2017.4.23f1 Release Notes


  • Android: Fixed problems with manifest file and gradle templates after updating gradle plugin to 3.2. (1118286)

  • Android: Un-deprecate AndroidTargetDevice.

  • Animation: Fixed crash when playing a playable graph and setting an override controller. (1087755)

  • Asset Bundles: Fixed error when loading an object from an asset bundle on the first frame of a scene load operation under certain conditions. (1094045)

  • Asset Database: Fixed an issue where scenes with a period in the name could not be loaded by asset bundles. (1022819)

  • Asset Pipeline: Fixed Asset Bundles not loading scenes if the scene had a period in its name. (1022819, 1104962)

  • Asset Pipeline: Fixed non-deterministic data in asset bundle when using Prebake Collision Mesh. (1116173)

Changeset: f80c8a98b1b5

Changeset: f80c8a98b1b5

Unity 2017.4.23

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