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Why Unity for VR/AR?


Unity支持所有新型主流平台。原生支持Oculus Rift、Steam VR/Vive、Playstation VR、Gear VR、Microsoft HoloLens以及Google的Daydream View。

Super-high frame rates

Thanks to a highly-optimized stereoscopic rendering pipeline and the tools to help you further optimize your content

Rapid iterative development

Make a platform-specific build just like that, tweak some values and build again

Built-in support for numerous platform-specific features

Plus a versatile VR/AR API

Close collaboration with leading device manufacturers

To deliver the best possible VR development experience


Unity extensibility also allows any third party hardware manufacturer to develop their own plugins and SDKs. You won’t get all the benefits of our highly optimized pipeline, but you can still use Unity to create an impressive VR/AR experience. Third party plugins already available include the Cardboard SDK for Unity, OSVR, MergeVR and Vuforia.

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