Release Notes

  • Android: Fixed a crash when a shader is written in GLSL and uses Single-pass rendering in Android VR. (1145324)
  • Android: Fixed Android SDK on Windows not including a compatible version of the apkanalyzer tool. (1158244)
  • Animation: Fixed animation jobs SetPosition/SetLocalPosition not working on humanoid transform for rig with translation DoF ON (1103108)
  • Animation: Fixed bone animations failing to work on GameObjects when animations are scripted. (1137048)
  • Animation: Fixed drag and dropping of a clip into the animation previewer in the inspector window. (1148438)
  • Asset Pipeline: Fixed rehash asset when changing asset bundle setting in meta file v1. (1143338)
  • Editor: Fixed A cloth component attached to an object disabling the Transform tools. (1141582)
  • Editor: Fixed a regression where results from the player would no longer update correctly in the UI. (1151147)
  • Input: Fixed mouse.scroll glitching when moving mouse after scrolling. (1091512)
  • OSX: Fixed ASTC HDR textures broken in MacEditor/Metal. (1145498)
  • Terrain: Fixed issues with cloning TerrainData. (1151029)
  • Timeline: Fixed marker UI is the same color and size on infinite track. (1146267)
  • Timeline: Fixed moving a marker on an Infinite Track will keep the track in infinite mode. (1146263)
  • Timeline: Fixed zooming in/out will keep the padding at the beginning of the timeline. (1146276)
  • UI Elements: Fixed UIE Debugger picking on OSX. (1150832)
  • UI: Dirty the canvas batch when a element is enabled. This will ensure it gets put back into the render order. (1077708)
  • UI: Fixed a performance issue appears when sorting a large amount of UI Objects with Canvas Component. (1153402)
  • UI: Fixed being unable to change Image color cannot be changed via script when Image type is set to Simple. (1148360)
  • UI: Fixed issue with TextGeneration populating with extra unneeded verts from rich text tags.
  • UI: Fixed nested Canvas not rendering when UI element which is a following child of parent canvas is enabled and disabled. (1158241)
  • UI: removing sprite mesh caching optimization as it was causing too many issues . (1143135)
  • UI: Removing the ref requirement from the AllSelectablesNoAlloc
  • XR: Fixed a Lumin video player shutdown crash. (1143517)
  • XR: Fixed Camera.Render() incorrectly rendering to a RenderTexture when VR is enabled. (986355 )
  • XR: Fixed Google VR package removal when Cardboard or Daydream is still in the VR Device list. (1139415)
  • XR: Fixed latency issues in use of Windows MR API. (1148210)
  • XR: Fixed Magic Leap package download in Lightweight Render Pipeline template. (1139672)
  • XR: Fixed OpenVR package failing to download when Virtual Reality is enabled for new projects. (1139417)
  • XR: Fixed pointer access in certain situations to protect against null pointer dereference. (1152861)
  • XR: Fixed uGUI Dropdown when selected not using the raycasters of the parent canvas if available. (1152181)

Changeset: 0ca0f5646614

Unity 2019.1.5

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