License Comparisons

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NavMeshes, path-finding, and crowd Simulation4
Multiplayer Networking with RakNet
LOD support
Audio (3D Positional and Classic Stereo)
Audio Filter
Video Playback and Streaming1,2
Fully Fledged Streaming with Asset Bundles
May be licensed and used by companies or incorporated entities that had a turnover in excess of US$100,000 in their last fiscal year.
Mecanim: IK Rigs
Mecanim: Sync Layers & Additional Curves
One-Click Deployment
Web Browser Integration
Custom Splash Screen
Build Size Stripping
Low-Level Rendering Access
Dynamic Fonts with markup
Shuriken Particle System
3D Texture Support
Realtime Directional Shadows
Realtime Spot/Point and soft shadows
HDR, tone mapping
Light Probes
Optimized Graphics
Shaders (Built-in and Custom)
Lightmapping with Global Illumination and area lights
Dynamic Batching
Static Batching
Terrains (Vast, Densely Foliaged Landscapes)
Render-to-Texture Effects
Full-Screen Post-Processing Effects
Occlusion Culling
Deferred Rendering
Full multi-screen support (AirPlay)
Stencil Buffer Access
GPU Skinning
Navmesh: Dynamic Obstacles and Priority
Webplayer debugging
.NET Based Scripting With C#, JavaScript, and Boo
Access to Web Data through WWW Functions
Open an URL in the User's Browser
.NET Socket Support
Native Code Plugins Support
Inspector GUI for custom classes
Integrated Editor
Instantaneous, Automatic Asset Importing
Integrated Animation Editor
Profiler and GPU profiling3
External Version Control Support
Script Access to Asset Pipeline
Dark Skin

1 Streaming from the net is not supported on iOS devices.
2 Video playback can only occur fullscreen on iOS and Android devices, playback as a texture on a surface is not supported.
3 GPU profiling not supported on Windows Store and Blackberry.
4 Off Mesh Links remains Pro.