Industry-leading 2D and 3D power

Anyone making 2D or 3D games, simulations or visualizations can take advantage of Unity’s unrivalled toolset, efficient workflows and rapid iteration capabilities. With the uniquely versatile Unity engine, you can build anything from a 3D console title to a 2D mobile app.

For ease of use, Unity’s 2D and 3D workflows utilize the same conventions. Plus you get all the specialist 2D and 3D functions you need to make your life happy and your content shine.

Easy importing

Unity can import models and animations from almost any 3D application. Hit Save in Maya, 3ds Max, Modo, Cinema 4D, Blender or any of the many, many other content creation tools our software supports, and Unity instantly re-imports the updated asset and applies changes across the entire project.

What’s more, importing sprites is as simple as dragging and dropping them into the relevant folder. Unity can slice your spritesheet automatically, and manual slicing is really easy. Just click and drag your mouse over the desired area.

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Assured scene construction

In Unity, game levels are known as scenes. Creating and populating 2D and 3D scenes is incredibly straightforward.

Arrange your sprites in the scene as game objects and sort them using simple drag and drop Sorting Layers to create rich, detailed 2D game levels. With tools to snap your game objects together, it's easy to create environments quickly and with precision, meaning you can iterate on your ideas as they come to you.

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Powerful optimization

Take advantage of Unity´s detailed optimization tools to get the best performance and visuals from your game. With a dedicated Profiler window you can analyze memory usage, draw calls, CPU & GPU performance and much more to ensure the best results.

For 2D games you'll get automated atlassing of sprites to ensure your games are efficient and reduce the download size.

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Two industry-standard physics engines - one workflow

Unity comes with both NVIDIA® PhysX® and Box2D fully integrated. You’d never know there were two engines under the hood though; the system of rigidbodies, joints and colliders applies whether you’re developing 2D or 3D content.

By adding rigidbodies and colliders, you can create objects that react to physics in a realistic way. Add scripts and they become active elements that can drive game play. Use Public script properties in the inspector and tweak their parameters as you play test your game.

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Lifelike animation

Unity’s animation system is fully integrated with our engine. A Hierarchical state machine with blend trees and automated retargeting means you can create a wide variety of realistic motion from just a few clips.

Use Unity’s sophisticated animation system to drive Blend Shapes for facial animations, call any script function you choose from within the animation playback and much, much more. Exercise full control over 2D animations with the animation window’s dopesheet and curve views. Unity can even generate animations automatically from multiple sprites.

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Mix 2D and 3D with ease

All scenes in Unity are 3D, with 2D games rendered using flat planes. This means it’s incredibly easy to combine 3D and 2D elements. Simply switch your Scene view between 2D and 3D and make use of Perspective and Orthographic cameras.

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The highest quality

Currently Unity brings realtime shadows and baked lighting to your 3D games. Additionally, Unity has announced upcoming native support for physically-based shaders, and a number of truly exceptional shader packages are available now from the Unity Asset Store.

Plus, Unity’s curve and gradient-driven modular Particle System is fully compatible with 2D and 3D content, and there are myriad post-processing effects to choose from.

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Use free

The feature-rich free version of our software is yours to keep if your organisation’s annual turnover is less than USD100,000. Use it to develop your content and publish a commercial product without it ever costing you a dime.



Anyone can take Unity Pro for a test drive. Just download the free one month trial of Unity Pro to experience the full awesome power of Unity including the Memory Profiler, full screen post-processing effects, Occlusion Culling and more.



If you decide to acquire a Unity Pro license, you’ll be pleased to discover that our product is improbably competitively priced and that we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to own. Purchase a perpetual license or subscribe.