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Create that classic desktop gaming experience with Unity for PC, Mac and Linux. Immerse your players in cinematic and entertaining games with flawless performance with the help of Unity’s optimization tools, and rendering and graphics power, including new DirectX 11 support for gorgeous PC games.

Unity 4 Linux standalone desktop publishing preview

The most requested feature from our Community arrives in Unity 4. Port your standalone 32 or 64-bit desktop game with the new free Linux publishing preview. With the success of the Humble Indie Bundle and Ubuntu Software Center, and the popularity of Linux for crowd-funded games, you don’t want to wait to bring your game to a market eager and willing to pay for high-quality interactive content.

The Linux desktop publishing preview is a work-in-progress. The Linux OS runs on a variety of hardware and utilizes different software. It will take more testing and feedback before Unity ships a final version. Many games will run without Linux-specific problems on most modern Linux systems. While in preview mode, we will only be offering official support for Ubuntu 10.04 or later, with a graphics card that has vendor-made drivers installed. We encourage you to report any problems you encounter to us so we can fix them for the final version.

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