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  • (976095) - Physics: Fixed crash when deativating a Gameobject with WheelColliderComponents.
  • (985046) - Physics: Fixed an issue where WheelCollider's damping rate has no effects in some cases.
  • (971056) - Physics: Fixed an issue where activaging interpolation on Rigidbody may cause jittery.
  • (918283) - Physics: Fixed a performance issue when reparenting rigidbody.
  • (980186) - Physics: Fixed a crash when two kinematic bodies using non-convex mesh collide.
  • (1002396) - Physics: Fixed a issue where CharacterController.ClosestPoint may return incorrect value.
  • (984525) - Physics: Fixed a issue where transforms are not correctly synced when using Rigibody.AddForceAtPos.
  • (969743) - Physics: Fixed a issue where transforms are not correctly synced when using Rigibody.AddRelativeForce.
  • (987906) - Physics: Fixed an issue where ClothComponent may be permanently disabled when deativate/reactivate GameObjet in play mode.
  • (978753) - Physics: Fixed an issuer where kinematic body's collision transform are not updated if instantiated as a child.
  • (973464) - Physics: Fixed an error that pops up when changing the SkinnedMeshRenderer's mesh with ClothComponent on the same GameObject.
  • (962027) - Physics: Fixed an issue where cloth may lose constraints when assigning a new mesh to SkinnedMeshRenderer.
  • (996194) - Physics: Fixed an issue where animated rigidbodyies don't affect other rigidbodies connected with joints.
  • (1004443) - Physics: Fixed a issue where transforms are not correctly synced when using Rigibody.AddExplosionForce.
  • (990728) - XR: Added velocity and angular velocity to WMR controllers.
  • (1029856) - Editor: Fixed performance issues in the clip drop down menu of the animation window when editing large clips.
  • (None) - Editor: Added support for Package Manager Manifest inclusion into whole-project .unitypackages, for the Content team to produce tutorials and demos that use new features supplied as Package Manager Packages.
  • (None) - XR: Fixed eye texture allocation on Oculus mobile platforms.
  • (1021978(961655)) - Android: Fixed using memalign on Android due to compatibility issues causing crashes on some devices.
  • (1030459) - Scripting Upgrade: Fixed compilation errors in Visual Studio when targeting .NET Standard 2.0.
  • (1040288) - Licenses: Fixed inaccurate text in license survey.
  • (973842) - OSX: Fixed mouse events affecting Editor UI performance.
  • (None) - Scripting Upgrade: Fixed an issue where editor scripts could fail to recompile on windows.
  • (None) - Editor: Optimised Version Control icon overlay drawing in the Project Window.
  • (1005227) - Scripting: Fixed crash when calling DestroyImmediate(gameObject) in OnApplicationQuit. Fixed ZenInject crash that would happen sometimes after exiting play mode.
  • (987068) - Shuriken: Fixed Timeline Control Track not applying start delay to particles.
  • (1024481) - Editor: Fixed regression where play mode tint and play button style were not applied before entering play mode when done via menu command.
  • (1033273) - Editor: Disabled "Open" button in AssetImporter inspector when viewed from a Preset as there is no asset associated with it at this time.
  • (1025807) - Graphics: Fixed crash issue that can arise in SRP when you have shadowcasting enabled but no visible shadow casters.
  • (1038721) - GI: Fixed non-latin characters not being allowed in the Unity editor install path.
  • (1043476(1041582)) - Editor: Fixed License activation fails when running Unity with command line arguments.
  • (1038630) - Asset Import: Added validation for invalid constraints in FBX files.
  • (1038488) - OSX: Fixed an issue where the Mac Player could launch with a black screen.
  • (1037638) - Android: Fixed the issue that GI assets for the first scene have been added to the obb with "Split Application Binary" enabled.
  • (1045866) - XR: Enabling Oculus depth sharing causes pink Game view when Android is targeted.
  • (1025479) - Daydream: Fixed rendering corruption appearing when switching back to Daydream mode.

Revision: 732dbf75922d

Changeset: 732dbf75922d

Unity 2018.1.5f1

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