Play well with others

Unity is designed to fully accommodate the collaboration needs of large teams and developers who work remotely. We make the Unity Cache Server available to drastically reduce the time it takes large teams to import assets. Plus, there are three ways to extend the Unity editor to deliver smooth in-editor version control.

Perforce or Plastic SCM

Purchase Unity’s Team License Add-On to access support and integration code for third party version control systems Perforce and Plastic SCM for a high-quality workflow experience.

If you’re a Team License holder you can download a free 30-day Plastic SCM trial from the Asset Store.

Perforce and more

A number of free and inexpensive version control extensions are available from the Asset Store. Many of them work with the free version of Unity, and they include extensions that allow Unity users to benefit from simple Perforce integration without purchasing Team License.

Unity Asset Server

The Unity Asset Server is Unity’s internally-developed asset and version control system. It’s available free of charge to all Team License holders.

Unity Cache Server

With the Unity Cache Server switching between different platforms takes minutes. The Unity Cache Server is available as part of the Unity Team License.

Not sure which solution is right for you?

If you’re working as part of a large team, you should be using Unity’s Team License. It’ll completely change the way you share assets and boost your productivity hugely. Contact your local Account Manager to hear more about which product is right for you.

Asset Store

Remember the Asset Store has thousands of ready-made assets in stock.

    More Asset Store

    Online Store

    The Online Store stocks Unity Pro and Pro add-ons. You can also purchase Team License for organizing your development team, or Premium Support, for prompt replies to questions that arise while developing with Unity.

    Go to the Store

    Unity Resources

    There's more to learn! Unity’s learning resources make the road to your game shorter, faster and a lot more fun.

    Installing on Windows

    The exe file contains an automated installer. Simply download the installer exe file and execute it to launch the installer. You have to have administrator privileges on the machine to install it.

    After installing, you should be able to fire up Unity and use it to create projects and users on the newly installed Asset Server.

    Unity Asset Server Version History

    Asset Server 2.0.1 RC 2
    • Fixed a build error causing required Unity extensions to be missing on Mac installs.
    • Fixed a Windows installer problem with database initialization.
    Asset Server 2.0.1 RC 1
    Asset Server 2.0 RC 4
    Asset Server 2.0 RC 3
    Asset Server 2.0 RC 2
    Asset Server 2.0 RC 1
    Asset Server 2.0 alpha 1
    Asset Server 1.0.1 (OS X only)
    Asset Server 1.0
    Asset Server 1.0 RC 1
    Asset Server 1.0 beta 4
    Asset Server 1.0 beta 3
    Asset Server 1.0 beta 2
    Asset Server 1.0 beta 1
    Asset Server 1.0 alpha 8
    Asset Server 1.0 alpha 7
    Asset Server 1.0 alpha 6
    Asset Server 1.0 alpha 5
    Asset Server 1.0 alpha 4
    Asset Server 1.0 alpha 3
    Asset Server 1.0 alpha 2
    Asset Server 1.0 alpha 1