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Unity provides stable, efficient web deployment via the Unity Web Player plugin. Launched in 2005, the Unity Web Player is a well-supported platform with a clear development roadmap. It gives both developers and platform-holders an attractive alternative when deploying and hosting interactive 3D and 2D web content.

Rapidly rising uptake

Uptake of the Unity Web Player is growing exponentially to the point where it has now been installed on over 225 million machines. Already extremely popular amongst core web gamers and on dedicated gaming sites like Kongregate, the Unity Web Player’s current explosion in use is seeing it expand at speed into casual gaming spaces.

Effective streaming

Web Player streaming is designed to ensure that users can start playing games as soon as possible. Rely on Unity's streamed deployment option to split your game up automatically, or manage content streaming yourself with a variety of versatile built-in streaming and caching tools.

These include Asset Bundles, a technology that allows you to stream bundles of models, textures, audio clips, or even entire game levels, before they’re needed.

Additionally, the Unity Web Player benefits from automatic updates. There’s no need to persuade users to download an updated copy or patch, just upload a new data file. Plus, it features a customizable loading screen and progress bar.

Check out these inspiring Web Player titles

Visit the Made with Unity section of our website to learn more about some of the amazing content published to the Unity Web Player.

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Partnering for growth

Because of our rapidly expanding reach and our success in providing exceptional tools, we’ve been able to build effective working relationships with a number of major content providers including Facebook and China’s Qihoo 360, makers of the 360 range of browsers.

A great way to get your games on Facebook

Our collaboration with Facebook has resulted in significant benefits that boost Web Player uptake and allow Unity developers to integrate Facebook content more closely into their games.

More Facebook installs

Facebook have also implemented a number of improvements to their Web Player install flow that boost Web Player uptake. These include implied Facebook endorsement as a reassurance to users and prompts to anyone who has abandoned the install process inviting them to retry.

Pre-installed in 360 Safe

The Unity Web Player comes pre-installed on one of the most popular web browsers in China: the 360 Safe Browser. Meaning that, when the hundreds of millions of Chinese 360 users encounter a Unity Web Player game it will run automatically.

API made easy

A free package developed by Facebook which wraps the Facebook API into a nice, easy-to-use C# SDK is available on the Unity Asset Store. Not only does it make development easier, it also means that dialogs now appear natively in Web Player games, allowing users to post high scores and invite friends without ever having to drop out of full-screen mode. Where features do not yet support these new dialogs, the SDK falls back gracefully to Javascript.

In keeping with the multiplatform ethos that drives Unity development, the SDK is a cross-platform tool that also works with iOS and Android.

Try web deployment with Unity free of charge

By deploying content to the Web using the Unity Web Player developers of course also benefit from the Unity engine’s renowned rapid iteration, consistent quality and user-friendly design. So, to really find out why the Unity Web Player is becoming more popular by the second you need to take the Unity engine for a test drive.

The full-feature Pro version of our engine, which includes web deployment, is exceedingly competitively priced at just 1,500 USD. But you don’t have to buy it. You can download and try the Pro version of the Unity engine for a whole month completely free of charge.

Not only that, if your company or organisation’s turnover does not exceed 100,000 USD / year you can use the fully functional free version of our engine to prototype games or release commercial content at no cost whatsoever. No royalties, no fees, yours to keep free forever,

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