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Unity for console games

Unity gives you all the power, control and tools you need to create gloriously immersive and visceral games for Wii U, PlayStation and Xbox 360.

Build and deploy unrivalled console entertainment with the ease, speed and fun of Unity

New deployment add-ons for Nintendo Wii U and Sony PlayStation will soon bring the Unity advantages of development speed, flexibility and creative freedom to console developers. Certified Nintendo or Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) developers will be able to create games with the powerfully intuitive Unity development environment and tools, and then smoothly port their games to their chosen console without the need to rewrite the code from scratch.

For PlayStation games, a Unity for PlayStation® deployment add-on will be available with optimized deployment for PlayStation®4 (PS4™), PlayStation®3 (PS3®), PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita) and PlayStation®Mobile (PSM).

For Wii U developers, Nintendo will be distributing a Wii U-only version of Unity with every Wii U development kit to its in-house and external developers.

By choosing Unity, console developers get access to Unity’s unique ecosystem of services, such as free online learning; the highly active Unity Community, where they can access a wealth of tips and tutorials, and the Unity Asset store, directly accessible from the Unity Editor, and stocked with thousands of free and reasonably priced assets ready to drop into your game.

Get certified to get started

Unity for consoles is only available for companies that have become approved developers by the respective platform holder. If you're approved and thinking of Unity for your next console game, please use our contact form to contact our sales team.

Asset Store

Remember the Asset Store has thousands of ready-made assets in stock.

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The Online Store stocks Unity Pro and all Basic and Pro add-ons. You can also purchase Team License for organizing your development team, or Premium Support, for prompt replies to questions that arise while developing with Unity.

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Unity Resources

There's more to learn! Unity’s learning resources make the road to your game shorter, faster and a lot more fun.