Unity physics

Make Your Game Move Like Life

Unity contains powerful 3D physics engine NVIDIA® PhysX® Physics. Create immersive and visceral scenes with clothes and hair that blow in the wind; tires that screech and burn; walls that crumble; glass that shatters, and weapons that inflict major damage!


Unity’s easy-to-use integrated 2D physics system uses the same system of rigidbodies, joints and colliders as our feature-rich 3D solution. Actually, however, it’s driven by Box 2D, for an industry-hardened stable and versatile 2D solution.

It’s easy to mix 2D and 3D physics in Unity. By doing so you can work in completely new ways and create innovative game formats with ease. Want to render a 3D mesh in 2D space? No problem, just add a 2D Rigidbody Component.

Great Looking Threads for Your Characters

Create two kinds of cloth with Unity:

  • Fully physically simulated Interactive Cloth interacts fully with the rest of the environment.
  • Skinned Cloth, an optimized solution to handle high poly animated cloth pieces for characters. Use it for accurate-looking animated shirts, trousers, skirts, capes and hair.

Life-Like Action Packed into Every Scene

Create movement in your scenes with:

  • Soft Bodies, such as semi-deflated beach balls that interact realistically with the environment
  • Rigidbodies, that enable the objects in your scenes to act under the control of physics. A rigidbody can receive forces and torque to make your objects move in a realistic way with no scripting required.
  • A ragdoll wizard that lets you implement a full ragdoll from an animated character in seconds. Tweak the ragdoll as needed for unique behaviors.
  • Joints: Hinges, springs, ball-sockets, character limbs, and the fully-customizable Configurable Joint. Make them breakable to allow emergent game play.

Fierce Racing Games and Mountable Vehicles Made Easier

  • Wheel ColliderUnity has a dedicated Wheel Collider that accurately simulates the traction model of real car tires.

Check out our Car Tutorial

Fierce Racing Games and Mountable Vehicles Made Easier

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