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Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra offers innovative and customer-centric solutions that represent the connected world.

Tangible business value

As a Unity Centre of Excellence (COE), Tech Mahindra uses digital experiences, innovation platforms and reusable assets to deliver tangible business value. We are a USD 4.6billion company with 117,200+ professionals across 90 countries helping over 885 global customers including Fortune 500 companies.

Immersive reality solutions that help your business

The Center of Excellence (COE) in Bangalore focuses on immersive reality solutions in the fields of Augmented, Virtual, Mixed Reality and Gamification for global organizations. Industry and domain experts help you grow your business and sustain a competitive edge through sharp training, research, consulting & advisory services.These services are also extended to sectors like Healthcare & Life Sciences, Oil & Gas, Education, Automobile and others.

COE Tech Mahindra

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