Unity special effects

Take your game from good to gorgeous

Choose from myriad full-screen post-processing effects to add those crucial brushstrokes that transform your game into a refined, high-polish product. In Unity 4 Depth Of Field and Motion blur are optimized for DirectX 11, and key improvements where made to Edge Detection, Bloom, Vignetting, Tonemapping, and Color correction using 3D texture lookups. Read about all of Unity’s post-processing effects in our documentation.

Attractive authentic-looking water

Amplify the realism with Render to Texture effects

Add cool details with render to texture effects, such as security camera footage, images and characters reflected in mirrors, and dynamic camera content to any surface. The Render Texture inspector displays render to texture content in real time.

Water of any mood and color

Create attractive, authentic-looking water, either from scratch or with prefab options. Unity comes with all the necessary shaders, scripts and assets to create high-quality reflective or refractive water surfaces, both in daylight and nighttime scenes, as well as gerstner waves, edge foam and depth extinction.

Shuriken Particle System

Wield complete artistic control over special effects with Shuriken, Unity’s curve and gradient-driven modular particle system tool. Unity 4 brings you world collision functionality, Bent normals, automatic culling and external forces. Increase the visual fidelity and dynamism of hurricanes, fireworks, explosions and smoke clouds while keeping performance smooth.

Manage Complexity

To synchronise the start and stop times of individual particle systems, you can group them into Particle Effects. To manage potentially complex Particle Effects, use the Particle Editor, accessible via the Inspector View. You can toggle curves on and off and you can also detach the Particle Editor from the Inspector and dock it where you want it like any other window.

Curves and Colors

With Curve Editors, you can easily adjust and tweak all parameters of a particle system via curves, and changes instantly appear in your Scene view. A Preview Panel in the Scene View with Play, Pause, and Stop options makes on-the-fly changes a breeze. And, you can control perfectly a particle system’s color and gradient changes over time via the Gradient Editor.

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