San Diego Unity Meetup- Game Dev Session

13:00 - 17:00 May 13, 2019在San Diego, United States


(No materials are provided, so bring whatever it is you use to make games!)

For the first 15-20 minutes, let's get settled, situated, introduce ourselves, share what we are working on, and what we want to accomplish. And, of course, get coffee.

After that, let's get down to business, to defeat... some tasks!

Game Dev is arduous work, so heads might be down for a while as we figure out why our games break, pick which pixel perfect palette to use, write up the rest of that rough design doc, and click "Mutation" on 100 more times to get the perfect "blip" sound effect, all while not forgetting to save our work. So, in this instance, having "heads down time" is a good thing...


About every hour or so, we can do a 5-10min check-in and stretch-sesh, as to not become complete zombies, as well as to see what others are up to, be a bit social, get more coffee, etc. Then, of course, we get back to work.

Rinse & Repeat, until...

We can close out each session with another 15-20 round of sharing what folks were able to get done, even if it wasn't much or flashy, as a way to show that we all grinded through something that we may not have otherwise. Maybe we will even have something playable for the group!

I also want these sessions to push us to share and publish our work, both on the meetup site, as well as on social media, as another way to show that we all accomplished something, and also just show off a bit. We earned it, right?

The real goal of this group and these sessions is that, even if this is the only time you have to put toward working on your game project, you can always walk away knowing you put time in, and can come in next time to pick up right where you left off, along with myself and others doing the same.



13:00 - 17:00 May 13, 2019


Lestat's Coffee Hillcrest
1041 University Ave
92103 San Diego, 美国