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Are you just starting out with Unity? Feeling a little overwhelmed? Don’t worry; you’ve come to the right place. Browse below and select the right learning path for you.

目前对 Unity 技能的需求非常大并且预计未来两年内会有超过 35% 的增长。 - Burning Glass

Learn Unity. The all-in-one creation tool

More than an engine, Unity gives you everything you need to develop quality content and succeed with it. Once you get the hang of it, it will be so rewarding.

  • Self-guided learning path
  • Structured learning path
  • The most complete learning path
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Self-guided path to learning Unity

下载Unity, then navigate your way through all of Unity’s free learning content available online at You’ll find tons of material including drag and drop game kits, documentation, community forums, 实时课程, and our popular answers section.

Structured path to learning Unity

The most fun way to learn Unity

下载Unity,了解游戏开发的要领。从 Unity 基础技能开始,之后会深入学习美术、设计或编程课程。选择单个课程或全部课程!完成课程后,您将制作出《持剑勇士》游戏!

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The most complete path to learning Unity

Learn faster with Unity Plus

Get Unity Plus — for hobbyists who want to accelerate their learning and development. With the Unity Plus 1 year prepaid plan get these six valuable learning benefits included for free:

优惠订阅 Unity 游戏开发课程

通过价值 144 美元的 Unity 游戏开发课程了解游戏开发的要领。从 Unity 基础技能开始,之后会深入学习美术、设计或编程课程。选择单个课程或全部课程!完成课程后,您将制作出《持剑勇士》游戏!

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Unity Success Advisor

Never feel stuck. Only accessible to you as a subscriber, you will have dedicated access to chat with a Unity specialist who can help you with things like:

  • Find tools and resources so you can develop as efficiently and smartly as possible with Unity.
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