2017.4.27f1 Release Notes


  • 2D: Fixed an issue where sprites could disappear while moving in the tile palette. (1133841, 1140232)

  • Android: Fixed an issue on Mali GPUs where font textures would occupy 4 times more memory than on other GPUs. (1132219, 1134228)

  • Android: Fixed an issue with ASTC compression on mobile. (1059665, 1141311)

  • Android: Fixed issue where Unity logo in splash screen was shown as a black rectangle on Android 4.4 devices. (1100390, 1129749)

  • Android: Fixing problem with detecting latest installed build tools version. (1094262, 1132183)

  • GI: Fixed generating UV2 with UnityEditor.Unwrapping.GenerateSecondaryUVS failing when generating for models with more than 64k vertices. (1131979, 1134708)

  • Graphics: Fixed Skybox field in Lighting Window not showing the correct value when working with multiple scenes. (916245, 1140744)

  • Particles: Fixed newly emitted particle sizes not being updated when using Simulate and the restart flag is true. (1104199, 1123852)

  • Particles: Fixed Simulate not updating sub-emitters particles when restart flag was false. (1104199, 1123852)

  • Player: Libpng library upgraded to version 1.6.36. (1141755, 1148312)

  • Unity Test Runner: Fixed filtering in the TestRunner while running tests from the batch mode. (1008728, 1051195)

  • Web: Fixed WebViewTests causing editor to crash on exit. (1038514, 1056726)

  • XR: Fixed a CPU core configuration issue on Oculus Quest that resulted in too many job threads spinning up. (1141670, 1141677)

Changeset: 0c4b856e4c6e

Unity 2017.4.27

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