Unity Analytics: The official Unity solution

Now seamlessly integrated in the engine

Unlocking the power of your game-player data is now effortless, and it takes just a few minutes to get started. Simply turn Analytics on in the new Services Window – integration without an SDK!

More than just charts, graphs, and metrics, Unity Analytics is the story of your players. It's all the information you need about who's staying, who's stuck and who's spending money. Use those insights to make data-driven decisions, and players will love your game even more!

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Enable your success with core analytics

Gain quick insights about your game.

Metric Monitor is a high-level overview of your game’s health in an easy-to-read format.

Improve your Analytics skills.

Unity Analytics Learn resources will help you grasp the fundamentals of Analytics and the dashboard.

Coming soon

We’re creating more powerful tools to drive deeper data insights during game development and post launch. Optimize your game for success from Day 1 with Unity Analytics.

Unity iap

A crucial aspect to enable your success is monetization and In-app purchasing is a huge part of it. The reality is that integrating IAP is a separate learning curve for each platform - a huge time sink. We did the heavy lifting so you can focus on building your game.

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Raw Data Export

Want granular access to your data? Slice and dice it the way you want to answer any question you have.


You just launched a game. Now you can access basic game metrics to quickly determine the success of your game in realtime.


Want to know where your players are dying? How about which roads are most travelled in your game? Heatmaps powered by Unity Analytics gives you the visualizations to show you the hot spots in your game.

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Comparative intelligence about your game

When you are developing your game you may ask yourself: “In which countries is my genre popular? Unity’s broad network gives you accurate information based on a huge data set to make smart development decisions.

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Platforms supported

Windows Phone 8.1
Windows Store 8.1 (Desktop)
Linux/Steam OS
Web Player (SDK)
WebGL (Preview)


How do I get started?

What platforms are supported?

Need help? Check the Analytics Forum and Analytics Learn

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