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Whether you're a programmer, game designer, texture artist or 3D modeler, you’re welcome to share your creations with everybody in the Unity developer community!

You can sell 3D models, editor extensions, audio and many other types of content. It’s easy – just submit your awesome creations to the Asset Store and we’ll take care of the rest. You can actually make enough money to fund your life and your game!

Once your submission is reviewed, you are free to set your own price for the asset. You’ll receive a 70% cut of each sale, which we pay out monthly or quarterly, depending on your selected payment method. Don’t forget to read the default Customer EULA that covers end-user use of the assets you sell.

Submitting your content to the Asset Store:

  1. If you do not yet have an Unity Account, you can create one here.
  2. Carefully read the Asset Store Provider Agreement for legal information, and the Submission Guidelines to learn about the submission process.
  3. If you are not already registered as an Asset Store Publisher login with your Unity Account here and create an Asset Store Publisher Account.
  4. Use the Publisher Administration Package Manager to create or update your package metadata and upload key images, screenshots, etc. ensuring that all the content you provide matches the specifications in the Asset Store Submission Guidelines.
  5. Open the Asset Store inside Unity and download and import the Asset Store Tools into the project containing the content you want to submit to the Asset Store. Use the Asset Store Tools Package Upload tool to upload your content and associate it with the package you created.
  6. Use the Publisher Administration Package Manager to submit your package. The Asset Store team will then review your submission!
Submitting tutorial

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