The forums are the central hub of our community discussions and chatter. Voice your opinion, show what you're working on, and check out the cool things others are doing. The forums are also a great place to contact other Unity developers if you need to build or expand your team.

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Answers is our community site for concrete Unity questions and answers. Beginners and experts alike are welcome to post, helping each other out with Unity. The built-in voting system helps finding the best answers quicker.

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Issue Tracker

You can use the Unity Issue Tracker to get clear information about the status of bugs that have been successfully reproduced. Plus, vote for your least favourite bug to get it fixed more quickly.

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Unity Live Help

Get 1:1 live lesson on any Unity topic or help troubleshooting your project from a verified community expert.

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Unity provides high-quality resources to help you while you develop your interactive content. Our thorough, well-organized and easy-to-read documentation covers how to use every single component in Unity, with a separate reference guide for how to create and use scripts.

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