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Unity 2019.2 beta

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Some of the new features in 2019.2 beta

Be among the first to see what Unity has in store for you in the next 2019 TECH stream release. In this beta, we’ve integrated the popular Polybrush tool into Unity, added the Unity Distribution Platform to get your games to new global audiences, improved and expanded the toolsets for mobile, lighting, 2D, XR, and many other areas.

  • Mobile performance and tooling improvements
  • Support for the Intel Open Image Denoise library
  • Probe-Lit GI Contributors
  • GPU Lightmapper improvements
  • TypeCache API in Editor code
  • HDRP for VR (Preview)
  • New 2D features in LWRP and Shader Graph

And much more

Mobile performance and tooling improvements

2019.2b comes with various smaller and bigger improvements for mobile developers.

  • Optimized Frame Pacing for Android, developed in partnership with Google’s Android Gaming and Graphics team, provides consistent frame rates by enabling frames to be distributed with less variance.
  • OpenGL multithreading support (iOS) to improve performance on low-end iOS devices that don’t support Metal (approx 25% of iOS devices that run Unity games).
  • OpenGL support for SRP batcher (iOS and Android) to improve CPU performance in projects that use the Lightweight Render Pipeline (LWRP).
  • Screen brightness controls via the new Screen.brightness property (iOS and Android).
  • Display cutout bounding box support (Android) for detecting the bounding box around the notch(es) on Android via the new Screen.cutouts property.

Support for the Intel Open Image Denoise library

This cross-platform library is a deep-learning-based denoising filter. In Unity, it will improve your lightmapping workflow and lightmap quality by post-processing lightmaps using Intel’s recently released AI denoiser. This produces smooth, noise-free lightmaps that use far fewer samples. For details, watch our Unity GDC 2019 talk on the subject.

Probe-Lit GI Contributors

We have changed the terminology for objects that are Lightmap Static, which from now on will Contribute GI instead. You may choose if objects that Contribute GI should receive GI from Light Probes or lightmaps. A new drop-down menu on mesh renderers, skinned mesh renderers, and terrains lets you choose if the object should get GI from lightmaps or from Light Probes.

GPU Lightmapper improvements

In 2019.2, the GPU Lightmapper (Preview) takes some important steps towards feature parity with the CPU Lightmapper. The GPU Lightmapper now has:

  • Multiple Importance Sampling support for environment lighting.
  • Support for NVIDIA Optix denoising.
  • Increased sampling performance when using view prioritization or small/low occupancy lightmaps.

TypeCache API in Editor code

TypeCache provides a fast way to access types or methods marked with specific attributes and types derived from a specific type or interface. It utilizes an internal native cache that is built for all assemblies loaded by the Editor. Access this feature via the new UnityEditor.TypeCache C# API.

HDRP for VR (Preview)

The High-Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) is a prebuilt, high-fidelity Scriptable Render Pipeline designed for projects running on compute-shader-compatible platforms. By design, HDRP provides you with tools to create anything from games to technical demos at the highest resolution. In this release, we now have HDRP for your VR projects in preview. HDRP for VR targets high-end PCs and lets you deliver stunning visuals and maximum performance.

New 2D features in LWRP and Shader Graph

Soon after the initial 2019.2b release, the Lightweight Render Pipeline (LWRP) will be updated with the experimental 2D Renderer, which contains 2D Pixel Perfect and the new 2D Lights. Additionally, Shader Graph now has 2D Masternodes to create 2D Unlit and Lit sprite shaders.

What to expect from a beta

As with any beta program, you’ll have early access to new features and will be able to assist in the final steps of their development. That means you’re likely to experience Unity as less stable than a final version.

The beta phase begins once all scheduled major features have been included and a quality baseline has been established. Several beta versions will be made available during this phase and quality will improve with each iteration.

Unity 2019.2 beta
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Unity 2019.2.0b2 release notes

Known Issues in 2019.2.0b2

  • 2D: All 2d preview packages throw missing namespace errors on installing. (1140336, 1148392)

  • Animation: Clamp Blendshapes is enabled by default when creating new projects (1146794)

  • Asset Import: Crash when regenerating SpeedTree Materials, but only when using Asset Database V2. (1144442, 1148391)

  • Assets Management: Crash on "CollectAndProduceGameObject' when opening Project or entering Play mode (1147211)

  • Editor - Other: Batchmode build hangs in PackageManager::RunRequestSynchronously (1137073)

  • Editor: Attempting to change the order of a Reorderable List creates a NullReferenceException. (1146538, 1147292)

  • Editor: DLL Errors in IAP occur when upgrading project to 2019.2 or 2019.3. (1152392, 1153071)

  • Editor: Visual Studio 2015 opens up instead of 2017 on updating "Visual Studio Editor Package. (1152149, 1152869)

  • Global Illumination: Impossible to select anything else in scene view if currently selected object has Light Probe Group component (1152479)

  • Linux: keystrokes recorded twice (987230)

  • Mobile: The View is upside-down, and the Rotation on the Vertical Axis is inverted when building an App with the Google VR package (1151005)

  • Package Manager: Test Framework package disappears from the list after removing. (1152815, 1152871)

  • Package Manager: The Package Manager UI does not refresh when packages are installed or removed. (1148329, 1152868)

  • Physics: Crash on SimulationCallbackReceiver::onContact when objects are destructing (1113545)

  • Scene Management: Editor crashes with Transform::GetPosition when duplicating Prefabs with Configurable Joints (1137347)

  • Scene/Game View: GameView's Scale lower limit depends on the Windows Scale setting with High DPI displays (1099270)

  • Scripting Upgrade: AssemblyUpdater silently fails if its path contains spaces (1154131)

  • Scripting: Unable to open more than one script from unity editor on double clicking (1152805)

  • Shaders: Editor crashes in Shader::IsSupported() when trying to change Material's Shader HDRP/Lit to any other shader via a dropdown menu (1150686)

  • Shaders: [Shader] Editor is fully pink if launched on OpenGL 4.2 (1146762)

  • UI: Re-enabling game object with "Toggle group" loses information about previously checked toggle (1146883)

  • Unity Test Runner: Tests results for tests ran in player aren't reported back in Test Runner window (1151147)

  • Version Control: Meta Files are now Hidden by Default. (1144410, 1144494)

  • XR: Cardboard projects default to 30fps unless targetFrameRate is set to 60. (1143799, 1144492)

New 2019.2.0b2 Entries since 2019.2.0b1

Backwards Compatibility Breaking Changes

  • Timeline: Updated Timeline package version to 1.1.0.


  • 2D: Fixed Sprite Frame Inspector in Sprite Editor Window does not hide totally when Sprite are unselected. (1148325, 1148599)
    This is a new issue, not seen in any released version.

  • Android: Fixed a problem when building with split APKs on Android. (1149203, 1152984)

  • Asset Pipeline: Fixed non-deterministic data in asset bundle when using Prebake Collision Mesh. (1116173, 1143660)
    This has already been backported to older releases.

  • Editor: SceneVis shortcuts are now contextual to hierarchy and scene view. (1131911, 1143470)

  • Editor: SceneVis shortcuts default to 'H' for toggling visibility and 'Shift+H' for toggling isolation. (1124247, 1144481)

  • GI: Skybox and lighting for Prefab Mode environment scenes now works correctly. This requires the lighting settings of the environment scene to have Auto Bake disabled. (1112978, 1146199)

  • Services: Fixed crash from background thread on UWP when Crash Reporting is enabled. (1130184, 1150582)
    This has already been backported to older releases.

  • UI Elements: Fixed issue that caused UIElements not to render on OpenGL Core 4.3 and 4.4. (1146281, 1146289)

  • Windows: Fixed documentation summary in Visual Studio not being shown. (1148065, 1148633)

  • XR: Fixed Google VR package removal when Cardboard or Daydream is still in the VR Device list. (1127443, 1146996)
    This has already been backported to older releases.

  • XR: Fixed Magic Leap package download in Lightweight Render Pipeline template. (1106219, 1146997)

  • XR: Fixed OpenVR package from failing to download when Virtual Reality is enabled for new projects. (1082031, 1146995)

  • XR: Fixed potential app hang in UWP when suspending while exiting. (1124435, 1150680)
    This has already been backported to older releases.

  • XR: [Lumin] Fixed a crash in the Unity video player when open fails. (1150947, 1151174)

Preview of Final 2019.2.0b2 Release Notes

System Requirements Changes

Nothing changed.


  • 2D: Added a Secondary Textures module to the Sprite Editor. You can use this module to associate additional Textures to the Aprites you're editing, and access those Textures in a Shader.

  • 2D: Made the Sprite Editor Window available as a Package.

  • Android: Added Optimized Frame Pacing.

  • Android: Android App Bundles: Added AAB file size validation, so that Unity displays a warning message when the filesize is larger than the maximum size. You can disable this in the Android Player Settings (Warn About App Bundle Size) and adjust the maximum size (App Bundle Size Threshold).

  • Animation: Selection filter for the Animation Window. Only show properties and curves of selected GameObjects.

  • Editor: Added VSCode, Visual Studio, and Rider code editor integration as Packages.

  • Editor: Visual Studio (Windows): Updated behaviour so that when you double-click on C# compile messages in the console window, the corresponding C# file opens at the correct line and column, instead of only at the correct line.

  • Editor: Visual Studio Code: Updated behaviour so that when you double-click on C# compile messages in the console window, the corresponding C# file opens at the correct line and column, instead of only at the correct line.

  • GI: Added support for multiple importance sampling the environment to the GPU lightmapper.

  • GI: Added support for the cross-platform Intel lightmap denoiser, Intel Open Image Denoise. Intel Open Image Denoise can produce smooth noise-free lightmaps with few samples.

  • GI: Static Scene Dressing allows the user to choose whether GameObjects that contribute to Global Ilumination should receive GI from Light Probes or Lightmaps.

  • Graphics: Added SpeedTree support to the Scriptable Render Pipeline.

  • Graphics: Added support for all GPU formats for RenderTexture with Vulkan.

  • Graphics: Added support for partial mipmap chains in Texture classes.

  • iOS: Added client/worker multi-threaded rendering support for OpenGL ES 2 and 3.

  • Package Manager: - Added the ability to show/hide Packages in the Project Browser and Object Picker, depending on the Package type set in its manifest:

    • If the Package type is "tool" or "library", it is hidden by default; otherwise it is visible.
    • If the Package manifest contains boolean attribute "hideInEditor", this value overrides the visibility set by the Package type.
    • Added a button in the Project Browser and Object Picker to toggle package visibility (include/exclude hidden packages).
    • Added the Package type property and hideInEditor advanced property in the Package manifest Inspector.
  • Physics: Upgraded cloth library from deprecated PxCloth to NvCloth.

  • Scripting: Added support for Assembly Definition Reference (.asmref) files. These files allow you to add additional source code directories to an existing Assembly Definition File(.asmdef).

  • UI Elements: Added UIElements Samples window (Windows > UI > UIElements Samples). This window provides quick UIElements code snippets in the Editor.

  • VFX: Added core pieces to support MotionVectors in VFX Editor (preview Package).

Backwards Compatibility Breaking Changes

  • 2D: Updated 2D Project Template to include com.unity.2d.sprite and com.unity.2d.tilemap Core Packages.

  • Android: Deprecated x86 support.

  • Android: Raise minimum Vulkan API version for Adreno drivers to 1.0.38.

  • Animation: Constraints are now evaluated before LateUpdate script (1123107)

  • Editor: Changed default shortcut for "Stage/Go Back" from O to H to avoid shortcut conflict in project templates.

  • Editor: The legacy Module Manager has been mostly removed. Only extension modules located inside the Unity install will still be loaded now, and the 'Modules...' menu item and window has been removed completely.

  • Editor: UGui Objects are now using ObjectFactory and default Presets when created from the GameObject menu in the Editor.

  • Facebook: Added deprecation warning for Facebook Gameroom platform, which will cease to be supported in a future release.

  • Graphics: Async shader compilation: Blit now never uses cyan dummy shader.

  • Graphics: Async shader compilation: DrawProcedural skips rendering during compilation instead of trying to use dummy shader.

  • Graphics: Moved the async shader compilation option from preferences to project settings.

  • Graphics: Support graphics API switching by restarting Unity.

  • Graphics: When using SRP, added Rendering Layer Mask to Lights as a filtering option during shadow passes (similar to Renderers Rendering Layer Masks).

  • Prefabs: Prefabs created by dragging into the hierarchy are now parents to the correct parent, instead of being a root object. The correct parent will thus be set in Awake calls.

  • Scripting: Make the GarbageCollector.GCMode property only throw an exception on unsupported platforms when trying to change it's value, not when reading it.

  • Timeline: Changed Track Context Menu to show "Add Signal Emitter" at the top of the list of Marker commands. (1131166)

  • Timeline: Clip properties are no longer animated by recording. They are now animated using the inline curves.

  • Timeline: Moved "Add Signal Emitter" and "Add Signal Emitter From Asset" commands out of their sub-menu. (1131166)

  • Timeline: Updated Timeline package version to 1.1.0.

  • XR: Oculus (Standalone) and OpenVR (Standalone) package names have been changed to use (Desktop) instead of (Standalone).


  • Android: Bundletool is updated up to version 0.7.2.

  • VFX: Change the awkening process of VisualEffect component, inspector is now functionnal even if component is disabled. (1117103)


  • Android: AndroidJava* and AndroidJNI APIs moved to builtin package AndroidJNI.

  • Android: Enabled Vulkan support for Optimized frame pacing on Android.

  • Android: Implemented Screen.Brightness property for Android (read only)

  • Android: Improve performance of string marshaling between C# and Java (up to 50% faster).

  • Android: Mimic TouchScreenKeyboard.hideInput by drawing input field outside the screen, when this property is true.

  • Android: Reduce armv7 code size by 20% by enabling thumb.

  • Android: Small reduction in job overhead when few cores are being used.

  • Android: The Unity video player can now be used with the Vulkan renderer.

  • Animation: Added a right-click menu option to jump to a specific AnimatorController State while liveLinked.

  • Animation: Added option to hide read-only clip properties and curves in the Animation Window to improve editor performance.

  • Animation: Added option to hide read-only clip properties and curves in the Animation Window to improve editor performance.

  • Animation: Added selection filter for the Animation Window. Only shows properties and curves of selected game objects.

  • Animation: Added visibility feedback in the Animator Inspector Info box

  • Animation: Added visual feedback and hotkeys for the ripple option in the Animation Window.

  • Animation: Added visual feedback and hotkeys for the ripple option in the Animation Window.

  • Animation: The Animation Window can now be used to preview/author Animation C# Jobs constraints.

  • Animation: Updated animation window to preview/author Animation C# Jobs constraints.

  • Asset Import: Added Undo/Redo support by default in AssetImporter inspectors.

  • Asset Import: Compressor Quality can now be set in the texture asset import settings for BC6H and BC7 formats allowing compression quality to be traded for import speed.

  • Asset Import: Deselection with AssetImporter now shows a Apply/Revert/Cancel popup instead of Apply/Revert. The new Cancel option is the default when pressing or closing the popup, which restores the current selection keeping the non-applied changes.

  • Asset Import: Updated Sketchup SDK to version 19.0.

  • DX12: Improved performance of async texture loading in DX12 to avoid a rendering stall when 2D textures are created.

  • Editor: Added a message box whenever the OS fails to delete an asset when deleted from the Project Browser view.

  • Editor: Added a toggle to the scene camera settings to enable or disable infinite acceleration when navigating with flying mode.

  • Editor: Added Araxis Merge support on Revision Control Diff/Merge tool.

  • Editor: Added Enable Code Coverage option in General Preferences. Added a popup and a console warning that notify users of performance being lower when Coverage is enabled. Displaying [CODE COVERAGE] to the Window Title when Coverage is enabled.

  • Editor: Added new options for expanding/collapsing the components in the inspector context menu.

  • Editor: Added SceneVis ShowAll shortcut.

  • Editor: Exposed ProjectWindowUtil.CreateScriptAssetFromTemplateFile, allowing Editor scripts to create new text-based assets from template files in a similar way to how the built-in C# Script template is used.

  • Editor: macOS: Add proxy icon for currently open scene to editor main window title bar.

  • Editor: Metal: The RenderDoc capture button in the Scene/Game view now works with the Xcode frame debugger: requires launching Unity through Xcode with Metal frame capture enabled.

  • Editor: Moved Camera Easing options from Preferences to Camera Settings in SceneView.

  • Editor: Optimized inspector refresh after Enter Playmode.

  • Editor: ProBuilder is now a recommended package.

  • Editor: Reduced the number of key presses in order to start a rebind in the Shortcut manager (from 3 to 2).

  • Editor: The Shortuct Manager window can now be resized horizontally.

  • GI: Add mixed area lights to cull results to enable mixed rectangular lights in HDRP.

  • GI: Added a 'None' mode for emissive GI contribution in the standard shader GUI.

  • GI: Added Rendering.GraphicsSettings.realtimeDirectRectangularAreaLights to enable HDRP to provide direct realtime area lighting.

  • GI: Faster baking with progressive lightmapper in cases with many light probe sets in the scene.

  • GI: GPU lightmapper performance improvement: generate many rays per texel/light probe for direct lighting.

  • GI: GPU lightmapper performance improvement: generate many rays per texel/probe for indirect lighting. Optimize direct lighting by using compaction.

  • GI: Optimized time to first lit texel for the progressive lightmappers by multithreading heavy functions.

  • GI: Realtime GI now uses correct light falloff for indirect light when using configurable light falloff.

  • GI: Reduced GPU memory footprint for GPU lightmapper when baking lighting, by compressing normal vectors and albedo.

  • GI: The Optix AI denoiser is now supported with GPU Lightmapper.

  • GI: Upgraded Optix AI Denoiser to version 6. This new version has better performance and a lower memory footprint.

  • Graphics: Added profiler markers for splashscreen.

  • Graphics: Added sprite mesh support for Splash Screen logos. You can now use tight mesh mode and Vector sprites.

  • Graphics: Added support for Dynamic Resolution Scaling to the Lightweight Rendering Pipeline.

  • Graphics: Added the ability to disable the blur on the splash screen background.

  • Graphics: Async shader compilation: Minimize cyan dummy shader flashes by variant tracking and warmup.

  • Graphics: Improved performance of async texture loading on PS4 to remove a rendering stall when 2D textures are created.

  • Graphics: Metal: Defer creation of command buffers and render encoders until actually needed.

  • Graphics: SRP batcher is now supported on OpenGL 4.2+ and OpenGL ES 3.1+.

  • Graphics: SRP batcher is now supported on Xbox, DirectX11.

  • Graphics: SRP hooks added for detail rendering shaders.

  • iOS: Added new iOS device (released in 2018) identification support to the Profiler.

  • iOS: Added LowPowerModeEnabled and WantsSoftwareDimming properties to iOS.Device and a Brightness Property to Screen (currently only supported on iOS).

  • iOS: Can now select architecture for native plugins on iOS & TvOS.

  • iOS: ReplayKit improvements:

    • For local recordings, we can now capture the local camera, microphone, and screen.
    • The size of the preview window overlay can now be adjusted.
    • Added ReplayKit.isPreviewControllerActive, ReplayKit.PauseBroadcasting, and ReplayKit.ResumeBroadcasting.
  • Kernel: Performance improvements in internal Matrix4x4 Invert method used primarily by Rendering and Cameras.

  • Mobile: Improved performance of async texture loading on iOS to remove a rendering stall when 2D textures are created.

  • OSX: Native plugins with the .dylib filextension are now supported.

  • Package Manager: Improve behaviour of Package Visibility in Project Browser and Object Picker.

  • Package Manager: Improved Undo/Redo and Cancel button handling in the PackageManifestImporter Editor.

  • Package Manager: It is now possible to include built-in module packages in the project as dependencies of other packages.

  • Package Manager: Now showing modules as installed if they are installed as a dependency.

  • Particles: Expose missing External Forces module properties to script API.

  • Physics: Upgrade cloth lib from deprecated PxCloth to NvCloth.

  • Plugins: Added Unity Companion license to the Plugin API header.

  • Profiler: Memory Profiler added single threaded platform support. Eg: WebGL.

  • Profiler: Players will show up more consistently in the profiler list, when there are a lot of players running on the same network, previously Editor wouldn't keep up with message processing incoming from a lot of players, thus it was taking a while for a new player to show up in the profiler list.

  • Profiler: Provide dynamic code (Mono JIT) information to VTune Amplifier.

  • Profiler: Reduced profiler overhead when flushing data from Job threads.

  • Profiler: Unity created threads are now named in VTune profiler.

  • ps4: Improved PS4 Additional content to support multiple products.

  • Scripting: Enable incremental Garbage Collection in editor.

  • Scripting: Managed debugger will now output which network port it's listening on to the player log

  • Shaders: Added UNITY_SEPARATE_TEXTURE_SAMPLER define in the HlslSupport.cginc for platforms capable of doing separate texture and sampler objects.

  • Shaders: Moved 38 builtin keywords to local keywords. Shaders inspector now shows used global/local keywords by shader.

  • Terrain: Basemap textures now are not generated if the basemap shader is not used.

  • Terrain: Local keywords (those defined using multi_compile_local or shader_feature_local) are now allowed for Terrain shaders.

  • Terrain: Removed terrain material type enum but made Terrain built-in materials actual assets that you can select.

  • Timeline: Added ability to override loop setting on AnimationClips in Timeline. (1140766, 1144743)

  • Timeline: Added the ability to mute an entire group.

  • Timeline: Added UI to animate track and clip properties.

  • Timeline: New read-only mode, when timeline asset is not editable (file readonly flag or by source control).

  • UI: Adding ability to modify the ui Dropdowns alpha fade when showing and hiding.

  • UI: Removing option for spritePacking tag in TextureImporter (sprites) when not using the legacy packing mode.

  • UI Elements: Prevented exceptions thrown by user code from corrupting the UI renderer.

  • Video: Improved documentation for platform strings used VideoClipImporter Set/Get/ClearTargetSettings

  • XR: Add Low Overhead Mode setting to Oculus (Android) to do less driver validation, which can potentially increase performance.

  • XR: Move Google VR Cardboard and Daydream support to a package and Update to verision 1.180.

  • XR: Updated Vuforia to version 8.0.10.

API Changes

  • AI: Added the GetEdgesAndNeighbors() method in the NavMeshQuery class for retrieving the shape of a given node and all the navigation nodes which it connects to. The method can be called in jobs.

  • Android: Added support for JNI Weak References (AndroidJNI class).

  • Asset Import: Added API in model importer to prevent game objects from being sorted by name in imported game object hierarchies.

  • Editor: (Also mentioned under Fixes) Replaced EditorTool.OnActivate and OnDeactivate methods with events on EditorTools, addressing callback order problems.

  • Editor: Added API for Scene Visibility.

  • Editor: Added AssemblyBuilder.referencesOptions to allow building assemblies using UnityEngine module .dlls instead of the default monolithic UnityEngine.dll.

  • Editor: Added AssetDatabase.OpenAsset() overloads that take both a line number and column number.

  • Editor: Added EditorWindow.CreateWindow which works like EditorWindow.GetWindow, but always creates a new window.

  • Editor: Added GameObjectUtility.GetMonoBehavioursWithMissingScriptCount and GameObjectUtility.RemoveMonoBehavioursWithMissingScript to be able to remove MonoBehaviours with a missing script from a game object.

  • Editor: Added more API points for TransformHandle to permit granular control over which handles appear.

  • Editor: Added new API to detect & control async shader compilation better in the Editor.

  • Editor: Added Editor.DrawFoldoutInspector to draw a nested inspector with a foldout title bar.

  • Editor: Added MaterialEditor.customShaderGUI property returning the active ShaderGUI object for the current material.

  • Editor: OnOpenAsset attribute now supports method signature (int instanceId, int line, int column)

  • Editor: Renamed SceneView.SceneViewCameraSettings to SceneView.CameraSettings.

  • Editor: Usage of DescriptionAttribute to change the display name of enum values in the inspector has been changed to use the InspectorNameAttribute instead. (1115381)

  • GI: Added Gizmos.exposure texture which, when set, is readback to determine exposure correction for LightProbe gizmos. This is the alternative to correcting them via Postprocessing.

  • GI: Fixed issue where we can't set Lightmap Parameters from script on non-prefab objects. (966408)

  • Graphics: - Changed the SRP signature of BeginCameraRendering and BeginFrameRendering to give access to the ScriptableRenderContext.

    • Added callbacks for end camera and end frame rendering.
  • Graphics: Add static function to Matrix4x4 to compute inverse of an affine matrix

  • Kernel: UnsafeUtility.MemCpyReplicate() no longer asserts if size or count are zero. Instead it passively exits like other UnsafeUtility methods.

  • Mobile: Add 'Screen.cutouts' to get display cutout bounding boxes

  • Mobile: Application.absoluteURL property and Application.deepLinkActivated event to handle application activation via deep link, implemented for Android/iOS/UWP

  • Package Manager: Added Editor API for retrieving Package information based on an asset path or an assembly:

    • PackageManager.PackageInfo.FindForAssetPath(string assetPath)
    • PackageManager.PackageInfo.FindForAssembly(Assembly assembly)
  • Scripting: Added UnityEditor.TypeCache API for fast extraction of derived types, methods or classes marked with an attribute.

  • Shaders: Added Shader.FindPassTagValue method for querying the pass tag values.

  • Shaders: Added Shader.passCount property for retrieving the number of shader passes of the active subshader.

  • Terrain: Added a non-alloc version overload to the new TerrainData.GetInterpolatedHeights API.

  • Terrain: Added new callback APIs to monitor the terrain texture changes:

    • TerrainAPI.TerrainCallbacks.heightmapChanged
    • TerrainAPI.TerrainCallbacks.textureChanged These callbacks tell both the rect region being changed and if the change is CPU synchronized or not (i.e. GPU only).
  • Terrain: Added new TerrainData APIs for easier modifying the terrain textures:

    • TerrainData.CopyActiveRenderTextureToHeightmap
    • TerrainData.CopyActiveRenderTextureToTexture These two may be used for copying the content of the active RT into the terrain textures, optionally delaying the CPU synchronization, for instance at the event of mouse move in the middle of painting.

    • TerrainData.DirtyHeightmapRegion

    • TerrainData.DirtyTextureRegion These two may be used alternatively to the two functions above if the user directly changes the GPU resources by other means.

    • TerrainData.SyncHeightmap

    • TerrainData.SyncTexture These two may be used to do a full synchronization from GPU to CPU, for instance at the event of mouse up.
  • Terrain: Added TerrainData.GetInterpolatedHeights method for querying the interpolated terrain height values over a grid of samples.

  • Terrain: Added TerrainData.SetTerrainLayersRegisterUndo for setting the terrainLayers property and can be correctly undone if splat textures are created or destroyed during the process.

  • Terrain: Deprecate Terrain.ApplyDelayedHeightmapModification. Use TerrainData.SyncHeightmap instead.

  • Terrain: Deprecate TerrainData.UpdateDirtyRegion. Use TerrainData.DirtyHeightmapRegion instead.

  • Terrain: Exposed TerrainLayerInspector class.

  • Time: Introduced Time.captureDeltaTime, a more precise floating point reciprocal of Time.captureFramerate

  • Timeline: Added ClipEditor, TrackEditor, and MarkerEditor classes the user can derived from to modify custom clips, tracks and marker functionality inside the Timeline Editor

  • Timeline: Added TimelineEditor.selectedClip and TimelineEditor.selectedClips that gets and sets TimelineClips selected by the Timeline Editor

  • Timeline: Added TrackAsset.mutedInHierarchy to determine if a track is muted because it is in a muted group.

  • Timeline: Exposed FootIK option on Timeline Animation Clips (1115652)

  • Video: MediaEncoder.AddFrame now has overloads that take timestamps for producing Variable Frame Rate movies. Timestamps are expressed using new MediaTime struct.

  • Video: VideoClipImporter and VideoClip now have a sRGBClip and sRGB property, respectively, to describe whether content is sRGB or linear.

  • XR: Added the XRSetting property XR.XRSettings.deviceEyeTextureDimension which allows you to determine what the XR platform's swap chain eye texture layout is.

  • XR: Added UNITY_INITIALIZE_OUTPUT_STEREO_EYE_INDEX to the builtin shader macros to allow for transfering the unity_StereoEyeIndex from a vertex shader to a geometry shader.

  • XR: Added XR.XRDevice.UpdateEyeTextureAntiAliasingSettings to force the hmd swap chain to be reallocated when the MSAA sample count is changed.


  • 2D: Change position of Tile Instantiated GameObject to be in line with Tile Anchor position of Tilemap

  • 2D: Fixed links to documentation for Tilemap components. (972901)

  • 2D: SpiteAtlas does not change when its associated "Object for Packing" texture is modified by a custom AssetPostprocessor script (1135638)

  • Analytics: Passing Unity objects to AnalyticsEvent causes allocation leak warnings (1086690)

  • Android: File system: Fixed incomplete reading of large files (1111919)

  • Android: Fix apk version parsing failing due to unexpected java output (1133867)

  • Android: Fix Editor crash on opening Player Settings when Android SDK is not setup. (1143624, 1144223)

  • Android: Fix error when trying to sign a development build (1137971)

  • Android: Fix large Unicode character marshaling between C# and Java on Android 4 and 5. (1123693)

  • Android: Fix [Android] Only part of Static Splash Image is visible on load when Splash Image is transparent. (1136826)

  • Android: Fixed a crash when SRP batcher is enabled on Vulkan on Mali GPUs. (1141817, 1149271)

  • Android: Fixed a problem when building with split APKs on Android. (1149203, 1152984)

  • Android: Fixed ASTC HDR textures in Mac Editor. (1142953, 1145497)

  • Android: Fixed problem with crash when using Android JNI methods from custom thread. (545977)

  • Android: Fixed wrong rendering in LWRP on GPUs that have EGL_GL_COLORSPACE_SRGB_KHR extension. (1145351, 1149272)

  • Android: Fixes an issue where custom android libraries would not be initialized after launching an app after previously exiting the app via Application.Quit. (1116123)

  • Android: Make Android handle an Application.targetFrameRate value of -1 as 30 fps again.

  • Android: Touch and mouse position's y value will be inverted in the native backend instead of managed code in the new input system

  • Animation: Allow deleting curve keys whilst dragging, without throwing errors. (1129837)

  • Animation: Fix live link not showing the right edge (1032879)

  • Animation: Fixed a crash when unloading animations that are part of an AnimatorController. (1122054)

  • Animation: Fixed an issue where RectTransform properties would show missing curves that were not actually missing (1115014)

  • Animation: Fixed an issue where the Animation Component would stay ActiveAndEnabled when the GameObject was disabled. (1094567)

  • Animation: Fixed an issue where the AnimationEvent "Function" field would accept spaces. (1111933)

  • Animation: Fixed an issue where the Avatar preview would not react to ObjectSelector changes. (1113154)

  • Animation: Fixed an issue where the preview of transitions with exitTime == 0 would generate some NaN errors (1092857)

  • Animation: Fixed animation jobs SetPosition/SetLocalPosition not working on humanoid transform for rig with translation DoF ON (1103108)

  • Animation: Fixed AnimationUtility.SetAnimationClipSettings not regenerating runtime data. (1091972)

  • Animation: Fixed Bezier curve segments conversion to Hermite when evaluating Animation Curves with weighted tangents. (1124522)

  • Animation: Fixed crash when changing controller in Animator Override Controller used in a Playable Graph. (1104518)

  • Animation: Fixed FileNotFoundException when double-clicking to open an Animator Controller asset. (1127826)

  • Animation: Fixed issue with .NET 4.0 causing issues with System.Single conversion (1057751)

  • Animation: Fixed memory leak in AnimationWindow when inspecting animation with large number of keyframes (1092423)

  • Animation: Fixed TransformStreamHandle.GetPosition not returning global position when applyRootMotion is off and user is controlling the root transform. (1115701)

  • Animation: Properly stop graph when switching to manual update mode (1084441)

  • Animation: Right clicking on an item in a ReoderableList will select it, but will not trigger dragging logic (907650)

  • Animation: Throw argument exception when legacy clip is used with AnimationClipPlayable (1100643)

  • Asset Import: AssetImporterEditor shows specific error when the Editor is not a valid MonoScript type. (1127110)

  • Asset Import: Clicking cancel on the Import Package dialog now invokes the importPackageCancelled callback (1037916)

  • Asset Import: Fixed Events Add/Delete from the ModelImporterEditor Animation panel. (1136900, 1144451)

  • Asset Import: Fixed issue with Sketchup files exported from Sketchup 2019 not importing.

  • Asset Import: Fixed ShaderImporterInspector infinite property size grow when the shader has import error. (1127367)

  • Asset Import: If no assets can be exported, an error is returned instead of creating an empty package (1105480)

  • Asset Import: Imported assets fall back to the name at the time of export, if that differs from the name associated with the GUID (1130301)

  • Asset Import: TextureImporter inspector and SetPlatformSettings show an error message when assigning invalid texture format for a given platform and texture type. (1115190)

  • Asset Pipeline: Fixed rehash asset when changing asset bundle setting in meta file v1. (1126293, 1143337)

  • Asset Pipeline: Unity crashes when a material that is highlighted in the Project Window is overwritten from a script (1119351)

  • Audio: Removed "raw speaker mode" option from Project Settings for audio, as it was never usable and made the matching enum value obsolete. (1062387)

  • Build Pipeline: Fix "Sprite Atlas Sprites Included in Bundle Multiple Times" (1121868)

  • Build Pipeline: Fix Unity allows to build project via script with not compatible color space and graphics API. (1076664)

  • Build Pipeline: Fixed an issue where BuildPipeline.BuildAssetBundles was not releasing memory frequently enough leading to a out of memory crash

  • Build Pipeline: We now Include the splash screen background textures even when the splash screen is disabled. If we dont then using the scripting api to draw the splash screen produces logos but no background. (1114547)

  • DX12: Fixed exclusive fullscreen always reverting to windowed fullscreen.

  • DX12: Fixes for sparse textures flickering or incorrect when modified (1119913, 1119915)

  • Editor: Acknowledge [Normal] attribute in shader when checking that normal maps have "Normal Map" texture usage (1132148)

  • Editor: Added an error message to EditorGUI.EndChangeCheck when the stack is empty.

  • Editor: Added Material checkout support from within the Game Object Inspector. Previously it was only possible to check it out by selecting a Material asset in the Project panel. (962080)

  • Editor: Assume calls in UnityTest is now treated as inconclusive result. (1075663)

  • Editor: Editor windows now restore size when pulled from the top bar when maximized. (1126516)

  • Editor: Entering of exiting Playmode when some AssetImporter are focused in the Inspector does not crash anymore. (1141570, 1144208)

  • Editor: Fix assertion message 's2 != NULL' in log files.

  • Editor: Fix editor windows respond to mouse events outside the window (1143721, 1144224)

  • Editor: Fix for crash in Editor when switching to DX12 (1127388)

  • Editor: Fix inspector is stuttering when scrolling through the large serialize list (1131250)

  • Editor: Fix interacting with custom property drawer array resets the scroll bar position (1109673, 1110222, 1131012, 1132074, 1151034)

  • Editor: Fix issue with "Assembly has duplicate references" error not listing the duplicate references correctly. (1132593, 1148355)

  • Editor: Fix issue with "Multiple precompiled assemblies with the same name" error not listing the paths of the precompiled assemblies. (1138754, 1148356)

  • Editor: Fix issue with "Use GUIDs" being enabled in the Assembly Definition File inspector when GUID references were not used. (1140806, 1148354)

  • Editor: Fix issue with C# solution not getting regenerated when changing "Allow 'unsafe' code" project setting. (1105512, 1148358)

  • Editor: Fix issue with CompilationPipeline.GetAssemblies(AssemblyType.Player) not returning test assemblies. (1137205, 1148357)

  • Editor: Fix issue with FilePathAttribute constructor throwing exception if called from MonoBehaviour constructor or another thread. (1077857)

  • Editor: Fix layout being saved/loaded incorrectly when saving undocked or maximized tabs (1122565)

  • Editor: Fix security vulnerability UNITY-SEC-2144.

  • Editor: Fix Shift+Delete does not remove an empty element from the array in the Inspector window (1105084)

  • Editor: Fix shortcuts not being updated in Main Menus after user unbinds it. (1109108)

  • Editor: Fix splitter view layout and resizing rounding issues. (1099360)

  • Editor: Fixed "Add Component" popup window not receiving focus in Linux editor. (1098140)

  • Editor: Fixed a possible crash when the splash screen was playing and a sprite that was being drawn was modified or deleted . We now cancel the splash when an asset is modified or deleted. (857060)

  • Editor: Fixed an error when closing a detached Material preview window belonging to a second instance of a InspectorWindow. (1119612)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue where Console windows disappear when Unity Editor is not in focus (1109182)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue where ShowObjectPicker freezes editor when it's invoked right after another ObjectPicker is closed. (1113046)

  • Editor: Fixed case of Edit button being stuck in enabled state. (1120360)

  • Editor: Fixed checkbox button not toggling when shortcut key(space) is pressed. (1136216)

  • Editor: Fixed clicking on AudioListener toggled some empty space (1122847)

  • Editor: Fixed console log that has paranthesis in the path. (1139181, 1149504)

  • Editor: Fixed creating a material with multiple inspector windows open would trigger IndexOfOfRange errors (1122847)

  • Editor: Fixed exception when expanding the Mesh Renderer's Shader section in the Tree Inspector (1145010, 1145056)

  • Editor: Fixed issue where Inspector context menu Reset option clears name property for MonoBehaviour assets. (1092051)

  • Editor: Fixed issue where PropertyAttribute was not applied on arrays (1140241)

  • Editor: Fixed issue wih Camera preview having a fixed size when scene view tools popup is present (1125006)

  • Editor: Fixed issue with orphan host views while loading an editor window layout (1079742)

  • Editor: Fixed play mode tint affecting parts of the editor after exiting play mode due to compilation failiures. (1130997)

  • Editor: Fixed render textures being "cropped" by the EditorWindow's scissor rect. (1127773)

  • Editor: Fixed resize borders on floating windows to better expose window controls. This also fixes an issue where resize was triggered when dragging from other parts of the window when gaining focus. (1116567)

  • Editor: Fixed slow performance when using UIElements ViewData persistence. (1117599)

  • Editor: Fixed the preview pane in the object selector.

  • Editor: Fixed the Splash Screen Unity logo not fitting inside the logo list item box when the inspector is wide. (976154)

  • Editor: Fixed unable to read gamepad input when 3 Xbox controllers connected (1127453)

  • Editor: Fixes holdover of alt modifier in the editor when gaining focus for Linux editor from alt+tab (1104979)

  • Editor: GraphView: Fixed delay when dragging end cap of edge.

  • Editor: Rename UI Transparency Priority to Renderer Priority in MeshRenderer component.

  • Editor: Renamed MeshRenderer Priority in the Editor to match documentation.

  • Editor: Renaming "Logging" preference in "Stack Trace" to avoid confusion. (1118914)

  • Editor: SceneVis shortcuts are now contextual to hierarchy and scene view. (1131911, 1143470)

  • Editor: SceneVis shortcuts default to 'H' for toggling visibility and 'Shift+H' for toggling isolation. (1124247, 1144481)

  • Editor: Support menu trees in EditorTool context menu.

  • Editor: Support new toolbox format for Rider.

  • Editor: Unity native DefaultImporter is now excluded from Presets. (1129083)

  • Editor: Unity Test Runner: Fixed issue where tests would timeout early when using large Timescale values. (1098090)

  • Editor: Update windows splash screen.

  • GI: Creash when recompiling shaders (both when manually doing it or when switching pipeline).

  • GI: Fixed an intermediate lookup issue in Enlighten when using SSDs with Realtime GI and Baked GI enabled (1128583, 1134676, 1134702, 1143679, 1143686, 1143687)

  • GI: Fixed case of missing lighting when baking with GPU lightmapper. (1121705)

  • GI: Fixed error related to cached G buffer data: "Failed reading from a9/a9af123a12f31.ghd" when using the progressive lightmapper while having data from older versions in the GI cache.

  • GI: Fixed hashing issue when writing out AO textures for PLM.

  • GI: Fixed issue where probes had corrupted gizmos when they had 1 static object in the scene. (1123892)

  • GI: Fixed issue where push off parameter in Lightmap Parameters asset is ignored when baking lightmaps. (1117680)

  • GI: Fixed issue where selecting probe groups crashed Editor when using Metal (OSX). (1123971)

  • GI: Fixed so that the Lighting Explorer saves the column settings after restart of the Editor. (1131422)

  • GI: Fixes a potential baking crash when objects HideFlags are configured. (1129038)

  • GI: GPU lightmapper: Ensure OpenCL kernel are recompiled on Nvidia even when only the include files changes.

  • GI: GPU lightmapper: Fix crash on application exit when GPU lightmapper openCL context is lost.

  • GI: GPU lightmapper: Handle out of memory gracefully when BVH doesn't fit in GPU memory. This can happen when baking a terrain with high heightmap resolution.

  • GI: GPU lightmapper: Light shadow casting flag is respected for direct light from bounces. (1111135)

  • GI: Renamed "Auto Bake On/Off" to "Auto Generate Lighting On/Off" in the app bar.

  • GI: Skybox and lighting for Prefab Mode environment scenes now works correctly. This requires the lighting settings of the environment scene to have Auto Bake disabled. (1112978, 1146199)

  • GI: Use AI denoising for shadow mask and direct environment samples when baking with the GPU lightmapper. (1138839, 1144432)

  • Graphics: Create texture now occurs on a thread in cases when async loading to update an existing texture.

  • Graphics: Do not try to do gpu skinning with blend shapes having zero vertices (this IS in line with cpu skinning behavior) (1121794)

  • Graphics: Enabled GPU skinning for BlendShapes on Metal.

  • Graphics: Fix crash caused by Unknown LightMode in ShaderLab shader (1132088)

  • Graphics: Fix for crashes or incorrect display when updating mesh data from script when using Vulkan and graphics jobs. (1090932)

  • Graphics: Fixed an issue with game view not updating streaming mips fully when in edit mode. (1141222, 1145166)

  • Graphics: Fixed cases where overlapping cross fading objects somtimes appear to be opaque. (916831)

  • Graphics: Fixed dynamic resolution when using Vulkan. (1148341, 1148390)

  • Graphics: Fixed Editor when using Vulkan on AMD GPUs. (1145367, 1149413)

  • Graphics: Fixed issue where shadow quality settings were hidden when using an SRP, which meant that culling sometimes didn't include shadow casters.

  • Graphics: Fixed issue where Vulkan implementation of Texture2D.SetPixels may pipeline stall. (1141239, 1145494)

  • Graphics: Fixed issue with large scaled meshes with texture mip map streaming. (1139189, 1144483)

  • Graphics: Fixed Material.Lerp() crash when 'start' or 'end' argument is null. (1093930)

  • Graphics: Fixed memory leak when using Vulkan. (1137290, 1147000)

  • Graphics: Fixed missing caps for Pixels32 APIs (1129776)

  • Graphics: Fixed missing IsEACFormat and IsXRFormat APIs (1129777)

  • Graphics: Fixed RenderTextureFormat BGRA support. (1141798, 1144325)

  • Graphics: Fixed the app bar to show "Compiling shader 'x'" instead of just the shader name.

  • Graphics: Fixed vertex compression being disabled for all components for skinned mesh (as opposed to being disabled only for pos/nrm/tan) (1118278)

  • Graphics: Fixed Video Player Leaks GfxDriver Memory. (1136233, 1148733)

  • Graphics: Fixed: Instancing batcher would crash hard on Vulkan if attempting to draw without an active GPU program.

  • Graphics: Metal: Artifacts appear when using Dynamic Resolution with MSAA (1111105)

  • Graphics: Preview image of Billboard Renderer is now correctly shown in Project Window and LODGroup preview panel. (769753)

  • Graphics: Remove 4G limit on texture mip streaming budget. (1147394, 1150741)

  • Graphics: Textures unsupported by mip map streamin such as reflection probes and decals now load highest mip. (1115306, 1145164)

  • Graphics: VFX : Enable/Disable doesn't restart effect. (1133474, 1152230)

  • Graphics: Vulkan: Disable error spew when attempting to draw with missing bindings.

  • Graphics: Vulkan: Fix crash when setting rendertexture sampler properties when the actual texture hasn't been created yet. (1115165)

  • Graphics: Vulkan: Fix for visual flickering when editing mesh data from script when graphics jobs are in use. (1075277)

  • Graphics: Vulkan: Fixed crash when rendering reflection probes on Android. (1108968)

  • Graphics: Vulkan: Fixed crash when using MSAA.

  • IL2CPP: Marshal an array of primitive types as SAFEARRAY by default when if it used as a field. (1131557, 1146301)

  • IL2CPP: Throw a managed exception at runtime when a generic type is marshaled as a delegate parameter. (1122074)

  • Input: New Input System: Fix a crash when trying to map a key when a non-ASCII key mapping is selected, which does not produce characters for single key presses (e.g. Japanese).

  • Input: New Input System: Make scrolling delta on mac work with old-school clicker mice

  • Internal: Fixed BatchRendererGroup group removal.

  • iOS: Added missing iOS devices to the device list used by the editor for profiler, Unity Remote, etc. (1111598)

  • iOS: Fixed build failure when Xcode DerivedData path was set relative to the project. (1117371)

  • iOS: Fixed crash on startup when using P3 Color Gamut (1136841)

  • iOS: Fixed identification of iPad 6th (it used to be identified as iPadPro10Inch2Genor or iPadUnknown with iOS.Device.generation) (1065983)

  • iOS: Fixed Screen.autorotateTo causing missing call to UnityOrientationRequestWasCommitted, effectively resulting in running some code every frame from now on erroneously. (1122902)

  • iOS: Made Screen.currentResolution.refreshRate return actual refresh rate instead of hardcoding 30. (1117877)

  • iOS: Metal: stopped unconditionally discarding AA depth. (1009642, 1105101, 1145252)

  • iOS: We no longer override Xcode framework search paths setting when appending Xcode project. (703217)

  • iOS: [iOS] Audio is "jumpy" on some iOS devices, skipping a few frames every few seconds (1124966)

  • Kernel: Fixed possible crashes in Editor when methods in UnsafeUtility receive a null pointer. (1077692, 1144754)

  • Kernel: Fixed: Resizing array through SerialziedPropertie could lead to a crash. (1123752)

  • Linux: Fix: [Linux] Editor overwrites PlayerPrefs file when launched (1072116)

  • Linux: Fixed Editor crashing when started from the Hub (1140369, 1154319)

  • Linux: Fixed Linux Standalone Player touch events for IMGUI (1106839)

  • Linux: Fixed non-printable characters being allowed in GUI text objects in the Linux Editor. (1126208)

  • Linux: Linux Editor no longer fails to delete assets on partitions or network drives that do not contain trash directories. (1062162)

  • Linux: Pausing the Linux editor while playing with cursor lock mode set to locked or confined will now free the cursor. (1132336)

  • Lumin: Fixed error preventing running playmode tests on a Lumin device.

  • Lumin: Re-add package signing support for MagicLeap packages.

  • Multiplayer: Fixed NetworkManagerHUD "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'id' of null" thrown when clicking Lan Client on WebGL build (860733)

  • OSX: Fixed incorrect Input.keyCode value when keyboard layout changes on macOS.

  • OSX: Fixed queued key events getting incorrect modifiers flags causing the wrong shortcut to be executed.

  • Package Manager: A local package (file:) is no longer allowed to reference a sub folder inside "Assets", "Library" or "ProjectSettings".

  • Package Manager: Disabling Modules error message is inaccurate (1131602, 1145317)

  • Package Manager: Fix samples display overlap issues. (1140326)

  • Package Manager: Fix the issue where the status icons get corrupted when a user exit search mode. (1142542, 1144549)

  • Package Manager: Fixed an issue where a git dependency would resolve to the locked hash even after removing the commitish part of a Git URL.

  • Package Manager: Fixed an issue where cloning a Git repository could wait indefinitely for user input if credentials for that repository were not configured.

  • Package Manager: Fixed import of Complete Project category Asset Store Packages from 2018.1-2018.3, which could break Package Manager configuration in the importing project. (1139199, 1144340)

  • Package Manager: Fixes package manager UI error with different culture infos.

  • Package Manager: Use proper display:none to prevent hidden elements from showing up. (1139170)

  • Particles: Apply fade and soft particle properties to the Emissive color of the Standard Particle Shaders.

  • Particles: Fixed stuttering when using scripted simulation with long times. (753940, 1144335)

  • Particles: Opening a legacy Prefab with a ParticleSystem in Prefab Mode: ParticleSystemRenderer component is now correctly hidden in the Inspector.

  • Physics: Fix issue with cloth transform tools. (962773)

  • Player: Make PlayerConnection API work when reconnecting after disconnecting.

  • Player: New Input System: Fix order of event timestamps on windows. (1132707)

  • Player: New Input System: Fix potential deadlock when adding new devices.

  • Player: New Input System: Make Input Debugger work in edit mode.

  • Prefabs: Fix loosing selection of Prefab root in Prefab Mode after draggging script to Inspector.

  • Prefabs: PrefabMode: For broken prefabs use the root that the PrefabImporter has chosen when opening the prefab file in Prefab Mode, other dangling roots are deleted.

  • Prefabs: When multi-selecting Prefab instances and clicking Apply All, imports are now batched.

  • Scripting: Assembly Definition Reference editor - enable useGUID by default when the reference field is empty.

  • Scripting: Constructors called twice on ScriptableObjects with custom attributes when referencing the ScriptableObject instance. (1113071)

  • Scripting: Fix running editor with old scripting runtime if incremental GC is enabled in Project Settings. (1119216)

  • Scripting: Fix TargetInvocationException when using ML.NET. (1109657)

  • Scripting: Fix: Assertion failed on expression: '!m_CoroutineEnumeratorGCHandle.HasTarget()' is thrown when GC is collected (1094391)

  • Scripting: Fix: prevent user scripts from explicitely unloading global game managers (1114406)

  • Shaders: Fixed non-deterministic shader binaries in asset bundles (749340)

  • Shaders: Fixed shader upgrader to not add exclude_renderers due to const array usage. (1053734, 1143646)

  • Shaders: Minor HLSLcc fixes. (1105361, 1142484, 1143647, 1143648)

  • SpeedTree: Fixed collision object importing from SpeedTree v8 assets.

  • Timeline: Fixed Disable the possibility to add Markers to tracks of a Timeline that is ReadOnly (1134463, 1146268)

  • Timeline: Fixed drag and drop of objects on group tracks. (1014774)

  • Timeline: Fixed group track backgrounds disappearing when the header goes off screen from scrolling. (876340)

  • Timeline: Made drag and drop of objects between track insert the new track correctly. (1011381)

  • Timeline: Reactions for Signals were not correctly drawn (1134422)

  • UI: Fixed issue caused by deleting a dropdown list while it is open. (1106263)

  • UI: Fixed issue where enabling canvas and polling its RectTransform data in Awake/Start would return incorrect values for root RectTransforms.

  • UI: Fixed memory leak when rendering to a camera with a disabled display. (944603)

  • UI: Fixed poor wording in Advance Texture importing of tiled sprites. (1040453)

  • UI: Fixing issue with IndexedSet not returning -1 when element is not found in dictionary.

  • UI Elements: Create default asset when import a USS file fails (1125716)

  • UI Elements: Faster picking in UIElements (1124338)

  • UI Elements: Fix Adding new elements while clearing children make the editor freeze (1102592)

  • UI Elements: Fix editor play mode tint for UIElements. (1129564)

  • UI Elements: Fix MouseEnter/MouseLeave events consistency. (1081998, 1150185)

  • UI Elements: Fixed an invalid texture for toolbar element in Light skin (1117232)

  • UI Elements: Fixed broken edge expansion system and tesselation.

  • UI Elements: Fixed case of Material Editor (Inspector) constant repaint. (1111923)

  • UI Elements: Fixed issue that caused UIElements not to render on OpenGL Core 4.3 and 4.4. (1146281, 1146289)

  • UI Elements: Fixed the foldout triangle size (1122034)

  • UI Elements: Focused UI element is unfocused when window loses focus and gets it back when window is refocused (984433)

  • UI Elements: GraphView: Prevent activation of ContentDragger from Blackboard. (1146288)

  • UI Elements: Invalid scale values on the Z component are now ignored and won't prevent the VisualElement from disappearing (1134758, 1147315)

  • UI Elements: Prevents zoom in and out with scroll wheel while mouse is over blackboard in graphview. (1139333, 1146282)

  • UI Elements: Removed support for instanciating elements with DoCreate() in UXMLFactories

  • UI Elements: Resizing a clipper could leave children clippers with an invalid clipping state. (1119623)

  • UI Elements: Resizing a visual element will not cause unnecessary nudge or repaint of the descendants. (1109689, 1144434)

  • UI Elements: UIE Debugger: fix picking on OSX. (1141891, 1150831)

  • Universal Windows Platform: Fixed case of IL2CPP crashing when using certain new types (like Windows.Foundation.GuidHelper.Equals) in Windows SDK 17763 or newer.

  • Video: Fixed a Lumin video player shutdown crash. (1143515, 1143516)

  • WebGL: Fixed an issue with saving PlayerPrefs in WebGL. (1140820, 1145636)

  • Windows: Fix key 9 sending key events in the input system on Windows. (1132663)

  • Windows: Fix standalone Windows player hanging on startup on machines with strict group policies (1083303)

  • Windows: Fixed documentation summary in Visual Studio not being shown. (1148065, 1148633)

  • Windows: Improved Windows crash handling reliability.

  • XR: Allow Incremental GC on Lumin.

  • XR: Fix crash when resizing Player window after transitioning to VR (1097224, 1146648)

  • XR: Fix for standalone player with Vulkan api and single-pass instanced mode showing black screen in HMD. (1142602)

  • XR: Fix for Vulkan draw calls not drawing to second slice of texture array during stereo instancing (1129656)

  • XR: Fix for Vulkan Y-flipped on final rendered image when single-pass stereo instancing is enabled (1135134)

  • XR: Fix shell script permission denied error with Google VR when building iOS using the generated xcode project. (1129546, 1147093)

  • XR: Fix Unity shaders on Vulkan not setup for stereo instancing (1129654)

  • XR: Fixed case of Vulkan instance extensions not being applied on Oculus. (1123193)

  • XR: Fixed Magic Leap package download in Lightweight Render Pipeline template. (1106219, 1146997)

  • XR: Fixed OpenVR package from failing to download when Virtual Reality is enabled for new projects. (1082031, 1146995)

  • XR: Fixed stereo rendering support functions for shaders that must be written in GLSL. (1080662)

  • XR: The two types of raycasts in the XRRaycastSubsystem were profiled using the same tag, "XR.Raycast", making them indistinguishable in the profiler. They are now called "XR.RaycastFromScreen" and "XR.RaycastRay".

  • XR: UnityEngine.XR.InputTracking's GetLocalPosition and GetLocalRotation has been deprecated.

  • XR: [Lumin] Fixed a crash in the Unity video player when open fails. (1150947, 1151174)

System Requirements

For development

OS: Windows 7 SP1+, 8, 10, 64-bit versions only; macOS 10.12+. (Server versions of Windows & OS X are not tested.)

CPU: SSE2 instruction set support.

GPU: Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities.

The rest mostly depends on the complexity of your projects.

Additional platform development requirements:
  • iOS: Mac computer running minimum macOS 10.12.6 and Xcode 9.0 or higher.

  • Android: Android SDK and Java Development Kit (JDK); IL2CPP scripting backend requires Android NDK.

  • Universal Windows Platform: Windows 10 (64-bit), Visual Studio 2015 with C++ Tools component or later and Windows 10 SDK

For running Unity games

Generally content developed with Unity can run pretty much everywhere. How well it runs is dependent on the complexity of your project. More detailed requirements:

  • Desktop:

    • OS: Windows 7 SP1+, macOS 10.12+, Ubuntu 12.04+, SteamOS+
    • Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities.
    • CPU: SSE2 instruction set support.
  • iOS player requires iOS 9.0 or higher.

  • Android: OS 4.1 or later; ARMv7 CPU with NEON support or Atom CPU; OpenGL ES 2.0 or later.

  • WebGL: Any recent desktop version of Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Safari.

  • Universal Windows Platform: Windows 10 and a graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities

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March 20, 2019 Download / Release notes
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February 27, 2019 Download / Release notes
February 6, 2019 Download / Release notes
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