Release Notes

  • Fixed hang due to job threads occasionally going idle even if they have jobs assigned to them.
  • 2D: Fixed crash on "SpriteAtlas::ReconcilePackedSprites" during AssetBundle build while repacking Sprite Atlases. (1142859)
  • Android: Fixed crash when upgrading an existing app to ARM64. (1157347)
  • Build Pipeline: Fixed Added a call to clean up high memory usage in BuildPipeline.BuildAssetBundles to avoid a crash due to out of memory. (1129899)
  • Editor: Changed editor preference behavior to only update modified values in the plist file on MacOS. (1146446)
  • Editor: Fixed Drag and dropping doesn't always work. (1136897)
  • Editor: Fixed Mouse move events affect Editor UI performance. (973842)
  • Editor: Fixed Restrict Editor debugging to clients on same machine. (1140292)
  • GI: Fixed the environment lighting and skybox are not updated. (1156360)
  • Graphics: Fixed crash in AssetBundle build while repacking Sprite Atlases. (1142855)
  • Graphics: Fixed issue where ETC Crunch decoder would crash on iOS. (1152384)
  • IL2CPP: Corrected an intermittent crash when a managed exception occurs on a back ground thread while the process is shutting down. (1152376)
  • iOS: Fixed AudioMixerPlayable and AudioPlayable crash while terminating iOS application. (1118388
  • iOS: Fixed player crashing at decode_alpha_selectors_etc when decoding crunched ETC texture. (1140135)
  • Mobile: Fixed [Razer Phone] TargetFPS and vSyncCount having no effect on the actual FPS. (1136329)
  • PS4: Fixed indirect draws sometimes resulting in softhang. (1148616)
  • Windows: Fixed issue where high-poll-rate mice were causing performance degradation in the Editor on Windows. (1146052)

Changeset: e3a0f7dd2097

Unity 2017.4.28

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