Unity UI: Flexible, faster, full visual control

Is it out yet? You betcha! And we think you’ll be pleased with the result: a high quality, simple to use and easy to extend UI system that’s tightly integrated into Unity.

Source code available! We’re making the Unity UI’s source code available under an MIT/X11 license. Learn more

Create at speed

The new UI system is leaps ahead of the old, it’s easy to build what you want and do it quickly with little or no coding necessary. Get all this out of the box:

  • Fast and flexible workflows
  • Low memory allocations and high performance
  • Easy multiplatform deployment
  • Unique animation capabilities

Fully optimized

With batching, texture atlasing and the new canvas component, we’ve come up with the optimal solution to allow your UIs to execute quickly on GPUs. Draw calls are kept low and performance remains high across all supported Unity platforms and device resolutions.

Intuitive layout tools

Laying out and resizing elements is easy with the new Unity UI. Design detailed layouts using the Rect Transform layout tools, and automate grids of UI elements with our built-in components.

Flexible anchoring

Take advantage of simple visual tools to anchor UI elements. The UI element maintains its anchored position regardless of changes to parent size or screen resolution. Want to anchor different elements relative to different positions on the canvas? No problem.

Smooth resizing

You can set UI elements to stretch along with the parent rectangle, or to maintain fixed margins inside it. In addition, each side of a UI element can be anchored individually, allowing you to set up sophisticated layouts without scripting.

Get animated

Animation plays a key part in your new UI workflow for creating dynamic layouts with slick transitions. Animate any part of your UI layouts, from bouncing buttons to animated material properties for detailed motion.

Get started...

To discover how the new Unity UI system can kickstart your game interface, check out the many UI tutorials on our Learn site.

For indepth information on all the new features, see the release notes.

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