Create a game with beautiful performance

Use Unity’s tools to deliver reliable performance, smooth framerate and superb player experience across target platforms. Create games that perform better at runtime, reduce graphics bottlenecks, and take control of asset loading.

Pinpoint and zap performance bottlenecks

The Profiler features deep in-built functionalities so you can assess memory allocation at the system level, for example in terms of ShaderLab and AssetDatabase use, and right down to the level of individual meshes, assets or textures. The Profiler is scriptable, so you can add custom Profiler sections to your scripts to dig deep into problem areas of code. You can also monitor a device’s performance during game play. Connect directly to a device over local networks by entering its IP address to access highly-detailed Profiler data.

Unity Profiler

Render only what can be seen

Unity’s exclusive precomputed Occlusion Culling solution, developed together with Umbra Software, ensures that only those objects that can be seen by the camera are being sent to render. Unity’s Occlusion Culling works on mobile, web and consoles with minimal runtime overhead. By using your Scene’s static geometry to auto-generate data in a format that can be effectively accessed at runtime, Unity can identify what is visible and what is not for each camera in your game. Create complex game worlds full of detail, and rest assured that your users spend time rendering only the details that they can actually see.

Occlusion Culling

Occlusion Culling

LOD Support

As your scenes get larger, performance becomes a bigger consideration. One of the ways to manage this is to have meshes with different levels of detail depending on how far the camera is from the object. Unity's built-in level-of-detail support, using LODGroups, makes managing this simple.

Build-time graphics optimizations

To improve performance Unity automatically combines your small geometry into batches at runtime. You can also batch larger static objects by creating geometry batches at build-time.

Build Size Stripping

Keep your applications size small for mobile devices by stripping out the parts of the engine that you aren’t using.

GLSL Optimizer

Unity extends its support of OpenGL ES, which allows for use of full shaders on mobile devices, with its own optimizer for GLSL shaders that yields a 2-3x fillrate increase.

Don’t make your players wait

Optimize loading speed for your Web and mobile games with Unity’s Asset Bundle support. Take control of asset loading and dynamically download and instantiate only the content that your players need. Slim down your Web Player or app and stream in anything from textures and models to complete scenes.

Unity’s Asset Bundle support

Asset Bundle Streaming

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