Unity Masterclass - Graphics

09:30 - 14:30 February 18, 2017在Melbourne VIC, Australia

Graphics Masterclass

Learn how to add graphics bling to your game with these three sessions on shader programming and particle magic. These talks were first given at Unite Melbourne 2016, but we had to turn people away because the rooms were overfull. We’re re-running them in this masterclass so everyone gets a chance to learn.

A laptop is not required, but you may like to bring one along to take notes and try out the techniques you’ll be learning.

As there are limited seats, please register quickly to reserve a spot. Priority access is given to Unity Plus/Pro subscribers and on a first come first serve. We regret that we might cancel some registrations (final cancellation date is Feb 16) if the seats are all filled up by Unity subscribers.  More details will be updated here and shared with all registrants via email.


9:30 am: Registration

10 am: Introduction to Shader Programming

11:30 am: The Power of Surface Shaders

12:30 pm : Lunch Break

1:30 pm: Explosive Art: Bringing Particle Systems to Life


Session/Speaker details

Introduction to Shader Programming (60 min)

John Sietsma (Unity Technologies)

Shaders open up a new world of visual effects. In this beginner level session you’ll learn the basics of vertex and fragment shader programming. You’ll find out what shaders are and learn techniques you can apply to your game. This session covers:

  • What are vertex and fragment shaders?
  • Texturing and shader properties
  • UV scrolling
  • Texture distortion
  • Texture masking
  • Clipping
  • Controlling shader properties in code and through animation.


The Power of Surface Shaders (60 min)

Edward Blanch (Considerable Content, Tin Man Games)

This advanced level session will break down surface shaders clearly to show how they integrate with the Unity engine. Ed will be showing:

  • What is a Surface Shader and how they differ from an unlit HLSL or GLSL Shader.
  • Why use Surface Shaders.
  • Surface Shaders in Unity 5 and how they relate Unity's Standard Shader.
  • A clear breakdown of most Surface Shader components, built in Values, functions and where to find online documentation.
  • Expanding Surface Shaders to integrate simple and complex custom behaviours.
  • How to work with Unity's built in lighting. 
  • Advanced Shader Examples showing projects that make extensive use of Custom Surface Shaders.


Explosive Art: Bringing Particle Systems to Life (60 min)

Ryan Keeble (Mighty Games Group)

This intermediate level session explores tips and tricks to levelling up your games with the magic of particles. Ryan will demonstrate how to use Unity Shuriken to create efficient and exciting assets used in games such as Crossy Road and Shooty Skies, pushing the boundaries for great visual impact without blowing the budget.




09:30 - 14:30 February 18, 2017


Melbourne VIC, 澳大利亚