Unity’s one click console deployment just works. Plus, we’ve packaged all native plugins into our carefully designed console APIs, making it easy to handle native plugin changes.

Get going with Unity for consoles

Playstation Vita
Playstation Mobile
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The Unity engine can deploy your content to an incredible range of console platforms, and console deployment is often available free of charge.

However, you can only use Unity to deploy to consoles once you’ve been approved by the platform-holder in question, and, more often than not, you’ll need access to specialist hardware (devkits). Here’s a handy guide to get you started.

Xbox One

Microsoft’s ID@Xbox program for XBox One is completely free and gives you the same hardware and network access as any other developer.

Registered developers will also receive a free Unity for Xbox One license. Note that the Unity XBox One build is currently in closed beta.

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Xbox 360

Anyone wishing to deploy to Xbox 360 must sign up via an approved publisher such as Microsoft Studios.

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Unity Pro for PlayStation® 4, PlayStation® 3 and PlayStation® Vita

If you are registered as a Sony-accredited developer you can get a Unity Pro for PlayStation® license, to develop for PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3 PlayStation®Vita at no additional cost. If you are interested in developing games with Unity Pro for PlayStation platforms, get in touch with your PlayStation representative to discuss becoming an approved developer.

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PlayStation® Mobile

Port or deploy to PlayStation® Vita with our PSM build option. It’s available free of charge, there’s no devkit and no NDA, and the registration process is far simpler than for PS3, PS4 or PSVita. Just apply to Sony, and you can download and get going.


If you’re registered with Nintendo, you can use Unity to deploy to Wii-U free of charge.

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Contact the Unity sales team for more information, they’ll be happy to help.

Console titles made with Unity

These are just a few of the recent console titles created with the Unity engine. See more on our Made with Unity page.

Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon by Dodge Roll

Close Castles

Close Castles by Sirvo


Relativity by Willy Chyr


Kalimba by Press Play

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