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  • Metal: Improved ETC texture format support
  • Metal: Make native plugin interface versioned, renamed IUnityGraphicsMetal to IUnityGraphicsMetalV1 to signal that explicitly (old name is kept around for backward compatibility)
  • UI: Improved the performance of the culling by RectMask2D.


  • (965024) - Android: Fixed possible crash with Performance Reporting enabled.
  • (1027494(1018967)) - Android: Only include selected abi's from .aar plugins.
  • (None) - Android: Updated JDK download link to lead to supported version.
  • (964886) - Animation: Fixed an issue where modifying a Playable Graph playing AnimationClips in Editor would not play newly added clips.
  • (1014724) - Asset Import: Fixed push pull dilation not being applied when importing lightmaps.
  • (None) - Build: Fixed build being strict strict.
  • (None) - Core: Fixed issue where the Unity splash screen's resources would not be unloaded.
  • (983772) - Core: Fixed very rare assert which can happen on old CPUs "Assertion failed: Null JobInfo in Steal".
  • (1018645) - Editor: Fixed performance issues for inspector window looking up custom editors.
  • (1014027) (952569)) - Editor: Fixed local assets being overwritten during collab update.
  • (1024888) (1021293)) - Editor: Fixed multi-edit of text field (specifically delayed numerical editors).
  • (997954) - GI: Fixed issue where an error code would be reported when switching scene visualization mode to Indirect or Emissive due to a lack of data.
  • (991393) - GI: Fixed a memory leak when exiting play mode with realtime GI enabled.
  • (1000350) - GI: Fixed rare crash when seam stitching is enabled on object packed to the boundary of a lightmap.
  • (908068) - GI: Fixed issue where the Progressive Lightmapper wasn't correctly dealing with some quad faces in models.
  • (1026358) - Graphics: Fixed a crash that could occur when modifying the GraphicsSettings asset - fixes importing the Adam Character Pack from the Asset Store.
  • (1018878 (934897)) - Graphics: Fixed rare deadlock in CreateGpuProgram when graphics jobs are enabled.
  • (1003174) - Graphics: Fixed deadlock in graphics command buffer when updating constant buffers.
  • (972060) - Graphics: Fixed crash on Mesh.ClearBlendShapes.
  • (944153) - iOS: Fixed race condition with nil-ing "system RT" texture in DestroySystemRenderingSurfaceMTL.
  • (1003824) - Linux: Updated SDL to 2.0.7, which fixes several input related issues for Linux users.
  • (977503) - OSX: Fixed build not launching on Mac if its name includes '&' or '<' character while generating.
  • (995346) - OSX: Fixed not being able to toggle between two Unity window.
  • (1016750) - Profiler: Fixed profiler deadlock when naming a class the same as an existing sample.
  • (1005409) - Profiler: Fixed issue with imbalanced Profiler.BeginSample/EndSample markers in user scripts.
  • (None) - Timeline: Fixed values not being removed on last Scale axis when removing keys with "Remove All Keys".
  • (None) - Timeline: Fixed removing keyframe not resetting the transform red color.
  • (934908) - UI: Fixed Canvas raycast start position for screen and world space camera modes.
  • (1021484) - UI: Removed requirement of using ForceUpdateRectTransform after setting RectTransforms position.
  • (None) - UI: Fixed issue where Canvas with CanvasScaler at same resolution as the screen does appear in the right position when enabling.
  • (None) - UI: Fixed issue with disabled canvas renderer changing parent canvas that is then deleted.
  • (990728) - XR: Fixed inconsistency between Unity's input tracking and WSA input information in Windows Mixed Reality.

Revision: 21ae32b5a9cb

Changeset: 21ae32b5a9cb

Unity 2017.4.3f1

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