Unity 4.3.1

The Unity 4.3.1 release brings you improvements and fixes. Read the release notes below for details.

For more information about the previous main release, see the Unity 4.3 Release Notes.

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  • Windows Store Apps/Windows 8.1: When using debug player, more information will be outputed to Output Window, for ex., WindowsActivate, WindowsSizeChanged events, etc
  • Windows Store Apps: Restore CompilationOverrides.UseNetCore option behavior like it was in 4.2.x, basically if you have this option - all C# files will be compiled against .NET Core, also introduced a new option UseNetCorePartially which compiles C# against .NET Core if they're not located in - Plugins, Standard Assets or Pro Standard Assets directories.


  • 2D: Can now create sprites from POT textures in advanced mode.
  • 2D: Destroying a Sprite's texture will not crash the SpriteRenderer that's using it.
  • 2D: Do not trash MaterialPropertyBlock on a SpriteRenderer.
  • 2D: Sprite.textureRectOffset won't crash the editor anymore.
  • BlackBerry: Fixed garbage collect crash when using threads
  • BlackBerry: SystemInfo.deviceUniqueIdentifier now returns serial number correctly
  • Debugger: Avoid deadlocks on OSX
  • Graphics: Fix "fence == expectedFence" error with GPU skinning
  • Graphics: Fix GPU Skinning crash on DX11 when the bone count changes.
  • Graphics: Fixed Intel DX9 GPUs (like Intel 945) incorrectly being labeled as unsupported by Unity.
  • Graphics: Fixed real-time shadows with orthographic camera and baked occlusion data.
  • Graphics: Fixed Screen.width and height reporting incorrect values in the Editor.
  • Graphics: Fixed some setups with shadows & image effects causing crashes in free Unity version.
  • iOS: Fixed iOS build being non-PIE compatible
  • Physics: Assert being thrown when 2D collider area is below what Box2D can handle.
  • Physics: Fixed inability to set 2D rigid-body mass from the scripts.
  • Physics: Slider Joint 2d properties accept Infinity value and produce runtime errors
  • Sourcebuild: Fixed running tests in stripped sourcecode builds
  • WebPlayer Installer: Install x64 content to Program Files instead of Program Files (x86)
  • WePlayer: Fixed a WTS bug on Windows 8 and 8.1 where the player would think that the screen is locked
  • Windows Editor/Player: Fixed rendering performance regressions in 4.3.
  • Windows Editor: Fixed crash on toggling Direct3D 11 mode when profiler window is open.
  • Windows Store Apps/Windows 8.1: Fix a bug with Independent Input source enabled, the application would report incorrect touch position on some devices, for ex., Surface Pro
  • Windows Store Apps/Windows 8.1: Fix a bug with Independent Input source enabled, the application will still receive input after loosing and regaining focus.
  • Windows Store Apps/Windows Phone 8: Fixed random crashes, when putting pressure on GC.
  • Windows Store Apps: Fixed a bug where the webcam could destroyed before its deinitialization is finished
  • Windows Store Apps: fixed checking plugin compatibility for .NET 4.5 plugins
  • Windows Store Apps: fixed lowercase 'y' not working in input controls
  • Windows Store Apps: fixed setting default cursor in player settings
  • Windows Store Apps: Fixed the issue where BlockUntilDone in WWW backend would not properly wait until the http task is completely finished


Unity 4.3.1

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