FAQ: Licensing & activation


Are there any annual or maintenance fees?

Are there royalties or a per-title fee?

Can I sell my commercial game using Unity free?

Can I sell or transfer ownership of my license to another person?

Can I use a Free license and a pro license on the same project?

Can our company use Basic add-ons with Unity Pro?

Can we use the code/art/assets in Unity Technologies' example projects?

Do I need iOS + Android Pro in order to build to iOS + Android devices?

Do you have a specially-priced license for students?

How can I become a Unity reseller?

How can I license or use Unity's source code?

I would like to develop for a console. What do I need?

What features are included in the different Unity Licenses?

What is the Unity caching product and how can we license it?

Will I receive a copy of Unity by mail?

Managing your licenses

Can I activate on two different versions of Unity on the same machine?

Can I upgrade my Unity Pro perpetual license with a subscription add-on?

How do I upgrade my license?

How many machines can I activate my Unity license on?

Migrating licenses

How can I migrate my license from one computer to another

How can I release the license from the machine I am using?

How do I revoke my license activation via my web store account?

I’m getting the error “Operating System identification seems to have changed”?