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Complete your publisher profile

  1. Click on the “Info” tab at the top right corner of your Portal, next to the “Payout” tab.
  2. Fill out all fields, including images, descriptions, and phone numbers.
  3. Ensure your email in the email tabs for all contacts is your primary use email.
  4. Input a valid website under the URL field with no spelling errors and access for users to contact you.
  5. Website/online portfolio is required for being an Asset Store Publisher.
  6. You must have 3 examples of current work related to your submissions.

After completing your profile, please read our Submission Guidelines and the Asset Store EULA for all requirements and legal restrictions regarding your submission content.

Uploading your asset in the editor

  1. Go to the “Packages” tab on the top left corner of your Portal.
  2. Create a new package and go to the Metadata section of your submission.
  3. Type in the title for this new submission, save, and click “Go Back”.
  4. Import the Asset Store Tools package into your Unity Editor, but don’t touch this folder after import. Do not place any of your content files in this folder.
  5. Place all folders for submission in named top folder for clean folder structure so upload is easy.
  6. Do not include any Unity Standard Assets in your submission.
  7. Go through the Submission Guidelines of your chosen asset type (Audio/Models/Scripts/etc.) and check off requirements for approval.
  8. After selecting the corresponding project to upload into, choose main/top folder for project.
  9. Uploading will begin and when finished, a dialogue box will direct you back to the Publisher Portal in your web browser.

Submitting via the Publisher Portal

  1. Open Publisher Portal via your web browser and click “Refresh” in top right corner to see your submission in the Unity Package section.
  2. Fill out all fields in Summary section.
  3. Be sure that you’ve assigned a numerical version number, edited the version changes (if it isn’t first release) and select a category.
  4. Double check for the correct pricing of asset (requires Asset Store market research before submission).
  5. Go to Metadata & Artwork section, click the link “Edit” under the Metadata.
  6. Fill out all fields for Metadata; all fields are required.
  7. Use HTML tagging for description text (see Submission Guidelines for tags).
  8. Go to Key Images, Audio/Video, and Screenshots after completing Metadata tab and fill out all fields; all fields are required.
  9. Ensure that your images are properly displayed by clicking on “Preview in Asset Store” in top right corner.
  10. Click on the Unity Package Section.
  11. Ensure that you select all the correct boxes/fields for what version of Unity your asset works for, what pipeline is required, and if there are any additional assets needed for your asset to work.
  12. Submit links to any Unity Store Assets that are required for your package to work and hit save and return to the main portal page.
  13. Make sure you read the information in the (?) next to the Auto-publish box before checking or unchecking it.
  14. Click on the “I have read the Submission Guidelines…” box to verify your asset has been uploaded with the knowledge required for acceptance.

By clicking the last box, you understand that not following the Submission Guidelines and Asset Store EULA increases the likelihood that your submission will be declined.

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