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Global Game
Jam 2018

January 26 - 28

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Build with Unity at GGJ sites across the globe!

We are excited to once again be the headline sponsor for Global Game Jam 2018! Whether you are attending your first game jam or you’re a veteran developer, we want to give you everything you need to start creating amazing games at GGJ 2018. Take advantage of these GGJ friendly resources below to help you create an amazing game during #GGJ18.

Join the Unity team at six official Unity GGJ sites!

Come hang out with awesome Unity peeps, get your hands on the newest Unity features demos, and of course, get plenty of food, drinks, and snacks to keep your team fueled throughout the weekend. In the meantime, the hand-picked resources on this page will help both first-time game jammers and veterans prepare for a successful #GGJ18.

Discover amazing games to inspire your team for #GGJ18

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Learn how to create games in Unity

Hit the ground running with this Unity Game Dev A-Z tutorial, which includes the awesome Swords and Shovels game assets. This guided game dev course will teach you everything you need to create a 3D game in Unity including scripting, animating, and lighting.

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Create together, faster with Unity Teams

Save, share, and sync projects easily with your entire team. You’ll save time and effort so you can spend more team creating your dream game. Try out the free version for small teams, or jam with more people with a free trial of Unity Teams Advanced.

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Powerful tools & assets to help you build your game.

We’ve created a special selection of free assets for GGJ to help your team start creating your game. Whether you’re looking for music, particles, or effects, we have everything you need to help make your GGJ 18 a success.

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Get ready for GGJ with these helpful tutorials

Cinemachine and Timeline

Add dynamic and beautiful shots to your project.

Post Processing Stack

An über effect to give your game that perfect look.

Tilemap and Cinemachine for 2D

An awesome series of 2D world-building courses featuring Tilemap and Cinemachine.

Cinemachine for 2D

Learn how to harness powerful Cinemachine composition tools in your 2D game.


The big question: What will you create?

Get inspired by these fantastic Made with Unity games

–all created at Global Game Jams.

Ready to start creating?

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