Patch 2017.2.1p2

Veröffentlicht: 12. January 2018

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Wir freuen uns, Unity 2017.2.1p2 ankündigen zu können! Die Versionshinweise und den zugehören Issue-Tracker-Link für die in dieser Version behobenen Probleme finden Sie unten.

Wie üblich werden Patches nur für die Nutzer empfohlen, die von den im Patch behobenen Fehlern auch betroffen sind.


  • iOS: Expose APIs that allow changing home button hiding and system gesture deferral properties on runtime.


  • (941945) - Animation: Improved fix for creating an ongoing transition.
  • (967382) - Animation: Fixed an issue that was causing the Editor to throw an exception when selecting animator transitions in an undocked preview window.
  • (973917) - Asset import: Fixed bug with import of FBX with custom framerate generating animationClips with an incorrect framerate.
  • (975345) - Audio: Fixed a crash in AudioLowPassFilter on Nintendo Switch.
  • (959444) - Build Pipeline: Improved player and asset bundle build performance for large builds.
  • (953940) - Cache Server: Fixed an issue which caused the Unity client to hang indefinitely.
  • (975920) - Editor: Fixed lightingdata.asset files getting re-opened in text mode in certain situations.
  • (946550) - GI: Fixed editor crash when when deleting a prefab which is used as a tree in Terrain inspector.
  • (957651) - IL2CPP: Fixed a crash on iOS which can occur when a device is awakened during a blocking socket call with a SIGPIPE signal.
  • (962771) - IL2CPP: Work around for a C++ compiler bug in the Android r13b NDK that could cause the NullCheck method to be incorrectly removed from the - resulting binary.
  • (980362) - iOS: Fix iOS 11 crash when application is launched from URL and airplay screen mirroring is enabled.
  • (980303) - iOS: Allow landscape startup on iOS11.
  • (956318) (57809) - iOS: Fixed trampoline calling UI methods ([UIApplication delegate]) from a background thread.
  • (913856) (57503) - iOS: Fixed locked orientation app getting rotations from portrait to landscape when sharing to another app on iOS 8 & 9
  • (979005) (58588) - iOS: Fixed problem with missing keyboard Done/Cancel buttons for iPhone X.
  • (None) - Package Manager: Fixed editor not starting because of custom proxy configuration on host machine.
  • (966306) - Particles: Fixed emission properties being incorrectly upgraded from previous Unity versions.
  • (930358) - Scripting: Fixed crash when using GitHub for Unity.
  • (962764) - Terrain: Fixed default smoothness for terrain without a texture.
  • (966790) - Universal Windows Platform: Fixed NotSupportedException being thrown on UWP builds with .NET scripting backend enabled when using Timeline.
  • (955086) - Universal Windows Platform: Fixed NavMeshObstacles being ignored on 64-bit master builds
  • (949806) (934783) - Universal Windows Platform: Fixed debugging scripts on .NET scripting backend
  • (953086) - Windows: Fixed game window not getting minimized when using exclusive fullscreen mode on Windows key press.
  • (964052) - Windows: Fixed executable not having Unity version info.
  • (None) - XR: Fixed a random crash in Windows Mixed Reality.
  • (969944) - XR: Fixed tracking loss never recovers in Windows Mixed Reality.
  • (963320) - XR: Fixed issue with grabpass when used single-pass stereo rendering.
  • (970906) - XR: Fixed ScreenCapture.CaptureScreenshot() captures stereo instancing screenshots incorrectly.
  • (971944) - XR: Fixed shaders targeting XR platforms being included in builds where XR support is disabled.
  • (None) - XR: Fixed a regression that would cause BEV cameras not to track properly.

Revision: 1dc514532f08