Rock and Vegetation Painter

版本检查: 2018.1


难度: 新手

To further spruce up your scene, we have created a Rock Painter and a Vegetation Painter. These tools allow you to place vegetation and rocks with varying sizes and rotations while keeping them aligned with the surface you are painting on.

To use these tools;

  • In the Hierarchy locate VegetationPainter

  • Click on the arrow to expand its children

  • Click on GroundCover

  • Hover the mouse over the ground in the Scene View

  • Left click to place some grass/lilly pads where you desire.

You can change the type of object being placed to do this;

  • Navigate to the Inspector

  • In the Instance Painter component there are pictures of each prefab in the painter.

  • The selected prefab will be grey

  • Click on the white highlighted box to select that Prefab to paint with.

Controls for the painter can be found at the top of the Instance Painter Component, some controls to get your started: * Left Click : Paint
* Ctrl (Cmd) + Left Click : Delete * Alt + Scroll : Increase Brush Size
* Space : Randomize positions and rotation

Any object you paint on will be stored as a Child of the Parent. For example;

  • Navigate to the Hierarchy

  • Expand GroundCover

Every object of that type from the paint will be stored here as a child. You can also click on these to individually edit and place them.

The process is the same to paint VegetationSmall, VegetationMedium & VegetationLarge

Painting rocks is done in the same way;

  • In the Hierarchy find RockPainter

  • Click on the arrow to expand its children

  • Click on RocksSmall

  • Hover your mouse over the desired area to place rocks and Click to place.

These tools help you to quickly add variation in the way you decorate your level. These can be found and placed the traditional way of dragging in prefabs from the Prefabs folder.

  • Go to Project Window

  • Go to Assets > 3DGameKit > Prefabs > Environment

Here you can find folders for Rocks, VegetationSmall, VegetationMedium, VegetationLarge.

You can click and drag any of these into the Scene View to place them in your level. Please note that position, rotations and size will not be randomised when dragging objects in this way.

Continue to place objects in your scene. Don’t forget to occasionally test your level by pressing Play to see how things are looking in the game.

We’ve created a small environment to show you game mechanics in the following chapters. Have fun and get creative with your level building!