Power up your development at Unite

Unite is your opportunity to learn how to get the most out of the Unity engine, to meet up with Unity engineers and fellow professionals and to get the full lowdown on our development roadmap.

Let’s meet up!

Wherever you live there’s a Unite for you. This year, our premier Unite conference will be held in Boston, and we’ll also be holding Unite conferences in Melbourne, Bangkok, Amsterdam, Seoul, Taipei, Tokyo and Beijing.

Unite Boston

Unite 2015 in Boston

Boston, September 21-23, 2015

Unite Tokyo

Unite Tokyo

Tokyo, April 13-14, 2015

Unite Bangkok

Unite Bangkok

Bangkok, April 22-23, 2015

Unite Europe

Unite Europe

Amsterdam, June 24-25, 2015

- More to come -

What happens at Unite?

Check out these videos of Unite 2014 conference sessions.

Unity in the wild

SpeedTree for Unity 5

WebGL deployment in Unity 5

Getting the most out of the Oculus Rift

Empowering the community with more knowledge

At Unite, you’ll learn from our engineers on how to mine Unity tools for more power and flexibility in your work. Get a sneak peek at upcoming product features and new services. See what your fellow developers and artists from around the world are creating with Unity. Pick up technical, artistic and business techniques for your continued success.

Join your fellow superstars, artists, storytellers, technologists and dreamers

Unite attendees are using Unity to create games, ads, training apps, research and simulation projects, architectural visualizations, interactive art, virtual and augmented reality projects. You’ll get to talk to, learn from and partner up with people who take a thrill in wielding the latest technology, are driven to creative integrity and success and want to share what they’ve learned along the way.