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Whether you’re developing a VR game, social experience, entertainment or education app, easily publish across the entire Oculus platform with Unity. Deliver amazing immersive experiences for the most passionate PC VR users with Oculus Rift + Touch, and the largest mobile VR audience with Samsung Gear VR + controller.

Oculus Go

虚拟现实可如影随形。无需PC或连接电线,即可轻松进入VR。Oculus Go是一款非常舒适的一体化VR头盔。采用透气面料、可调节佩带和Oculus的顶尖镜片设计。最低价格仅199美元。



Join the Rift developer community and create content for the world’s premium consumer VR experience. With Oculus Touch controllers, your audience can engage in your experience with extraordinary precision and haptic feedback. Combine this with powerful Oculus audio resources and the Unity development environment, and you’ll unlock the magic of presence in VR.


Samsung Gear VR由Oculus提供支持

加入Gear VR开发人员社区,为世界上分发最广泛的VR头盔创作内容。凭借Gear VR控制器,用户可以使用手指在Gear VR应用程序中执行指向、拖放、倾斜和拍摄等操作。将该头盔与Oculus社交平台资源和Unity开发环境结合使用,您可以充分挖掘VR的潜力。