NYC Unity Meetup- October 2020 Virtual Meetup

18:00 - 20:00 October 21, 2020 in Zoom, United States

After successfully running our last meetup with our ambitious combo of YouTube, Rec Room, and a regular old web call, we're ready to try it again - and this time we've lined up some amazing VR expert speakers to match our virtual meeting theme!

For those out of the loop, we'll be using Rec Room's experimental support for screen & audio sharing (through a VR-worldspace screen & speakers) to let attendees watch live sessions with the community in spatial audio, and/or wander away from the stage for conversations over virtual pizza & beer, while keeping an ear out for the interesting bits. The Youtube Stream will also be simultaneously available for traditional twitch-style chat and Q&A.

We'll start a little earlier than usual this time (6p EDT) and also try to carve out a chunk of the middle of the event for networking, just like in the before-times.

Here's our lineup this month:

*Thomas van Bouwel - MixPanel Analytics / Cubism*
Thomas is the solo developer behind the fantastic and recently-launched Cubism (, last demoed to us in 2018, and available now on Quest and PCVR headsets. While he'll be joining us from Brussels, I think we can claim him as an NYC VR developer given his formative years here working in VR, during which Cubism's weekend-prototype was born. For this talk, Thomas will share how he implemented and used Mixpanel analytics to improve Cubism's (outstanding) puzzle design.

*Hessvacio Hassan - Mystery Slot*
Hess is the lead developer & creator of Museum Multiverse (, an amazing-looking, in-development puzzle-platformer which graced our real-world stage (we still miss you, Betaworks!) back in 2019. When he volunteered to do a VR speaker slot we accepted sight-unseen; the contents of his talk may have something to do with his new gig at Praxis Labs (, or something else entirely.

*Eric "Yarwad" Yearwood - Virtual Production / VR Streaming Networked Cameras*
Eric's most recent Unity project is the mindblowing Quest Draw AR (, which absolutely is not getting enough attention, and you should go look at it; but he's also created virtual production environments for Netflix, VICE, and HBO. Eric will speak about his work in creating virtual production environments (!) and streaming networked cameras (!!) in VR.

We'll aim to start at 6pm sharp to make sure we're all done by 8p, and all are welcome to ping us with questions right here on Meetup or via our UnityNYC slack at

Thanks for reading, and hope to see you there!!


About Rec Room: Rec Room is a Made With Unity, free-to-play, venture-funded, VR-first social & games platform which also supports PC (mouse/keyboard), PS4, and even iOS.

We know it can be intimidating, but we're also convinced that it's worth a try for everyone - especially for those of us with VR headsets. Even without a headset, or even a microphone, RR's spatial audio & interactivity makes it as close as you can get (during COVID) to our classic community experience.

Grab it for free at

To join us in Rec Room, have a friend teleport you into our Stage room (^UnityNYCStage), or join it from your favorites; this time we'll do our best to prevent more than 1 instance of it from existing at the same time.

You can also join our UnityNYC Club (for which ^UnityNYC is a literal clubhouse) by searching for it, or by putting in our club code:

If you've got any questions about this chaotic experiment in virtual networking, please do feel free to ping us about it on Slack or within Rec Room itself. Your organizers' rec room handles are:

And check out our custom rooms at:



18:00 - 20:00 October 21, 2020


Zoom, USA

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