fraudulent through receipt verification, and break down your players by specific segments such as age, gender and location.

Segment Builder

Not all players are the same! Create your own custom dynamic segments based on user attributes and game behavior patterns. We provide over 20 predefined segments for you to use. Plus, you can build custom segments too! Want to know how many whales in Korea are on Android? Done!

Custom Event Metrics

Go beyond funnel analysis and target unique custom events. Track them over time and define and monitor associated event properties. Slice and dice your custom event data further by user segments. Want to know about your 1-3 day players that beat the Level 5 boss? How much gold did they have at the time? No problem!


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Unity Analytics (formerly Playnomics) is a new member of the Unity family, but our industry-leading technology has been under development for five years. Game developers across the world rely on Unity Analytics tools to provide the very richest data insights in an easy-to-digest, actionable format.

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