Unity 4.2.1

The Unity 4.2.1 release brings you fixes. Read the release notes below for details.

For more information about the previous main release, see the Unity 4.2 Release Notes.

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  • Android: Fixed an issue where a KeyNotFoundException was thrown when trying to deploy to the android emulator.
  • Android: Renamed exported .jar file from untiy-classes.jar to unity-classes.jar
  • Android: .meta files are now dropped before compilation of android libraries.
  • Android: Fixed for "Unable to find suitable jdk installation" on windows.
  • BlackBerry: Fixed issue where windows xp BlackBerry registration file path was not supported.
  • Fixed issue where windows xp BlackBerry registration file path was not supported.
  • Bugreporter: Fixed crash when submitting documentation bugs from OS X.
  • Documentation: Fixed that some editor classes were not showing up in the table of contents (Editor, EditorWindow).
  • Documentation: Monobehaviour page no longer has a dead link.
  • Documentation: "Inherited from ..." is showing for classes that inherit from other Unity classes.
  • Editor: Fixed editor crashing on older (SM2.0) GPUs.
  • Editor: Fixed that clicking cancel on the build progress bar would loose any unsaved work and would fail to load original scene.
  • Editor: Fixed memory leak occurring during Play/Stop and script compilation.
  • Editor: Fixed nested property drawers finding the wrong property drawer to use for rendering.
  • Editor: Asset store doesn't hang after downloading and importing assets.
  • Graphics: Fixed incorrect rendering order on meshes with multiple materials, introduced in Unity 4.2.
  • Graphics: Fixed multiple texture coordinate handling in immediate mode on OpenGL ES 3.0.
  • iOS: Fixed Input.compensateSensors not working with autorotation.
  • iOS: Fixed SystemInfo.deviceUniqueIdentifier returning udid on pre-iOS 7 devices that is different from the one returned in Unity 4.1.
  • iOS: Fixed status bar appearance on iOS 7.
  • iOS: Enforced proper screen mode and overscan compensation for AirPlay Displays.
  • iOS: Fixed PLCrashReporter name clash with Crittercism plugin.
  • iOS: Fixed crash when using SystemInfo.deviceUniqueIdentifier repeatedely.
  • Mecanim: Fixed culling crash bug happening in visibility callback.
  • Memory Profiler: Fixed freed textures in OpenGL showing up as a memory leak.
  • Mobile: Fixed Camera rendering to RenderTexture outside of normal rendering loop.
  • Mobile: Fixed possible OpenGL ES objects leaks when using several RenderTextures and destroying them.
  • Particles: Fixed editor crash when exiting playmode with particle system inspector showing.
  • Physics: Fixed incorrect collider/trigger exit messages being sent when paused.
  • Windows Store Apps: Fixed the leaked exceptions from sensors (typically happens when the system reports that a gyroscope exists but fails to set the properties) that break the rendering loop.
  • Windows Phone: Implemented Application.OpenURL.
  • Windows Phone: Fixed editor lock up when profiling and deploying new build at the same time.
  • Windows Phone: Fixed reloading of assets from bundles on fast resume.
  • Windows Phone and Windows Store Apps:
    • Fixed WWW class constructor - now it never throws exceptions.
    • Fixed crash on accessing WheelHit.collider after calling WheelCollider.GetGroundHit().
    • Arrays with dimension bigger than one won't be serialized. For ex., byte [,]
    • Unity splash screen will be shown if you have a basic license, this is not a splash screen shown by OS, it's the one shown by Unity engine.
  • Windows Store Apps: PlayerPrefs will correctly store huge strings.
  • OpenGL ES 3.0: Made various fixes and stability improvements.
  • OS X Web Player: Fixed crash when starting up the web player when an IME input mode is enabled.


Unity 4.2.1

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