Affiliate Program Overview *

Who is Partnerize?

What is the Affiliate Program?

Do I need to use the same user name as my Unity ID?

Can I change the Affiliate Terms & Conditions?

Can I participate if I'm an Asset Store Publisher?

Why was my application rejected?

What products are eligible for commission?

What is the tracking window?

Getting Started *

How do I use the Partnerize dashboard?

How much does it cost to join?

How do I sign up?

Can I participate if I'm not a US citizen?

I have many websites, can I use my Affiliate account for all of them?

How does the Unity Affiliate Program work?

Linking *

Is there a way to see my traffic from a certain source?

How do I create links?

What is the “aid” parameter?

Commissions *

What are the commission rates for the Unity Affiliate Program?

How and when will I get paid?

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