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Take advantage of Windows 10 momentum and new market opportunities in the Windows Store.

Windows 10: Build great games with Unity 5.4

More users, more devices, more experiences.

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New revenue opportunities

Windows 10 open up new revenue opportunities, extending your game’s reach to Windows users on PCs, tablets, phones, consoles, and even HoloLens.

Global reach, local payment instruments

The Windows Store helps simplify distribution and monetization, letting you focus on building a great game. You can easily implement IAP and subscriptions, and users can pay you with credit cards, MO billing, PayPal and even BitCoin. For more information, go to Monetization, customer engagement, and Store services.

Familiar tool, familiar processes

Windows 10 and Unity 5.4 gives your studio the ability to create games with the tools and processes you already know, leveraging your current assets and code to write apps that take advantage of the latest capabilities. For more information, go to Windows 10 game development guide.

Now with Unity 5.4 – Visual Studio Integration

Turn Visual Studio into a powerful Unity development environment. Write code more productively by leveraging all the productivity features that Visual Studio has to offer, such as IntelliSense, refactoring, and code browsing capabilities. With the free Visual Studio Tools for Unity extension, you can easily navigate, create and edit Unity scripts inside Visual Studio. It also brings the premium Visual Studio debugging experience to the Unity game engine. Identify issues quickly by debugging your Unity games in Visual Studio— Set breakpoints and evaluate variables and complex expressions. Utilize Microsoft HockeyApp to easily gain insight into application crashes through basic information about the environment (device type, OS version, etc.) and the stacktrace of the exception in both testing and live environments.

In addition, use Visual Studio Online to collaborate with your team, use tools such as the Kanban board for agile workflows, get unlimited Git private repositories, and set up continuous integration for your Unity games – all in the cloud. Build more engaging features for your games and deploy them to the cloud using Microsoft Azure.

Learn more about building Unity games with Visual Studio.

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