版本检查: 2017.3


难度: 新手

This component is used to change the sprite of a GameObject depending on how many inventory items have been collected.

Once all the items have been collected the On Unlocked function is called. In the below example the three inventory items to collect are Key1, Key2 and Key3. Each time one item in the inventory is collected the sprite changes.

Interact On Trigger 2D and Interact On Button 2D are also able to check if this component has been satisfied.

  • Required Inventory Item Keys: The list of Keys of the GameObjects that need to be collected. Once ALL are collected it triggers the On Unlocked event.

    • Size: The amount of items that need to be collected. Size increases the number of Elements below.

    • Element: The Key of the GameObjects collected.

  • Unlock State Sprites: The list of sprites that display when collecting items. Sprites change sequentially.

    • Size: Number of sprite slots.

    • Element: A sprite that changes the appearance of a GameObject when an inventory item is collected.

  • Key Director Trigger: This triggers a Director sequence if one is set up.

  • Character Inventory: The GameObject holding the Inventory Controller. This component uses to track the collection.

  • On Unlocked: The events triggered when all the items have been collected and sprites changed.

  • Data Settings: See the Persistent Data documentation for more info.